Saturday, June 16, 2012

"Narcissism; Thy Name is David Cameron"

I refuse to be brow beaten into believing that this so-called "Coalition Government" has just developed by chance. I believe, (and this is where much of the deceit of Cameron comes in) that David Cameron and George Osborne have always intended this government to develop like this, more, I totally believe that they previously had a cast iron pact with Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats *before* (and in case of) the hung parliament of 2010. 

Despite all the secret assignations of those Tory and Liberal Democrat MPs; aka the *men* in suits and ties, whose mysterious images we saw walking in and out of closed meetings in London buildings on our TV screens; during that rather surreal time after the 2010 May general election; with hindsight we can all now see that was all a farce, a charade, an act played out for the benefit of the electorate. Grown men puffed up on their own importance unknowingly being manipulated by their leaders, yet at the very same time, the manipulators, "Osborne and Clegg" failed to see they they themselves were being manipulated by "call me Dave". Gordon Brown who was then still the Prime Minister being astute man he undoubtedly is realised this of course, which is why he famously called Nick Clegg's bluff  in "that" telephone call and was probably the last big service he done for this country before leaving office; His action then enables us to now see that Nick Clegg was playing mind games, not only with his own MPs, but also with the public and in doing so just like chancellor George Osborne and his boss David Cameron, showed contempt and scant regard for the welfare of the population of this country. All of the suits and ties chosen for those "coalition negotiations" were weak indecisive men playing at politics and their actions gave their leaders carte blanche to do exactly as they wished with the country; in other words, they were had!

I firmly believe that David Cameron, George Osborne; and Nick Clegg were all previously in 100% agreement that they wanted to take the country towards a totalitarian state and would do so if they got the chance in a hung parliament, and everything I have seen and heard since that May 2010 election confirms this; which makes a mockery out of Cameron's and Clegg's hustings proclamations, (one of several convergences of their stated views incidentally), that they wanted to see a "more open government" and a "more transparent government". Those lies are almost as farcical as the blatant lie that David Cameron told us all when he said: "there will be no more top down reorganisation of the NHS", before going on to introduce the biggest and total reform of the NHS in its entire 63 year history! Perhaps I should have named this piece "Liar Thy Name Is Cameron"? Because without a shadow of a doubt when Cameron made his NHS promise he already knew what he was going to do with *OUR* NHS and so too did Lansley, Clegg, and Osborne! Which if ever comes out will leave Lib Dem MPs reeling!

I have long thought that Cameron is an habitual liar, however,  I now think it is even more than this. I believe Cameron could very well be narcissistic. Take a real good look at him objectively, he is all one big act and it is not difficult to see, you don't have to be a psychologist to work that one out, your own well formed logic and rationale will expose it! Where Cameron falls down repeatedly is he takes the public for idiots, the vast majority did not have the privilege of wealth and public schooling as he did, ergo we are all thick! Often the case with people of limited scope like Cameron, they tend to judge others by their outdated, out moded class ridden wealth and privilege equals superiority, in short they believe their own hype, when really normal folk could out intellect Cameron any day of the week and very easily too and now with the birth of the internet they are not afraid to do it! Never has Abraham Lincoln's saying;
"You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time."
been proved so apt and so correct, because I believe the people of Britain are beginning to be very aware of David Cameron and what he is trying to do and when they realise he has been conning them for his own grubby political ends (just like the fuel crisis he purposefully triggered) they will not take too kindly to being used, especially when their families lives and futures depend upon being told the truth and good governance.

Whatever Cameron has said in opposition, he has said specifically to get into power. Not only has most of time he had no intention of seeing through his promises, the majority of the time his promises were just pie in the sky and totally impossible to deliver and he knew it! You can be forgiven for thinking that all politicians do this and to a certain extent you would be correct, however, with Cameron it appears to be a lot more than "normal" run of the mill politician from *all* parties stuff; what he has done and the lies he has blatantly told to this country and at such a worrying time for ordinary people and their families and children's futures just to get himself into power, and because he sees his accession to power as "a right", he transcends all decency and conventional norms, standards and ethics and morality which marks him out as different to most other politicians. If he were a doctor we would all be up in arms and he could probably be charged with breaking the Hippocratic oath ("first do no harm"). What Cameron has done and the intentional lies and the deliberate misleading he has constantly maintained both before and since he assumed office and power is just not right, he, is not right, something within him is not right, indeed something within Cameron is very, very wrong and as the days pass this is becoming more and more apparent; I believe, even to his own party! What the Conservative Party choose to do about it will depend greatly upon their own beliefs of what is ethical, moral and right and wrong! 

Look for example at Cameron's promises about our NHS and his protestations about wanting open and transparent government, how can we in all honesty equate those promises with what later transpired in the NHS so soon after Cameron came to power? How can we equate his promised openness and transparency pledges against his intentions to charge £1000's for Freedom of Information (FOI) requests ensuring he places such requests way above the ordinary person's reach? Thus preventing people from discovering not just what his government have been up to, but all previous governments too? FOI Act was introduced by the Labour government in 1997, now Cameron wants to remove that. In fact Cameron is blundering through policy and getting rid of everything Labour did no matter if it were right or wrong, and this in itself is yet another broken Cameron promise!

Like all Cameron's promises his promise about wanting a "small state" is a smokescreen, a misnomer and a complete and utter pack of lies. The only "small state" he wants is "financial", it's obvious he begrudges every single penny spent on improving the lot of the ordinary folk, he sees us a drag, a burden and an impediment to where he wants this country, but (and it is a colossal but) that is where Cameron's "smallness" ends; while he is spending less on the poor, vulnerable disabled and the ordinary person trying to juggle family and work etc., he wants to replenish the bank accounts accounts of the rich and powerful, while fooling us all it is for our own good and thus maintaining his vice like grip on power. He has to maintain the electoral support of his rich banker friends, his corporate multinational company bosses, his friends in private healthcare and his lobbyists, hedge fund bosses etc, because he needs their donations into the Tory party coffers and he needs their support at election time to try and stay in power. All these things interlink, he will be unable to succeed in his goal without any one of them. 

The way Cameron is manipulating us is by playing the age old tactic of 'divide and rule' which is proving devastating for the country as a whole and the time has come for us to stop him in his tracks. Up until now Cameron has been part successful in manipulating people into turning on each other, reporting each other, by playing on people's fear and ignorance. By producing incorrect statistics and by getting his friends in the Murdoch press to pass on Tory right wing propaganda  he has managed to convince some that the people who should pay for what 'his friends' the bankers did are the unemployed "layabouts", the benefit "scroungers"; the disabled "cheats", the "bloated" public sector, the "illegal" immigrants and immigrants in general; the nurses, doctors, teachers, road sweepers, refuse collectors etc. He has managed to convince some that the private sector is some kind of blinding beacon of all that is pure and right, it isn't of course, it's important of course it is but it is not the solution to this country's problems, and what Cameron doesn't tell you is that the public sector actually supports the private sector and it subsidises it (not vice versa). Cameron and Osborne were warned and repeatedly so, take away the public sector and we will enter a double dip recession, they did take it away and we are now in recession. David Cameron is a dictator and he is not even a very bright one, but that doesn't make him any less dangerous!

Problems await Cameron though, because like all dictators he believes too much in his own hype and the hype of those chosen lackeys around him whose whole raison d'etre is wanting to impress their narcissistic boss. However, the megalomaniac Cameron has a distinct failing, he is intellectually incapable, intellectually restricted, he can't do detail, he's hopeless at recall, and yes he is all of those things (and a lot more)  but if you believe that this makes him less dangerous, you would be very wrong, in fact his obvious failings make him even more dangerous because he is totally incapable of seeing where his own actions are taking this country. Cameron's apparent "narcissism" and distinct lack of ability combine lethally to make him a serious threat to the welfare of every single ordinary person in this country and a terrible threat to every single ordinary child's future prospects! In believing his own hype (and no doubt what he has been told during his over privileged upbringing), he simply doesn't know when to stop and who around him is brave enough, or strong enough to even try to stop him blustering on like the proverbial bull in a china shop through the intricacies of government and the civilised way this country has approached the welfare of our people up until now? Especially since the birth of the welfare state and the NHS? One other symptom of a narcissist which combined with all his other traits is what makes the situation this country is now in with a narcissist as a leader even more chilling, is his total lack of empathy. It's no good appealing to Cameron's better nature, he simply doesn't possess one and he never will, he doesn't care, he is a narcissist, he only cares about himself and he will use anything and anyone to get what he wants and this is yet another reason why he has to be stopped, why *WE* have to stop him.

He's arrogant, he doesn't listen, he uses people - just like he is using Baroness Warsi and the lackluster Culture Secretary, Jeremy Hunt as human shields at present, their jobs are safe *for now* but as soon as it becomes feasible make no mistake these two will be gone, sacked, banished. In throwing Lady Warsi, theTory party chairman to the wolves, Cameron is also treating Sir Alex Allan like a "useful idiot" and nowhere was this abuse of a defenseless civil servant so apparent than it was at last weeks PMQs, in yet another of Cameron's blatant abuses of power. Cameron produce a hastily scripted letter from Sir Alex, in true Cameron fashion he claimed it said one thing while in actuality it said something different. Cameron deliberately misrepresented what Sir Alex Allan had written. It's nothing new for this prime minister to do this, in fact it is par for the course, and if the Speaker, John Bercow, really did want to restore some order and dignity to the House of Commons, he could start by pulling Cameron up on his lies and deliberate misleading. He could tackle Cameron's "narcissism" head on and expose him to the people, it may sound the death knell of his position as Speaker, but would make the man as a human being, who seems at present to be the only Tory (blue or orange) with the balls to tackle the PM.

Previously Cameron has used Andy Coulson and Steve Hilton, if they are harbouring any lingering hope of ever returning to Cameron and number 10 then I sincerely hope they are not holding their breath! Their number is up and their boat has been called in, their use for the PM is at an end, they are over, no more, zero, zilch; kaput! The users have been used; I wonder if Nick Clegg and George Osborne by now realise that they too are on Cameron's list of "disposable assets"? If not, then they should seriously prepare for the nastiest of surprises!

A "Dave" For All Occasions:

Jovial Dave; Nice Dave; Thoughtful Dave; Sincere Dave; Indignant Dave, Caring Dave are all "Daves" who simply don't exist. The real Dave is a caricature of  Sinister Dave and Bullying Dave, chauvinistic Dave and arrogant over privileged, intellectually challenged Dave - the real Dave is a cardboard cut out collage of "Daves"; The real Dave thinks he does a good job of hiding himself, but he doesn't, not really, because we see the unpleasant examples of the other Daves when he is placed under pressure, as in Prime Minister Questions (PMQs) and recently in the Leveson Inquiry when he was forced to give evidence.

However, underlying all the many facets of Dave beats the heart of a truly pathological narcissistic Dave, an extremely dangerous Dave, because never forget, people like him are the kind who start world wars!

Do the people around Cameron and the Tory party as a whole realise they have a narcissistic totalitarian as a leader? Is this something they are quite willing to inflict on the people of this country just as long as they can cling onto power for a while longer, regardless of the damage that is being caused? Damage that if continues, will become so grave, the Tories will end up as much of an unelectable rump as their reviled Liberal Democrat coalition partners?  Is this what they became Conservatives for?

Do they really want a government that subordinates the individual to the state and strictly controls all aspects of life by coercive measures? If they don't, then they need to examine exactly what "sinister Dave" is up to and look at the bigger picture of all of his policy proposals. FOI, removal of human and workers rights, unnecessary union interference. removal of legal aid, exposing vulnerable people and children to domestic violence. Forcing people to work for nothing under the threat of having their benefits removed. What will be next, the abolition of the minimum wage? Work Houses? We already have NHS privatisation happening which will undoubtedly introduce a two trier health system and probably "poor hospitals" where people without funds will be be doled out the just barest basic of treatments to stop them dying on the streets. We are already seeing "social cleansing" happening in London where people on low incomes are being forced out to poor boroughs and in some cases left without a home to join the growing number of rough homeless sleepers.  This is controlling of people by the state and it should not be confused with Conservatism.

Although Cameron tries to come across as someone who seems to possess confidence or strong self-esteem, he hasn't, he appears to have an unhealthy trait of thinking so highly of himself that he has placed himself on a pedestal. He truly believes he is better than anyone else you can actually sense this in PMQs, it's almost palpable. He has probably fantasied about power and becoming prime minister for years.

Look at his relationship with another narcissist, Rebekah Brooks, she, lacking in real talent for the positions she has held and has got her power by courting rich and famous people, dumping them when they are of no further use; like her ex husband actor Ross Kemp who she also physically attacked (and in much the same way as Cameron dumps people he has no further use for), they are very similar to each other. Obviously the woman has some kind of appeal to men and they fall for her, hook, line and sinker. This is the woman who sent an astonishing toe curling sycophantic text to Cameron the day before his speech to the Tory party conference, she so knew the way to get to David Cameron was through the use of constant praise, attention and admiration.

Cameron is an attention seeker, he wanted the power and was willing to do and say anything to get it, exaggerating his talents, bumping himself up making people think he had the answers, that he could save "broken Britain" by first making  people think Britain was broken when it wasn't. Giving absolutely no regard to the lives and thoughts and feelings of others, getting them to accept the horrendous downsizing of their own standard and quality of life by first getting them to believe that it is their fault (too much spending on credit cards, too much reliance on benefits etc) and the fault of former PM Gordon Brown ( spending on schools, hospitals, nurses, midwives, doctors, teachers, police, the "bloated" public sector etc) that the country was in the state it was in and that it had nothing to do with Cameron's friends and Tory party donors the bankers, or the *global* financial recession. If people complained he, Osborne and Clegg would trot out the line "we're all in this together" and appealed to their sense of community spirit and so Cameron's "Big Society" was born, where he hoped to get people working for nothing, so he could save yet more money to channel through to his City Tory donor friends. Note that it was Cameron's Big Society until it started attracting negative coverage and then it pretty soon became Steve Hilton's "Big Society". In true narcissistic fashion Cameron would have claimed it had it gone right and soon dumped it when it didn't and now Steve Hilton is on "gardening leave" in the US, which he and Cameron refer to as a "sabbatical". Poor Hilton has been dumped and he doesn't even realise it.

Cameron allows his ministers to make policy because he doesn't have the ability to do it himself, he doesn't understand detail, he cannot see the bigger picture, but it is he that will take the credit for any successes and they who will take the blame for failures, This has been proved repeatedly as the incompetence of this shocking government is laid bare daily, with one car crash policy after another and one disastrous budget after another, and disastrous economic policies that bite the dust, because the chancellor doesn't know what he is doing either. Cameron regularly takes advantage of others, he demands they go along with his plans and apparently he regularly  expresses disdain for those he feels are inferior to him, which unfortunately is most of us! 

Personal attacks for Cameron are par for the course to as is seen in the House of Commons as soon as he comes under pressure. He has accused Ed Miliband of "knifing his brother in the back" he has accused female MPs on his own side of being "frustrated", other female MPs are treated with a terrible obnoxious display of indifference simply because they are women! He has accused the Shadow Chancellor of behaving like he has "Tourettes," no thought at all to those people and their families who do suffer from this exhausting debilitating condition. He told a veteran Labour MP to retire and cash his pension. This behaviour just goes on an on there are so many examples of it they deserve an entry all of their own! His narcissistic behaviour was even evident when he gave evidence at the Leveson Inquiry last week when he dismissed a former PM Gordon Brown as a talking nonsense and of making a conspiracy theory up, this he did in his rush to protect Rupert Murdoch who's support he is terrified of losing. It later transpires that Gordon Brown was telling the truth, but then David Cameron knew this, but this would not stop him. He likes to appear tough minded, but he isn't, he is woefully lacking and horrifyingly inadequate for the high office he holds, and his poor memory make him a dreadful liar and his bullying and arrogance and incompetence are starting to resonate with the public.

If you think you are powerlessness to stop him and the elite, you are not, in fact you are all powerful and if just a fraction of those who never vote turned out to vote with the intention of voting Cameron out, he would fail and fail miserably. He knows this, which is why he tries so hard to make *YOU* feel apathetic, weak and that all politicians are the same, it suits Cameron to have you think like that because while you, he can manipulate you into not bothering to vote which gives him a better chance of staying in power and power is the only thing that Cameron loves (apart from himself).

What the Tories have in Cameron and what this country has in our Prime Minister is someone who is over privileged with an over inflated sense of self worth who actually believes he is many classes above everyone else and who recognises no limits to his authority and is striving to regulate every aspect of public and private life wherever feasible - is this Conservatism or totalitarian narcissism? You decide! But remember, whatever it is, it is what we have got and that is very frightening; remember also that Cameron is not only the man with his finger on the nuclear button, he has the power to destroy your family and your children's lives and he will not hesitate to do it, don't let him, because you *CAN* stop him!


Anonymous said...

Its totalitarian narcis for sure 100% agree with every word, I used to believe that the cream rises to the top in every profession, what we have is not the cream of the crème that is evident, their nothing but a bunch of toxic froth floating on a lagoon of sludge, him and that cloggy was well hand in glove weeks before that farce of an election, they knew all too well they would not see power without them dim dims they was too fast to jump in to bed “that plan I believe was set in place as a precaution” all was needed was sunny happy boy cloggy going on TV at the first ever live debt on ITV Carlton “cams play pen as a boy BTW“.. and cloggy told lie after lie said everything the bating public wanted to hear hook line and sinker and like gullible fools swallowed it “it was impressive bull”, it taken me time to get my head around it,... it wasn’t and isn’t a conspiracy it was an agenda back then the pieces would not fall in to place but they soon did, today the puzzle is a picture of ugliness and the coalition are losing the information war not just that their clams are wrong, the British public can be fooled but not for long and that agenda is a fail ,and when the time comes and the people see that they have been had their will be hell to pay

Nicky said...

Good article as usual, Gracie. It certainly looks as if Cameron has a narcissistic personality disorder, and is behaving like an amateur dictator.

I agree also with what you say about Brown. It's particularly galling to see the government's mouthpiece - which is what the BBC has become, to its shame - letting nasty idiots like Louise Mensch take Murdoch's side and spout off that Brown was lying under oath. The Cabinet Office now confirms (because they log all calls) that no such conversation ever took place.

You may have already seen it, but this article by Owen Jones is very interesting. It describes the main motives of the Tory party, and how it is in terminal decline:

Gracie Samuels said...

Here is a direct link to Nicky's excellent post above and well worth reading!

Workingclass Toryism Is Dying

Robert said...

You're right. Have you noticed Cameron is always adjusting the front of his hair and restyling it all the time? I've counted at least 20 different changes he has made to it when watching Prime Minister's evasion time. He is a very vain narcissistic sadistic little creature.

I can see a lot of cruelty, malice and sadism in his eyes and the way he curls his cruel thin lips in disgust, hatred and utter contempt for anyone who isn't rich. This is an individual who really enjoys hurting people.

I knew he was lying when he promised not to reorganise the NHS and said he was a compassionate conservative (I recall breaking out in laughter when I heard that oxymoron) and all the other false promises he made and I knew he was going to be an especially vicious ruthless and cold-hearted Tory should he ever get power.

I have however been stunned at just how bad they are, they managed to exceed my expectations of how completely evil and utterly depraved and wantonly cruel they would be.

Gracie Samuels said...

Prime Minister's Evasion Time (PMT) lol I love that Robert.

As soon as he said he was a "compassionate Conservative" he had to be lying didn't he? Because there is absolutely no such thing as a "compassionate Conservative"!

Just when you think Cameron cannot possibly get any more cruel, he trumps himself! Now he is after making 25's and under pay for what his greedy banker relatives and greedy bankers mates done to the UK economy and the global economy by removing their housing benefit, which will inevitably mean that many youngsters end up on the streets sleeping rough, with no home, starving and no hope of ever getting a job while they are homeless! We will see the re-emergence of cardboard city, shameful, utterly, utterly shameful. of course the only reason he has done this is because he wanted to take his Jimmy Carr tax faux pas off the front pages!

Cameron to axe housing benefit for 25's and under!

Robert said...

Glad you liked it :)

Thanks for the link disgusting, but not surprising anymore. They look at social housing and all they see is £ signs.

What they want to do is abolish housing benefit completely, sell the remaining social housing stock off to their friends and deregulate regulations for renting completely, so that everyone who doesn't own their own home will be at the mercy of unscrupulous slum landlords.

Anyone that can't pay will simply become homeless. For these sick heartless monsters that's a price worth paying, they couldn't care less. In fact I think they really do enjoy hurting people, the pain it would cause would be a bonus for them.

Anonymous said...

Excellent analysis of a text book narcissist. What strikes me most is how thick he is. Scary really.

Came across this blog by way of googling "Rebekah Brooks narcissist".