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Come On Wake-Up David Cameron and His Gangster Banksters and Spivs Are Probably Crooks!

 Peter Cruddas was forced to resign under a cloud last March 2012 after he was secretly filmed offering who he believed to be wealth foreign donors access to the prime minister in his private suite in Downing Street for £250,000, even though Cruddas was made aware that this was also going to be a foreign donation. (Which is against parliamentary rules).The Sunday Times reporters had posed as Liechtenstein-based fund managers who wanted to develop contacts with Cameron and other ministers on behalf of their Middle East investors. Peter Cruddas once worked in the City for the Bank Iran and the National Bank for Jordan. Seems these City type sharks really do swim in circles hunting their prey!

Alarm bells should be going off here because Peter Cruddas made his millions off of the back of derivatives.  Derivatives mean there are no tangible or financial asset that has to be in the picture. Wagers of any amount can be made, based only on opinions. Most hedge funds use derivatives for hedging. Remember that hedge funds can endanger and undermine entire economies and is what caused the global financial recession in the first place. 

Peter Cruddas made his money out of spread-betting, who knows he may have even been present in this room listening and cheering on David Cameron!

Cruddas  was specifically put in place in the Tory party financial heart by David Cameron as co Treasurer of the Conservative party a man who made made all of his money off the back of derivatives; 

His company CMC Markets is 86% owned by Cruddas and family and 10% owned by *Goldman Sachs*!

Of course you may remember that Goldman Sachs and a London-based executive director, Fabrice Tourre, had been named in an alleged $1bn fraud in and around 2007, involving dodgy mortgages, powerful hedge funds.  Were caught making money out of their very own clients during the financial crisis. 
More recently read what former employee Greg Smith had to say about Goldman Sachs when he left: Greg Smiths resignation letter.

Michael Hintz formerly of Goldman Sachs and Tory party donor A millionaire hedge fund baron who bankrolled former Defence Secretary Liam Fox made a series of personal donations and gifts to a string of senior Cabinet Ministers, including the Prime Minister and Chancellor.

"The extensive links between Goldman Sachs and the Conservative Party;
  •  Political donations totalling £8.5million to British politicians in the past decade from Goldman and ex-Goldman people;
  • Goldman Sachs’ immense lobbying machine in Brussels, including active membership of over a dozen financial sector lobby groups;
  • Extensive meetings between Goldman Sachs and Conservative MEPs including: 9 meetings in six months with a key MEP on the Parliament’s Economics and Monetary Committee; and a total of 36 meetings between just four Tory MEPs and Goldman Sachs, its lobby groups or PR companies acting on their behalf;
  • The bank’s lobbying campaign to undermine political reform on derivatives and alternative investment funds including: private dinners and unminuted "after office hours” meetings, high-level conferences and targeted campaigns to Commission officials, MEPs and their assistants;
  •  How Goldman Sach’s lobbyists tried to undermine amendments in a key report on derivatives, seen as “financial weapons of mass destruction”;  
    The bank’s lobbying enabled them to gamble on food futures and drive up prices."

Peter Cruddas the former co Treasurer of the Tory party, hired by David Cameron himself his business is 10% owned by Goldman Sachs!

Nice friends, donors and links our prime minister David Cameron has!

(Our prime minister, David Cameron once used to boast that the "City was in his blood" he hailed from a long line of bankers.) For those of you who do not know about Cameron's background I have included a video below, take a look at David Cameron in action talking to a room full of City folk; bankers, hedge funders, derivative gamblers, venture capitalists etc. Look at the fawning going on in that room, they know "their man" when they see him and make no mistake Cameron and his mate Osborne are definitely the banksters men! Listen intently to what the then future PM was saying to those people and remember all the time that it is these people who caused the problems in the global economy! these very same people who are now forcing ordinary people to pay for the their mess brought about by their appalling greed. These are the very same people who are now aiding and abetting our PM, our DPM and our Chancellor into forcing cleaners, dustmen, nurses, teachers, shop workers, factory workers, office workers, the disabled, the unemployed etc., to clean it all *their* filthy avaricious mess up, at the same time as lying to you and trying to fool you into believing a pack of lies that Labour's spending on schools, hospitals, nurses, midwives, doctors, teachers, police, firefighters, transport, Sure Start centres, nursery education for all 4 yr olds, local public services, in short providing a better life for *us all* etc (all the things we expect our government to spend our money on) was somehow responsible for causing the global recession and the crisis in Europe. Such utter tosh, yet some people who do not think, or do not know the background to Cameron and Osborne and Clegg and all their City gangster type friends and banker mates readily believe such nonsense. To paraphrase "Now is the time  for all good people to come to the aid of the country" stop believing the utter drivel and blatant lies of our habitually lying Tory PM  and help Labour throw him and his scheming money grabbing greed and power driven bankster types and corporate parasites leeching on the unemployed out of power, before their all consuming greed and shocking incompetence takes us all down with them.  Look and listen on to the video below...

David Cameron came to power promising to "clean up politics" and has promptly lead one of the most sleaziest, deceitful  and probably highly "corrupt" government's in the history of this country and it only took him a few months to get there, which indicates that Cameron already knew of much that was going on before he assumed power;

In a speech in February 2010 Mr Cameron pledged to crack down on the role of "controversial lobbyists"; Mr Cameron said: "There is another big issue we can no longer ignore. 'It is the next big scandal waiting to happen' he was talking about lobbying and the cosying up of political parties. Well he should know, take a look over this blog, I have researched some truly startling evidence of the Tory involvement with lobbyists, fatcat corporations, hedge funders, private health companies, in fact don't take my word for it, do your own research, it is now all over the net! There is absolutely no further excuse for ignorance about our appalling so called "coalitions government"!  Cameron's speeches about lobbying (because there are many) is not only going to come back and haunt him  (as will his personal involvement with Peter Cruddas); The PM is also this coming week due to give evidence at the Leveson inquiry on his and his party's relationship with Rupert Murdoch and News International and he has serious questions to answer, which could even topple this truly terrible Tory government.

As Peter Cruddas is back in the news let's take a further little look at him, just to refresh our memories the kind of people that our PM likes to associate with;

Cruddas was resident in Monaco for a period until March 2009, he also has a £10 million apartment there. Monaco seems to be very popular with Tories like Philip Green (another of David Cameron's friends/government advisers! Monaco has no income tax and low business taxes, and is well known for being a tax haven. Cruddas commuted into London daily (so much for Cameron's pledge to be the "greenest government ever") from Monaco via his private jet landing at Capital City airport. This meant he could avoid being termed as a non dom and not be subjected to UK taxes.

The now ex-party treasurer Peter Cruddas and large donors met David Cameron at more than a dozen private events, none of which got a mention on a list published by Downing Street. Why is the PM so reluctant to publish the history of these kind of meetings if he wants to "clean up politics" and make "government more transparent"? And why does Cameron and the Tories want to charge people thousands of pounds for obtaining information under the Freedom of Information Act (FOI) if as Cameron has said he wants to make "government more accountable to the people?" ( The previous Labour government introduced Freedom of Information legislation in 1997 as a means of opening up the public sector and improving transparency in Government.)

Cruddas has a stated his intention to give away £100 million to enable children who have a background like his to succeed. To achieve this he set up the Peter Cruddas Foundation, which is chaired by the former Conservative cabinet minister David Young, Baron Young of Graffham.  The Cruddas foundation all looks very laudable, (and I will at a later date in another blog  explain why I think it is just a front for him to hide behind) after all since when does a "bankster" like Peter Cruddas who would have difficulty giving us ordinary folk the drippings off of his nose, give away millions of pounds if there was nothing in it for him? Why has he been donating hundreds of thousands to the Tory party, a £100,000 of which was donated shortly after he was caught trying to procure donations for the Conservative party by selling access to Cameron and to government policy to foreign investors? Both of which he knew were actually illegal! Peter Cruddas resigned and Cameron made several statements, but it is clear that the only thing that Cameron believes really went wrong was that they were caught!  Cameron said: 
"what happened is completely unacceptable, it shouldn't have happened, it's quite right that Peter Cruddas has resigned and I'll make sure that there is a proper party inquiry to make sure this doesn't happen again".
What doesn't happen again? According to Cameron no one did anything illegal which is why he ordered a pathetic internal inquiry headed by another Tory peer Lord Gold and refused to hold a proper independent inquiry into this matter. Or is Cameron launching an inquiry to make certain that they never get caught again?

 I took a little look at his foundation and just the briefest of searches started to reveal some oddities.

Peter Cruddas Foundation:



View the latest Crowers ranking for this industry
Private Limited by Guarantee without Share Capital Exempt from using "Limited"
19 Sep 2006
Registered Office:




  United Kingdom

Again I am astonished at the thousands of pies that seem to have Tory MPs and Tory Lords fingers stuck firmly in them and how these MPs and Lords, advisers, Treasurers, chairmen etc all seem to be linked up. Peter Cruddas is of course associated with Lord Young and he is also associated with Michael Hintz and they are both associated with Goldman Sachs!

 Lord Young was chairman of the Institute of Directors (IOD) for many years; The Institute is a closed club which holds its meetings in secret. The Tories have a lot of these "quaint" little closed clubs another of them is called the Midlands Industrial Council (MIC) which I mention later in this blog. This is where businessmen who donate to the Tory party do so to "influence policy" and can do so without being publicly exposed, it's a loophole which the Tories use to good and full effect.

 I was puzzled to come across something else concerning Conservative peer, Lord Young of Graffam; perhaps there is absolutely nothing to it but I want to ask the question anyway; why is Lord Young who is associated with the now former Conservative Party co Treasurer, Peter Cruddas Foundation associated with a company called CamCon Medical Ltd? Also listed in Lord Young's Register of Interests is CamCon Oil Russia - why?

Why was a company called CamCon Medical Ltd registered in 2009 approximately six months before the UK general election which the Tories were expected to win? A company which has laid dormant ever since? Why would someone like Lord Young waste his time doing something like this?  I just wonder if this company has been registered and left dormant for future use when the Tory government's privatisation of the NHS really gets going? It still feels like a really freaky coincidence that the words "Cam" and "Con" used in all of these companies titles are the first three letters of CAMeron and CONservative!

Company Information For CamCon Medical Ltd

Registration Date: 14/11/2009
Registration Number: 07076809
Type: Private Limited with share capital
Accounts filed on: 17/06/2011
For period to: 30/11/2010
Category: Dormant

A check Lord Young's list of interests you will find 32 of them, many with the same status. Lord Young who has been a peer since 1984 is listed as just  plain old Mr David Young on Directorcheck which further reveals his directorship of  


(All of which are listed as active directorships)

On the first day of the Thatcher government in 1979, Keith Joseph, the Secretary of State for Industry appointed Lord Young as his adviser for what later became known as privatisation. 

Lord Young is another of David Cameron's poor judgement calls. Young was recalled to Government by Mr Cameron as an unpaid entrepreneurial adviser and given a desk in Downing Street. He was forced to resign  shortly after  for making comments in an interview with The Daily Telegraph where he said that due to low interest rates "those with mortgages had never had it so good", in this "so called recession". While "people would “wonder what all the fuss was about” over the spending cuts." In a measure of how out of touch he actually is, he still believes he said nothing wrong, despite millions of families who have been forced on the breadline by his government and are being forced to borrow on expensive credit cards just to make ends meet! Fitting that Cameron also brought Young into the government when Young was formerly partly responsible for privatisation of the state in Mrs Thatcher's government, again this seems to have a bearing on what Cameron is now doing in privatising everything *as well as the NHS*!

We have seen several major scandals hit the Tory party in quick succession, all involving lobbyists and all were written off by Downing St as deluded.

  • Andy Coulson/Rebekah Brooks
  • Jeremy Hunt Culture Minister/Adam Smith/Fred Michel
  • Rupert and James Murdoch/NI/The Sun and NOtW
  • Peter Cruddas
  • Liam Fox/Adam Werritty
  • Bell Pottinger/Lord Bell/Tim Collins

All have several things in common, all these people claim to have access to Cameron and or Osborne and the British government
All claim to be able to influence government policy and number 10 has denied it each time arrogantly referring to mounting evidence of wrongdoing and corruption within the British Conservative government as "bluster" and inferring that the people doing the claiming are "Walter Mitty like characterless".

Cameron has said that none of these people influenced policy, but then he has a poor memory what about the Midland Industrial Council (MIC) scandal that rocked the Tory part BEFORE they were even elected to government? I have covered this extensively on this blog. One of the MIC members a businessman freely admits he donates large sums to the Tory party with a view to receiving something back and influencing policy

Who said that the government doesn't know that their donors do not want to influence policy?

Peter Shirley MIC Member and also a member of the "Tory" Taxpayers Alliance said:

'I’m a member of the MIC. I was absolutely amazed that it was David Cameron who came to the (factory) opening... We tell (Tory Ministers) that if they’re
going to have policies, we would like to know what the heck they are.'
Most "shadow ministers" have attended MIC meetings and George Bridges,
Cameron’s head of campaigns, is in regular contact with it...

It never ceases to amaze me that when we dig a little under the surface of the Conservative party how all these names crop up and all seemed to be interlinked in some way, either by "charitable foundations" or "dormant companies" or other business interests, with banking, hedge funds, venture capitalists, derivatives and private health care running through the British Conservative party like a stick of Brighton rock! Take a look I have listed some of them here.  No wonder they bizarrely want to put the blame for the global financial recession  and international banking collapse onto the Labour party, because when a deeper look is taken at the Tories it doesn't make very good reading for them. The majority of Tory MPs, Lords, advisers etc all appear to have strong financial vested interests in what Cameron and Osborne are trying to do to this country and in forcing the poorest to pay for the greed of the "banksters".  I'm not suggesting that this doesn't also occur in the other two main parties to a certain degree because it does, but on nothing like the scale it occurs in the Tory party! No wonder Cameron doesn't want a proper investigation into the Peter Cruddas affair, because just the Jeremy Hunt affair any proper investigation is going to reveal some startling information about the Tories and how they operate in and out of government!

Quite honestly, I have never known a government like this current Tory government and Tory government is what it actually is, lets not delude ourselves, the Liberal Democrats who are supposed to be coalition partners are hopelessly out of touch and out of their depth and no match for the Tory party, they are just being used for their numbers to keep the Tories in power. The Liberal Democrats are in government but not in power!

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