Saturday, June 23, 2012

So Who's Lying This Time Cameron or Clegg?

Someone is not telling the truth in Number 10 Downing Street, so who is it?

Downing Street has contradicted Nick Clegg by confirming that David Cameron did know about the education secretary's plans to scrap GCSEs, before they were leaked.

Either David Cameron the Prime Minister did not know about Gove's intention to scrap Margaret Thatcher's GCSE system and is just saying he did, in which case David Cameron is a liar. Or Nick Clegg the Deputy PM, did not know that Cameron knew in which case this confirms that he is a blithering idiot, or Cameron did know and chose to keep Nick Clegg in the dark about such an important policy - which is it?

What the public are entitled to is a competent government which keeps them informed with competent, well thought out, well grounded policy proposals, the public should not have to put up with this shambolic government that appears not to know its backside from its elbow!

Whatever is going on behind the scenes in Downing St, all this briefing, and counter briefing, leaking and lying goes to show that there is a much, much deeper schism between the Tories and the Liberal Democrats than is being shown. I believe this coalition government is on its last legs, the only thing that stops it from collapsing completely is that Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats have a taste for power and chauffeur driven limousines and they know that if and when they walk away from this government this will be their very last taste of power. They seem to have forgotten they were elected to serve the people; their constituents. They were not elected to serve themselves and keep themselves in government at the expense of the lives and quality of lives of the people they were elected to represent.

David Cameron is proving to be a total disastrous Prime Minister, he is gaffe prone and incompetent, but more than this, he is a pathological lying narcissist, who is not only a clear embarrassment to this country, he is also a serious security risk and a serious danger, how long before he puts his foot in it big time and attracts some serious retribution? Diplomacy? Statesmanlike? Cameron doesn't know the meaning of the words.

What else can one expect from a man who goes boozing lunch times and returns home leaving his 8 year old daughter down the pub, totally exposed to all the dangers that could have befallen the daughter of a prime minister? It makes me go cold just thinking about the danger that child was placed in.

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