Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cowardice of Clueless Cameron

Yesterday David Cameron was heckled about poverty by an Olympic volunteer. It must have taken great  courage for the young man to get up and try to say his piece, but he was overwhelmed by Cameron who used other volunteers to drown him out. It was a pity that the other volunteers didn't first think about what the protester was trying to say before cheering, as he was trying to speak not just for them, but for all the young people that Cameron is currently abusing in an abhorrent cold blooded abuse of power.

As usual Cameron's presence at such an event was probably more to do with wanting to be associated with good publicity after all the bad he has attracted lately, however, scratch the surface, how good is this? Nothing against volunteers, in the true sense of the word, but how many of these so-called volunteers are actually true volunteers?

Why didn't Cameron s allow the young lad to speak? What was he so scared of that he had to abuse his position and drown him out? The protester said:

"Shame on you,  David Cameron you are crippling the poor in London. Shame on you."

I hope one of the national newspapers picks this story up and reports on it, because what that person was trying to say is extremely important for the used and abused and the young of this country, not just London.

David Cameron said this was "not about politics" he said this was "about Britain and about volunteering". Of course it's about politics, Cameron was there to try and shore up his plummeting political reputation, he was there leaching off the young who are supposedly "volunteering" to give their time for nothing.

I wonder how many of these so called "volunteers" have been provided by the Tory life peer, Baroness Debbie Scott's company "Tomorrows People" whom she is Chief Executive of?

"Tomorrow’s People’s chairman, David Stewart, spent much of his career at accountancy firm Deloittes where he was a former board member.  Deloittes recently teamed up with Ingeus to become one of the largest welfare to work companies in the UK and prime contractors for the Government’s flagship ‘Work Programme’ scheme.
[Welfare to work is the brain child of Tory minister Iain Duncan Smith and is responsible for forcing people to work full-time for nothing under the threat of having their £65 per week job seekers allowance benefit sanctioned (stopped), many of these schemes give only the barest of expenses, leaving so called work experience placements struggling to get to work and eat and pay their board/keep out of £65 per week.]
Tomorrow’s People was established by booze giant Grand Metropolitan PLC – now Diageo – way back in 1984 with the aim of becoming an‘expert intermediary between government, businesses and job-seekers.’  Whilst the charity has remained technically independent, it has still derived much of it’s funds from Diageo and still retains a  former Diageo director on it’s board.
The Chief Executive of tax dodging bastards Diag is Paul Walsh, who recently paid a considerable sum for dinner at Chequers with David Cameron, something the Tories apparently attempted to hush up."
 Source: The Void

How many of these Games Makers "volunteers" have been supplied by Close Care UK, the same company that supplied the stewards for the "Queen's Diamond Jubilee" river pageant? The company that has Molly Prince as a director? Molly Prince with the criminal past.  Molly Prince has also had five companies struck off for irregular accounting, yet was allowed to provide stewards fo the Jubilee and has been awarded a contract for the Olympic GamesThe company that lied to its recruits telling them they would be paid for their work and then when they were in London  some 100's miles away from home, they were told they would not be paid and if they did not do the work they would lose their JSA. The company that forced young girls into danger by forcing them to sleep rough under a bridge in the freezing cold torrential rain and provided them with NO facilities the next day to wash or use the toilet, the same company who forced young girls to change their clothes in the open in full view of passing buses/traffic? The same company that gave these stewards 1 sandwich, 1 pkt crisps and a couple of bottles of water in the morning for breakfast and told them not to eat it then because they would be getting nothing else all day! The same company that forced these stewards to provide their own tents and then took them to a muddy field at the end of an 18 hour shift.

The same company that has been reported to the Home Secretary, Theresa May by former deputy PM John Prescott, read his letter HERE.

Is this company still being used? What is the result of the so called investigation called By Theresa May? Who is actually doing the investigating, is it the SIA or Theresa May? In fact, what is going on here,m what exactly is the current state of play and who is providing all these so called volunteers for the Olympics, what training will they have? How many hours will they work? Where will they sleep? Who will feed them? 

Cameron said  "this wasn't about politics" but it is Cameron from his position of great privilege, who has never had to want for anything in his entire life who recently said he wants to remove Housing Benefit from those aged 25 and under. How is that non political?
This will not only cause these youngsters great hardship and force them to choose between heating their homes or eating, it will have the effect of making them homeless and forcing them onto the streets to sleep rough. Cameron believes that these people can simply return home to their parents to live, he hasn't got a clue, not an inkling, he honestly believes that all young people have parents they can run home to in times of trouble and that these parents (if they exist) will readily open their doors and accept their youngsters back into their homes, patting their heads in an affectionate way and telling them to put their dirty laundry in the basket for the wash and "mater (or the servant) will do it ASAP. For the love of God we have a PM who it hasn't crossed his mind that many of these people may not even have parents, or if they do they may be running from abuse, or a whole manner of situations. Or the parents may not have the room, or the means to accept their off-spring back even if they wanted to. Only someone in Cameron's privileged position could even think that this would stand a chance of working!

So come on David Cameron, if this is not about politics, then please tell us if ANY of the so-called Games maker "volunteers" are being supplied by Close Care UK or Tomorrows People?

Come out from behind those Games maker volunteers skirts where you hid because you couldn't take a bit of heckling, you over privliged insensitive coward.

Are you a volunteer "Games Maker"? If you are tell us which company is employing you to steward the games. 

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