Saturday, June 23, 2012

"Carrgate" & Cameron - Is This The Way A British Prime Minister Should Behave?

"Oops I Did It Again!"

I'm not going to have a pop at Jimmy Carr, I am going to thank him, yes thank him, for doing what the Tory supporting press should have done 2 years ago *Exposing* the hypocritical, duplicitous lying slug we have for a prime minister, leading the most morally corrupt government I have ever known and that is including Thatcher's morally bereft ethics, so that is really going some!

How come it is OK for David Cameron, the British Prime Minister to personally attack and single out one person in the press and try to turn the whole of the UK media upon this one single person, for doing nothing more or nothing less than probably his entire cabinet are doing? Not forgetting the "friends of the Tory party" and the big Tory donors, the hedge funds, the City financiers, the venture capitalists, the bankers, the health care companies, Tory supporting celebrities like Barlow from Take That etc? (And all the undisclosed names yet to be revealed) What about the lobbyists too? All of these do exactly the same as Carr has done, yet Cameron, in a bid to take the attention away from his latest faux pas, thought he spotted a good wheeze to gain him some cheap political points and so personally attacked Jimmy Carr, in a disgraceful and undignified way.

Judgement? What Judgement?

I say this, Carr may have done something morally (if not legally) wrong, but the speed in which he admitted it, put his hand up to it, took immediate steps to rectify it and then did not shy away from the cameras, just took his medicine, is something he can be proud of and it is something that Cameron can learn from. In view of the way Carr has reacted to his own wrongdoing and what he himself describes as a "terrible error of judgement", I wonder if Cameron can explain to us why Jeremy Hunt is still in his position?  If only Cameron had just a fraction of Carr's humility, if he did, Jeremy Hunt the Minister for Murdoch Culture Secretary would NOT be in his position today.

Can Cameron give any cogent and rational explanation why he thinks it was OK to give Andy Coulson a "second chance" for reasons which he (Cameron) knew all about before he hired him, and yet, he obviously believes it is somehow OK to try and destroy a man and his career by launching an unseemly  "unstatesmanlike" personal attack on Carr in the press? Without even giving the man grace to react and explain himself first? Is this the way we expect the British Prime Minister (any British PM) to behave? Cameron doesn't see people; he sees political footballs to be used as and when required. People are not people to Cameron; they are commodities and working class people who vote for this charlatan, this hypocritical habitual lying narcissist need to have their bumps felt. While he is stealing their vote, he is also planning on how best he can abolish and privatise the NHS,  attack disabled people and keep them in fear of their own government, reduce workers wages,  abolish their workers rights, take their human rights, take their full time employment hopes and replace them with part time poorly paid work and all for the benefit of his big Tory donors, the multinational company directors, the Tory hedge funds, the bankers, etc.' to force us to pay for the greed of the bankers and all those that caused this problem and who all employ the same tax loopholes as Carr previously did. Absolute rank hypocrisy, yet working class people willingly give this lying scam monger their vote? Wake-up please, before it is too late!

"Carrgate" is sadly just the latest in a long line monumental hypocrisy from a PM with zero judgement. I keep saying it, the reason why Cameron is behaving this way is because he thinks he is right, he really believes he is infallible, he is a narcissist and a megalomaniac who is drunk on his own power and not only is this highly embarrassing internationally for this country; I truly believe the ordinary folk of this country, their livelihoods and their quality of life and their children's and grandchildren's futures are being put at grave risk. I spotted this in this PM before he came to power and his symptoms are steadily worsening, those with balls in the Tory party (Lib Dems need not apply), if they truly do believe in our country, need to do something about Cameron and they need to do it pretty damned quick.

Isn't it about time the editors in the Tory press also grew a spine and began actually exposing Cameron for the charlatan and absolute danger to this country he actually is? What on earth are they waiting for?

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