Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wise Up To Cameron!

David Cameron is planning another attack, on those on benefits and he chose the *Blue* Water shopping Centre to launch it from and chose to wear a*blue* tie and stand against a *blue* backdrop. See the full script of his speech HERE. He is obviously playing to the right of his party but he is also telling the country what life would be like if he won a majority Tory government.

But why is David Cameron doing this? Why is he announcing this now? Is there something going on within this coalition government that we are not aware of? This is the second time in a week Cameron has made such an announcement, one where he did not tell Clegg his DPM what the Education Secretary, Michael Gove was going to announce and now this? It's hard to imagine that this is going to please Clegg.

He is displaying a total lack of empathy and understanding for those less fortunate than he, this time he is concentrating on those aged 25 and under and those existing on benefits for one reason or another. People under 25 could be stripped of their housing benefit payments in a new wave of welfare reforms which David Cameron is hoping to introduce. Yesterday it was policy ideas and today as usual we are told something different and that he is starting a national debate. Strange that an announcement you would expect to see around the time of a general election came hot on the heels of another of the gaffe prone PM's a tax faux pas, where he accused comedian Jimmy Carr of being "morally repugnant" for avoiding paying proper tax and completely failing to mention that his own family are a family of tax avoiders from his late father to his father in-law. Also the majority of City bankers (the people that caused the recessions) are friends of Cameron and donate to the Tory party. It makes one wonder if he has made this latest announcement in order to divert attention away from the bad press he was receiving, either way whatever he is doing to attack those so much less fortunate than himself  and use them as pawns in his political games is what he would term as "morally repugnant".

Poverty Line

It appears that the most serious ramifications of this latest proposals once again will fall on the shoulders of those that have already shouldered the biggest attacks on their standards of living, the low paid, single parents, low earning couples and especially women and children and young adults. These groups have already suffered benefit cuts, in the form of working family tax credits, tax credits, funding for nursery and Sure Start places and on top of that, they have to find money for electricity bills that have risen sharply by at least 14% and gas bills that have soared by at least 19% and again on top of this they are struggling with the chancellors regressive VAT rise to 20% and the high cost of food. 

Cameron would spend more down the pub on Sunday lunch than these people have to manage on for two weeks.

Since David Cameron  came to power: 
  • 500,000 British children have been plunged into poverty 
  • 13 MILLION people currently live below the poverty line in the UK and that this number is escalating 
  • 1 in 5 people are borrowing money for food because of the growing cost of living.
  • Everyone in the country is approximately 14% more in debt under the Tories than the previous Labour government
  • Each week sees a new food bank open in the UK, there are now 190 food banks- 88 alone were launched in 2011
  • Food bank recipients are NOT usually homeless, they are ordinary families who have hit crisis through redundancy and or benefit delays and sanctions.
  • Last year the Trussell Trust's UK food bank network fed over 60,000 people experiencing food poverty and this year they predict they will feed over 100,000 people
How can Cameron say this is the something for nothing culture? MOST OF THE PEOPLE HE WANTS TO REMOVE BENEFITS FROM ARE PEOPLE IN WORK


How do these families and individuals that Cameron wants to kick off of benefits find work that actually pays a decent living in order to support themselves and their families?

Unemployment stands at 2.65 million the last time unemployment was this high was when we had a Tory government where official figures place it at 3 million and in real terms unemployment was said to be over 4 million.

How will a person aged 25 or under support themselves if they have no family and no job?

Cameron and his government are helping their corporate buddies to sack people easier. Cameron is helping big business reduce their payrolls by allowing them to offer low wages and by providing Labour free of charge, if the claimant refuses to accept then they are threatened with loss of benefit.

If Cameron wants to reduce the welfare bill then he should force companies to pay a decent living wage, thereby reducing the need for the state to step in and subsidise low pay and rich multinational payrolls.

Since coming to power and scrapping the various work programmes, youth unemployment has risen considerably. According to the government's own statistics there are 1.01 million young people aged 16-24 unemployed, in February - April 2012, that is a rise of 118,400 (or 13%) on the same quarter in 2011. A slight fall of 29,000 was recorded, however, this is down to the sharp increase in part time positions and people dropping off of the unemployment register because of government bullying and intimidation, forcing them to work full-time for nothing for Tory doning corporations. Shocking but true!

So there is already a jobs shortage and youngsters cannot get a job, not because they do not want to but because there are no jobs available. David Cameron's answer to this is not to help, but to threaten to take away the housing benefit of these young people. He wants to make them homeless as well as jobless and see them starving on the streets.

Before long we will have whole cities of cardboard boxes springing up, full of people with no homes, no jobs and no hope for the future, the last time it was this bad with an ever increasing presence of rough sleepers on streets, we had a Tory government.

Personal Attack On the Poor!

In calling for child benefit to be scrapped for people who cannot afford to have children is treading  a very thin and dangerous line if he is going to start dictating to people who do not have much money that they should not have children, what next? Compulsory sterilisation?

Why doesn't Cameron chase and harass people who take every benefit going in this country in terms of business and banking laws etc and then avoid paying their proper tax? Is it because the majority of them are all Tory supporters who donate to the Tory party? These people currently owe the Treasury over £120 billion per year in unpaid tax avoidance.
Why doesn't Cameron tell his chancellor to collect the £6 billion due in unpaid tax from Vodafone? Instead of letting them off paying it? 

Something For Nothing?

Cameron said he wants to stop the "something for nothing culture", and wants to stop Housing Benefit for 25s and under,  has he forgotten that he himself owes this country £22,000 when he avoided paying capital gains tax when he "maxed out" his second home expenses? The Tory leader took out a £350,000 taxpayer-funded mortgage and then paid off a £75,000 loan soon afterwards.
Cameron has continually singles out those on HB, but their benefit is paid to Tory land lords, we the taxpayer were forced to pay Cameron's mortgage for him and he gets to own a nice big million pound house out of it.

David Cameron was once also forced to pay back nearly £947, this includes the £680 he had already said he would repay for maintenance and repairs to his property.
Cameron is said to want to welcome back into the cabinet Liberal democrat David Laws who was forced to resign his cabinet seat when it came to light that he had defrauded the taxpayer out of £44,000 in the shape of payments to his partner which he knew he should not be making, He was found guilty of serious wrongdoing, yet was not referred to the police like other MPs and his punishment was 7 days suspension from the House of Commons and ordered to pay back the money. Mr Laws is a multi millionaire who has recently been calling for tax cuts for high earners.
If you or I or someone in receipt benefit had done anything like this we would have been prosecuted and 
probably ended up in prison. However, Cameron looks set to reward laws with a job in his government!
Climate of Fear!

The British Prime Minister is behaving in the most appalling arrogant and reckless way, he is deliberately creating a climate of fear, prejudice, jealousy and resentment in order to pass his draconian laws; this he does this every single time he feels under pressure. He attacks easy targets and bullies the most vulnerable and those who cannot fight back, like the disabled and women and children. 
Cameron has been under pressure from the extreme right of his party and his ratings and popularity is plummeting, so he has engineered this attack to try and seize back the political initiative and he doesn't mind who he hurts in the process, whether it is hard working immigrants or those existing on benefits. He makes it all sound so plausible as he plays to the lowest possible human common denominator. Cameron is deliberately stoking the fires of prejudice and resentment and we saw last August in the summer riots of 2011, exactly what this kind of thing can produce. Cameron is creating a climate of fear, he is arrogant, bullying and deceitful, he thinks absolutely nothing of telling blatant lies ["there will be no top down reorganisation of the NHS"] this is typical of a narcissistic personality disorder, you needn't take my word for it see how many symptoms below you can match with our Prime Minister! 


I wrote a piece on this blog last week entitled "Narcissism Thy Name Is David Cameron". If there was ever proof needed that I was right, then right on cue Cameron has provided it himself!
Narcissistic personality disorder is a pervasive disorder characterized by a lack of empathy, and an exaggerated sense of self-importance. 
  • A constant need for attention, affirmation and praise.
  • A belief that he or she is unique or "special" and should only associate with other people of the same status.
  • Persistent fantasies about attaining success and power.
  • Exploiting other people for personal gain.
  • A sense of entitlement and expectation of special treatment.
  • A preoccupation with power or success. 
  • Feeling envious of others, or believing that others are envious of him or her.
  • A lack of empathy for others.
People with narcissistic personality disorder are typically described as arrogant, conceited, self-centered and haughty. Because they imagine themselves as superior to others, they often insist on possessing items that reflect a successful lifestyle. Despite this exaggerated self-image, they are reliant on constant praise and attention to reinforce their self-esteem. As a result, those with narcissistic personality disorder are usually very sensitive to criticism, which is often viewed as a personal attack. Look at the way he behaved when he was caught out deliberately misleading and panicking the people over a non existent fuel shortage, he forced Francis Maude to make that insane announcement, about hording fuel in jerry cans then made him shoulder the blame for it when it all went wrong!

His narcissistic behaviour can be seen weekly in Prime Minister Questions in the house of Commons, where Cameron displays the whole gambit of symptoms of narcissistic behaviour. Arrogance, selfishness, lying, haughty, nasty vicious personal attacks and bullying. He totally believes that anyone who dares to have the "audacity" to question him should be put in their place and he doesn't care what he says in order to do it, from telling outrageous lies, to deliberately misleading, or intentionally misrepresenting information, or just plain nasty and unnecessary put downs and insults. His attacks are not even limited to the opposition, he often attacks people in his own party, he told one female MP she was "frustrated" and just the other week he totally embarrassed one of  his own MPs with an humiliating put down. Recently he mocked a Labour MP for being working class with a northern accent and in another highly personal attack he once accused the leader of the opposition, Ed Miliband, of "knifing his brother in the back"! Cameron also told a veteran Labour MP who has been MP serving in parliament longer than Cameron has actually been alive, that he should "collect his pension" on a previous occasion  he called that same MP a dinosaur!, For just a few other occasions where he has used his arrogance and bigotry in the House see Here.  Althought to list them all would require a detailed blog entry of its own!

"We Are All In It Together"?

David Cameron  is sitting pretty in a tax payer funded house and at his country residence of Chequers, besides that he has a million pound property in London and also has a million pound property in his Oxfordshire constituency. His children will not have to go cold and hungry with the threat of being taken into care because their parent/parents have been made homeless by loss of Housing Benefit!

How ironical that Cameron chooses to launch this attack on people who are already struggling, when Prince William the future King of this country turns 30 and inherits £10 million from his late mother and is given a multi million pound house from his grandmother the Queen and is buying his in-laws a mansion worth £5 million and all this simply for being an accident of birth? I know the prince has at least done something useful, but then so have nurses doctors, teachers, police, midwives, dinner ladies, refuse collectors etc and yet this government is trying to take away the pensions they are entitled to which they have paid into!

Today Cameron deliberately and cynically set out to show everyone how Tory he is and that he is a Conservative and "Compassionate Conservatism" has finally been exposed as a sham, an act designed to fool the electorate and win votes and nothing else. Although a lot of people fell for it, fortunately not enough did to wing him the majority and the power he craved and thinks he is entitled to.
We now see who Cameron really is, he is a true Tory who blames the poor, the disabled, the unemployed for their poverty and he detests the welfare state.

Cameron set out to deliberately smear hard up families, most of which would give their right arm to get into a job that paid a fraction of the salaries Cameron and his mates enjoy. He descended into the mire of gutter politics when he chose to label people as "feckless" and "scroungers" in an attempt to turn people against them, in order to try and gain a majority government at the next election. How does he honestly think this makes him and his elite appear when they haven't worked for their advantages and privileges in life, they have simply acquired them as a passage of birth?
Low wages and poverty in the 7th richest country in the world are a scandal and an embarrassment; especially when he conveniently forgets that those on benefits the majority of which are actually in work rather than e unemployed.
Since Cameron has come to power his government is responsible for over 500,000 public sector workers losing their jobs and then he has the audacity to turn around and blame for not working, many of which simply cannot find work!

He believes that forcing ordinary people to pay for the greed of his friends the bankers and City financiers and all those that caused the global recession etc will show how Tory he is and get him elected with a majority at the next election - if it does then God help us all, because Cameron will have succeeded in turning this country into a cold callous place where vulnerable people are ignored and  homeless people are  "an inconvenience and have to be stepped over on the way out of the opera".

This seems to fit nicely with Cameron now lecturing people on how many children they can have and threatening to take away financial support leaving these children exposed to poverty, it is utterly reprehensible, abhorrent.
Face it we really do have a narcissist for a Prime Minister and people should remember that narcissists NEVER know where to draw the line on their arrogant self serving cruelty and one day it will be them caught in the Prime Minister's cross-sight! 

People MUST "Wise Up To Cameron" and stop him playing games with peoples lives for his own political aspirations.

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