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Philip Davies Tory MP's Blatant Hypocrisy In Reporting Denis MacShane!

I've written about this before, undeniably Former Labour MP Denis MacShane did wrong he admitted claiming £7,500 and stupidly falsifying his accounts.
The first thing he did wrong was to commit the act the second apparently was to tell the truth and own up.
I'm not making excuses for him however, he did NOT gain financially from his expense claims, the money was claimed while he was away in Europe on official government business and part of the money bought laptops for his interns which he allowed to keep. He did wrong and he paid a heavy price, he did the right thing, he resigned his seat with immediate effect. He had extenuating circumstances. He had gone through a traumatic divorce, held the hand of his daughter's mother as she lay dying from a stroke and had previously lost their young daughter in a sky diving accident. The man had thrown himself into his work and became careless with his expense claims. He had lost so much and then on top of all of that he lost his Rotherham constituency his job and constituents he loved.

How much more does the heartless Conservative MP Philip Davies want Mr MacShane to lose? Perhaps he will not be happy until he has seen him dragged through the courts and slung in prison?

If Mr MacShane is to be hounded in this way, perhaps Philip Davies may like to ask the police to reopen the file into affairs of Liberal Democrat MP David Laws? Who lost his job as chief Secretary to the Treasury a few weeks after he accepted it.

David Laws, stole £60,000 from the taxpayer mostly for rent and upkeep of his lovers mortgage and house. He knew he was not supposed to claim for rent when he was cohabiting but he still did it, his excuse which was accepted by Mr Lyon was because he was gay! He was give a 7 day suspension from the House and he was recently rewarded for his £60,000 theft from the taxpayer by PM David Cameron, who gave him another job in his government! Laws saw NO reason to resign his seat as an MP.

By contrast, for taking £7,500 which he was NOT personally benefiting financially from, Mr MacShane was suspended from the House for 12 months! He immediately did the honourable thing and resigned his seat.

Yet this is still not enough for the Tory MP Philip Davies, so lets take a  closer look at Mr Davies.

Conservative MP Philip Davies
Philip Davies Conservative MP for Shipley.  

This is the MP who wants mentally and physically disabled people to treat themselves as second class citizens and offer themselves for employment at less than the lowest rate of the national minimum wage.

The Tories are fostering the belief that every single person who claims benefits is some way a "fraud" or a "welfare scrounger" or is "swinging the lead", what is more in order to get public support on their side to make these swingeing changes in welfare, they are deliberately setting person against person, so much so that disabled people are being physically attacked in the street and verbally abused and generally made to feel worthless and the appalling attitude of Conservative MP Philip Davies has not helped, he said: 
“People with a learning disability can’t be as productive in their work as somebody who hasn’t got a disability.” 
Mr Davies wants disabled people to offer themselves for less pay than the national minimum wage to make them less dependent on the taxpayer/state, so it's only fair then that we know just how much of a burden Mr Philip Davies Tory MP is on the taxpayer/state.

First of all a little background on Mr Davies.

He was first elected as an MP at the 2005 general election for the seat of Shipley with a majority of 422 votes, removing the sitting Labour MP.  because he was in a key Tory marginal seat he received donations
toward his successful campaign from Bearwood Corporate Services, a front company set up by the then non-domicile Tory Lord Ashcroft to give out donations to marginal seats such as Davies's. Bearwood has given a total of £5.1 million to the Conservative Party since 2003.

Davies voted against gay and equal rights and has a below average voting record.

"Political Correctness"

Davies is the parliamentary spokesman for the Campaign Against Political Correctness and he has been accused of wasting theEquality and Human Rights Commission's time by sending a stream of correspondence to its Chair, Trevor Phillips, between 2008 and 2009. In this correspondence, he asked questions relating to race and sex discrimination such as: "Is it offensive to black up or not, particularly if you are impersonating a black person?" and "Why it is so offensive to black up your face, as I have never understood this?" Leading some commentators to suggest that he was "lobbying for 'blacking up.'" He also asked whether it was racist for a policeman to refer to a BMW as "black man's wheels" and whether the Metropolitan Black Police Association breaches discrimination law by restricting its membership to black people. Peter Herbert, the chair of the Society of Black Lawyers, said: "This correspondence seems a complete and utter waste of time... he shouldn't be using the Human Rights Commission as basically a source of legal advice."

In March 2007 he voted against the Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2007. He also complained, while calling for a Parliamentary debate on "political correctness", about a school production of Romeo and Julian. 

He was called a "troglodyte" by then Conservative MP and current Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow for his opposition to debating the Equalities Bill, the effect of the recession on women and International Women’s Day.


In October 2006, after an act of vandalism initially alleged to have been perpetrated by Muslims, The Sun quoted Davies as saying "if there’s anybody who should f*** off it’s the Muslims who do this sort of thing." It was later exposed by The Independent, among others, that the incident never involved Muslims and  The Sun was forced to issue an apology four months later. Davies, however, has not apologised for his comments.

(Yet another Tory MP who thinks it is OK to use profane language, seems to run through the Tory party like a stick of Brighton rock!)

In July 2010 Davies argued it would not be beneficial to allow the United Kingdom Youth Parliament to stage a debate in the House of Commons Chamber because it would create a precedent which would mean organisations such as the Muslim Council of Britain would be able to use the House of Commons.

Global poverty

In early 2010, Davies was criticised by the press and religious organisations for using Parliamentary rules to "wreck" the Debt Relief (Developing Countries) Bill, an anti-poverty measure designed to stop "Vulture funds" from buying up the debt of third-word countries in order to aggressively pursue repayments through the international courts. The bill eventually failed because an anonymous Tory shouted "object", allegedly while Conservative frontbenchers covered their mouths to hide their identity. Douglas Alexander, the then development minister, wrote to David Cameron accusing the Conservatives of deliberately scuppering the bill.

Expenses Mr Philip Davies Conservative MP

Davies was first elected in 2005.

2005 - 2006 Total Expenses Claimed  -  £143,582  (inclusive of  £84,124   staff costs)
2006 - 2007 Total Expenses Claimed  -  £148,060  (inclusive of  £87,803   staff costs)
2007 - 2008 Total Expenses Claimed  -  £161,300  (inclusive of  £90,257   staff costs)
2008 - 2009 Total Expenses Claimed  -  £171,258  (inclusive of  £100,599 staff costs)

Grand Total up to 2009 Total Claimed -   £622. 200

I  wonder how many disabled people were in a position to claim well over half a million pounds from the taxpayer over and above their salary? I also wonder who his staff are to be paid such a lot? How many staff does he employ and do they work for less than the national minimum wage?

Davies has filled in approximately 18 surveys in 2010 (Remunerated employment, office, profession etc) and received payment of a total of £1.185 for approximately  5 hours 40 mins work - which is approximately £237 per hour (well above the national minimum wage) Of the £1,185 Davies donated  £375.00 to an unnamed charity.

Received £600 for writing article for Mail on Sunday. Northcliffe House 2 Derry Street, Kensington, London W8  5TT. Hours: 2 hrs. (Registered 29 November 2010).

Overseas visits

Name of donor: Partito Dei Liberisti Ticinesi i Liberisti
Address of donor: c/o Rivo Cortonesi, Via la Prada 12, CH-6929, Gravesano, Italy
Amount of donation (or estimate of the probable value): £1,311.96
Destination of visit: Inter Libertarian Conference, Lugano, Switzerland
Date of visit: 31 March-2 April 2011
Purpose of visit: speaking engagement at conference
Gifts, benefits and hospitality (UK)
Address of donor: 21 Foyle Street, Sunderland, SR1 1LE.
Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: £4,000-£5,000 per year.
Date of receipt of donation: 24 May 2010
Date of acceptance of donation: 1 June 2010
Donor status: company, registration number 03979826
It is the breathtaking arrogance and total hypocrisy of this man who wants disabled people to be treated as 2nd class citizens and work for less than the national minimum wage, while he rakes it in mainly from the tyaxpayers.
Reference: They Work For You

The stench of hypocrisy from Philip Davies and for this Tory controlled coalition government permeates everywhere, they are vile hypocritical deceitful liars!


Guerrilla Democracy News said...

Philip Davis is at worse a murdering paedophile and at best a paedophile sympathiser.
Check out my damning investigation.
Partners in Crime: Exposing Philip Davis and Simon Kirby Part One
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Unknown said...

Grand Total up to 2009 Total Claimed -   £622,200
Should be - £624,200