Friday, July 27, 2012

Platitudes Are Not Enough Mr Cameron!

Proving Once and For All That Two Knobs are Definitely NOT Better than One!

The recent bad news on the economy will probably be smothered by the Olympics, or at least that's what their 'smugnesses' Chancellor George Osborne, and the Prime Minister, David Cameron, will be hoping. I'm waiting for the inevitable, every last scrap of good Olympic news will be claimed by Cameron, Osborne and the Tories and if there is any negative news, say if Cameron fails to secure orders for this country or something major goes wrong he will blame it all on Labour, it's a foregone conclusion.

David Cameron, talks the talk but consequently fails to walk the walk each and every time. If there was a gold medal awarded for guff and gaffes Cameron would win it everytime, he's a disastrous PM. He couldn't even get it right with Mitt Romney and they are supposedly on his side! Romney was right of course, the Tories terrible organising of Olympic security has been utterly atrocious, and Romney was only saying what the rest of the world is saying behind our backs and it is the government's fault too. Cameron refused to meet the left wing French President Francois Hollande, when he came to London to campaign, preferring instead to endorse former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, I bet yesterday Cameron wished he had refused to meet right wing presidential candidate Mitt Romney as well!  It's unbelievable that the government did not appoint any one person in overall charge of Olympic security. Leaving the security of Londoners, athletes and spectators to just two weeks before the start of the Games is mind blowing and monumentally stupid, unfortunately however, no less than people have come to expect from the Tories, especially this prime minister and Theresa May the Home Secretary who's job it actually was to ensure that security for the Games was being properly addressed. I am still waiting for them to try and blame Labour for the mess the Tories have created, why not? They blame Labour for everything else, despite being in power for over two years now.

Theresa May is another Tory cabinet minster who makes calamitous mistakes and then blames her staff. (Remember Culture Media and Sport Secretary, Jeremy Hunt sacking his aide?) May has blamed her staff at the UK Border Agency for everything that goes wrong after forcing millions of pounds worth of cuts on them which led to serious staff shortages, which have now resulted in inexperienced staff allowing eight terror suspects into the UK just prior to the Olympics and no one knows where they are. This is truly alarming and I just hope and pray that everything goes off well, the alternative is just too much to even think about. She also blamed and forced the "resignation" of Brodie Clark, according to Theresa May nothing was her fault then, and apparently nothing ever is her fault now. We have an inept government made up of ministers who find it impossible to believe that they are at fault and who cannot take responsibility for their own actions.

David Cameron is no better, in fact, he has been away with the fairies in cloud cuckoo land for months! While his chancellor, George Osborne, has been residing with Nick Clegg, Danny Alexander and Vince Cable in "La La Land", where life is beautiful all the time and they "haven't" been instrumental in trashing the UK's economy, it wasn't them, it was Gordon Brown's fault, despite the fact they inherited an economy in recovery, with growth and falling unemployment from Labour and Brown, now over two years later the economy isn't in recovery any longer it is mired in the worse and longest double dip recession for over 50 years! The Conservative cabinet have all been closing their eyes to the gathering storm which they have created in the British economy, in the hope that it will all just go away.

I can't make up my mind if the three men at the top and their lacklustre Lib Dem apologists complete with ready made Tory wets, are just stubborn, belligerent or wholly reckless! These three men who appear to be residing on planet loony most of the time, who have had the best of everything and attended the best private schools in the country and have never wanted for a thing in their lives, really do believe their own hype. They believe that they are so safe in their own jobs, that they can sack over 750,000 public sector workers, while placing the livelihoods of millions of others in peril, that they just do not care and feel it is their right to treat the people of this country with shocking contempt.

There has been no end to the complete disregard in which this contemptuous Conservative led government have treated the British people. All the evidence over the past two years has pointed to Osborne getting everything continually wrong, yet he has ploughed on regardless and without a thought for the people whose lives he is blighting. Ordinary families worried about buying their shopping, paying the mortgage/rent and struggling to clothe their children, fill the car up and pay for the ever soaring cost of gas and electric, don't want mealy mouthed platitudes from Cameron, Osborne and Clegg and they don't want to listen to them trying to pass the blame onto others, they want practical help and they want it now, but neither Cameron, Osborne or Clegg has the ability or the intellect needed to deliver that help, so these people are left to struggle on their own and have been abandoned by the government that created the mess and who have no solution to getting us out of it. 

When he is actually in this country (which isn't very often) David Cameron enjoys posing as some sort of benevolent Father of the Nation, who can don his mask of concern at the drop of  a hat, twist his thin upper lip in that fake look of contriteness to try and show us that he "gets it," really, he does, except that he doesn't, it is all an act, all for show and all just completely false. Cameron is taken us all for granted and has become dangerously complacent, after all it wont be him or his family, or his ilk that will suffer as a result of his and his government's appalling and shocking incompetence, it will be us and the poor and the vulnerable, those least able to cope with it, what a truly shocking indictment of him and his government.

Yet all of this will not stop him from taking every photo opportunity the Olympic Games will give him over this next few weeks, you can bet your wages (if you still have a job) that his face will pop up with GB athletes whose hard work, dedication and training have helped them win a gold medal, lapping up every last bit of good publicity like the fatcat he is that got the cream. Just like he popped up out of nowhere last weekend when champion cyclist Bradley Wiggins won the Tour de France. News had only just come through of Wiggins victory when Cameron popped up in a TV news interview cashing in on Wiggins well deserved glory, it was truly nauseating, previously to this the whole economy was entering meltdown and Cameron was nowhere to be seen!!! Probably too busy "chillaxing" or bozzing down the pub, or playing Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja to bother about us and the economy.

Hostility towards the Conservatives (and the Liberal Democrats) is growing as Cameron and Osborne's insane and unnecessary austerity measures take hold, soon all but the very rich elite (who Osborne just helped with a tax cut) will be affected by the vice like grip this government have imposed on workers and their families.

Cameron and Osborne are pushing the economy into an abyss and it is us, not them, who are paying the price.
The Tory doning Bankers, the Tory doning hedge funders, the Tory doning City financiers who caused the Global economy to falter under the weight their immense greed for obscene amounts of money - are allowed to carry on much the same as they have always done, no wonder they support the Conservatives for government!

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