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Cameron's 'Comedy of Errors' Farcical Government!

Oops We Forgot To Order 10,000 Security Guards
For Olympic Games!
I am heartily sick of all this pussy footing around the Tory led government with the press and media too afraid to publish the truth. Lives are being ruined and our children's futures being decimated. And even more shocking the lives of disabled people are being blighted and its causing some to take their own lives and many more are cowering in fear of what this government will do to them next. Add to that all the government inadequacies and other policy failures which are being deliberately under reported, or just not reported at all,  the public have a right to ask why the press are sitting idly by like bunch of silenced schoolboys too afraid of their own shadows and of this incompetent Tory led government to speak out.
It is time someone said it how it actually is.

Gone are the intrepid reporters of yesteryear, with the exception of the Daily Mirror and the Guardian (who sometimes print the truth), it appears what we have that laughably passes for newspaper editors and journalists these days, is a load of frightened schoolboys too scared of their own shadows and of this hideous Tory led government to publish the truth! They are all acting like bewildered rabbits caught in the headlamps not knowing which way to hop until it's too late and because of their dithering they'll all end up squashed and flattened on the roads of Westminster and they, just like the Liberal Democrats before them will become carrion waiting to be picked over and then discarded when of no further use!

I can only imagine the reason for their journalistic reluctance to tell the truth is because most of them backed this shower of blithering idiotic over privileged incompetent Tories for government, and when the electorate (sensibly) failed to deliver the Conservative party a majority they then backed the British Coalition what laughingly now passes for government and are probably now too embarrassed to admit they got it wrong. The only journalists I have seen really prepared to stand up to this government is the Guardian's brilliantly acerbic Polly Toynbee, and oddly enough the Daily Mail's wonderful columnist Sonia Poulton.

Here is something for all the wimpish cowardly male editors and journalists hiding behind their monitors in the metonymical Fleet Street, 

"David Cameron, the British Prime Minister and his government, is not up to the job of governing this country!" 

There I said it for you! Despite individual reporting of some of the utter barking mad policy failures of this Tory led government, not one single paper has reported what this government are actually doing, which is to divide and rule this country, by creating divisions and disharmony.

The prime minister is an habitual lying narcissist, however, narcissists are usually pretty decent at their jobs at least, but not so Cameron, he is so incompetent he can't even get being a proper narcissist right and we have to be saddled with the only narcissist who is a total failure at his job, all we get are the lies, unpleasantness, the deliberate misleading, arrogance and bullying and his insane erratic behaviour in the House of Commons and not much else!

How many blunders  and u-turns of Cameron's farcical Comedy of Errors Government will it take before the press start accurately reporting and the electorate start to wake-up to what is happening in this country?  Look at the way Osborne panicked and stopped his planned fuel price increase, not out of any concern for the motorist but he u-turned in an hours notice after learning the Sun newspaper was going after him. No cabinet or government minister knew of his plans to stop the increase which lead to total confusion. To date here are just a few of the main government u-turns and the chaos the Tory led government have caused:

Does this really look like a government that is in control and knows what it is doing?
The latest in a long line of failed initiatives and car crash policies and appalling cock-ups to envelope the country at the hands of this incompetent Conservative led government  is to do with the UK's biggest security firm G4S and the safety and security of the Olympic Games for athletes, spectators and Londoners. The  debacle over problems with entry to the country at the UK's Border Controls for athletes and visitors to the Games  from the Tories, were because of the Tory cuts Border controls who are now being forced to hire rookie officers not trained in immigration or terrorism at all of the UK's major airports, and still there are expected to be huge queues. 

We have had 7 years to sort out security guards for the Olympics and after receiving cast iron assurances from  David Cameron, Home Secretary, Theresa May and Tory London Mayor Boris Johnson just a few days ago, we now discover that with just two weeks to go, the security for the world's biggest event is NOT properly in place.  A whistleblower in the Mirror newspaper has accused G4S of having shockingly sloppy procedures. It really isn't good enough, the Tory led government has fallen down yet again  this time the whole world is watching us and this is a major embarrassment! 

We were told that 3,500 troops will have to be deployed in London for the games because the blithering idiots in Downing Street and the Home Office were not competent enough to check months ago if not years ago, that we had enough people who would be adequately trained to secure the safety of athletes and spectators for the London Olympic games. However, it has emerged today that the 3.500 troops will not be enough and more are now being told they will have to cancel their leave to safeguard the Games, as well as extra police.

For the Home Office to say they were assured 2 weeks ago that  Locog and the *private* company G4S had this under control is just simply not good enough, this should have been in place months and months ago, it should not now be down to G4S fast tracking recruits for security reasons, this is a recipe for chaos, confusion and total disaster. The whole thing has to be the biggest logistical nightmare, so many questions arise, where will recruits get their training, their uniforms etc? Who will they report to if they see something suspicious? This was the Home Secretary's remit and Theresa May should have checked months ago that this was all under control and not only checked she should have demanded to see proof that it was under control, she obviously hasn't, or she would have discovered this months ago when she should have been asking these questions. The question must also be asked (because I cannot see if it already has) is what the hell has London Mayor, Boris Johnson been doing?  He is supposed to be in charge of overseeing Olympics? What happened to Johnson's boast on 27th July 2011 about being able to "catch the world napping and hold Games now"?  I know this much, if Labour's Ken Livingstone was still in charge, he would have been hot on such a security issue years ago. That's the difference between Ken who absolutely knew what he is doing, and Boris who only thinks he knows what he is doing!

Only last Wednesday (11/07/2012) the Prime Minister, David Cameron was boasting about the Olympics in the House of Commons and how well organised they all were so is the Home secretary saying that Cameron knew this last Wednesday and he still boasted about how well his totally feckless government had done? A whistleblower who was involved in security training at the Olympic Games has said that there is a 50% that weapon will be smuggled into the Games! Did Cameron know this when he made those comments in the House?  Is Theresa May actually saying that the prime minister was telling lies and deliberately misleading people (yet again)? We are all entitled to ask; "exactly what the hell kind of people have we running this country"? What are they? Because from where I am, Cameron, Osborne, Johnson, Clegg, May and the entire Tory led coalition government cabinet look like a bunch of imbecilic posh chancers who got lucky and somehow got into government and who are totally and utterly incapable of holding high office, in fact, they are incapable of holding the post of office juniors.

So what did Home Secretary May do to check Olympic security exactly? Just phone up and ask? Did she not think to ask what kind of numbers had *already* gone through training and what kind of training had they had and actually ask to see demonstrations and be taken through the training procedures to assess if they were using the security equipment correctly and demand to know what was in place  and where to carry out security checks etc? Why didn't she ask to see what G4S were doing regarding recruitment with just a year to go, as the numbers needed were so high? Because of the vast numbers required they should have already started their procedures, yet TODAY we learn from G4S that the government only finalised how many *extra*security staff would be needed in December 2011 and only then signed the contract with G4S, so this is not only a G4S failure, it is another monumental Tory led government failure too! And now Theresa May and the boss of G4S have to admit that they do not even know if security guards can speak English!

The breathtaking arrogance and just brass faced cheek for the Home Secretary to boast that she knew she could rely on our troops to step in and do a good job, saying "the security of the Olympics would not be compromised", especially after her government have just announced the loss of so many regiments and thousands of troops, how dare she say this? Has she no shame? No humility? Or is she once again just mouthing platitudes to try and cling on to her job? Theresa May said that 10,000 Olympics and Paralympics tickets had been donated to armed services through Tickets for Troops and a further 7,000 tickets were also being made available to troops for the dress rehearsals of the opening and closing ceremonies to recognise their extra commitment!
Big deal! What an insult the government have taken all the tickets no one else wants and want to give them to the troops! How will they be able to use them though? They will be working all the time it will not just be a set number of hours, these troops will be manning these games 24/7 and they will be billeted away from home and families in makeshift camps etc, so how will they get to use the tickets?
Talk about out of touch, this woman is lost to reality! Imagine saying to troops that have just received or are about to receive their P45 we'll  give you a ticket for the games to make up for it, a ticket they probably will not even be able to use? Or maybe they have just returned from a tour in Afghanistan and were due to go on their much deserved much earned summer leave looking forward to holidays with their families and now their holidays will have to be cancelled! This means that troops pre booked family holidays will have to be cancelled, can you imagine crushing disappointment felt by our troops and their families learning about this?  If tour operators refuse to refund their payment who is going to compensate them for cancelled holidays and loss of deposits/payments? And all because some stupid woman who calls herself the Home Secretary and some over privileged blithering incompetent idiot that calls himself a Prime Minister literally couldn't organise a proverbial piss up in a brewery?  Do they honestly think that our troops will be happy with having a games ticket while being forced to work instead of having a well deserved well earned holiday with their families and friends? For goodness sake what planet is this ludicrously incompetent government on?

May is right though, our troops will step in and they will do a brilliant professional job with a smile on their faces, but May should not fool herself that they do not mind having their lives thrown up in the air at such short notice and she should be totally embarrassed to be forced to ask them because of her and the prime minister's and London Mayor's appalling incompetence. For many of these troops who have no choice but to carry this work out they will be doing so having just received their "marching orders" (redundancy) from the army, it is not only a national disgrace it is an international embarrassment and yet another total incompetence "made in Downing Street"!

While they are at it perhaps Cameron, May and defence secretary Philip Hammond could explain to us what would have happened if this problem had occurred if the games were next year when they had just finished sacking so many troops and our troop numbers had been reduced to 85,000?  If our number of troops had already been reduced where would they have got the number of troops required from that number without compromising the country's security, not to mention the lives of the understaffed over stretched troops on tours of duty? 

This whole debacle, like many debacles rearing their heads in the NHS are just the epitome of privatisation and how private companies will let down public services time and time and time again because private companies are not giving a service like the public sector does, and does so well, they are giving a paid service and they have to do it cheaply in order to make a profit for shareholders.

This government's total policy failures has all the Hallmarks of a wholly inadequate government it is a complete omnishambles. If this, the complete failure of government is what we can actually see, what on earth must the total chaos going on behind the scenes be like? It would be frightening at the best of times, but at this particular juncture, when we need a calm, safe, secure government to see us through it is truly terrifying! The collapse of this Tory led government is like waiting to vomit,  you are powerless to stop it and you know it is going to happen, it is just a matter of when! I can only hope and pray that its peristalsis is reversed sooner rather than later before we have a complete catastrophe on our hands.

 Welcome to Tory Britain 2012. If cock-ups were an Olympic Sport this Tory led government would win every gold medal.

I hope to God that the Olympic Games goes off without a hitch, because the alternative is just to frightening to even think about!

Meanwhile the world's eyes look upon our government with growing concern and dismay - what a total embarrassment!

Update: Theresa May was told 10 Months ago about G4S Failings (Independent) She knew about problems with recruitment, did she think if she ignored them it would all go away and be alright on the night? For goodness sake what kind of neanderthals have we got running this country?  Now there are fears as an a senior airport official has said that substandard security checking are missing terror suspects who are entering Britain. A former police officer who has been drafted in to help with Border Control during the games has also told that he was put on a rushed security training course lasting just 9 days and expected to carry out the work that properly trained officers only do after receiving months of training! he has said that he does not feel comfortable doing this. This government knew we were hosting the games, they were warned repeatedly that security would be an issue and that Border Controls would not have enough staff, yet they still forced massive cuts in funding resulting in loss of staff at the Border Agency. George Osborne has made over 750,000 public service workers redundant leading to serious breaches all over the public sector and not least the Border Agency, they then expect them to magic fully trained staff up out of thin air and enough properly trained immigration officers to cope with the huge influx of visitors expected to arrive in the country during the Olympic Games, this is utter madness. Not only is this totally barking mad, it is also counter cost productive as the cost of hiring outside agency and temporary staff to fill in at Border Controls, far outweighs the cost of keeping properly trained experienced staff in their positions. Again complete and utter madness bordering on being certifiably insane!

Culture secretary Jeremy Hunt is wheeled out on the Marr Show to defend the government (things must be really bad, where is Theresa May? This is her department. Why should we take the word of Jeremy hunt anyway, he is a proven liar and has already been seen to mislead parliament several times over his assignations with the Murdochs and News International! This is a government of liars, misleaders and they get worse daily as they stumble from one crisis to the next.

The Tory led government and their poodles the Liberal Democrats 'yesmen' have taken  Labour's Olympic Games which was running to schedule, under budget without major hitches which were going to bring in work to thousands and leave a lasting legacy of prosperity and regeneration and totally and utterly ruined them. The world must be looking at us and laughing, but if we have a major terrorist incident that laughter will turn to savage criticism for which we will never be forgiven!

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