Sunday, July 29, 2012

More Cameron Skullduggery Which Will Ire the Tory Right!

Prime Minister, David Cameron, knows very well that his failure to secure an overall parliamentary majority for the Conservatives at the last election when he had everything going for him (including most of the press) and given the Tories position in the polls and in people's minds now, makes it even more unlikely that the Tories will win a general election outright in 2015. (If this current ensemble last that long of course!) The Conservatives need to make a polling deficit of around 10% and then add a further 7% to win and it's not looking good. One of things that could help hand the Tories another hung parliament is their planned boundary changes.

When Cameron first assumed power with the help of Nick Clegg the Liberal Democrat leader, one of the first things they did was to announce 5 year fixed term parliaments at the same time they said they intended to change the boundaries and reduce the number of constituencies and MPs. This Cameron is doing to his own and the Tories overall advantage. However, this is being met with stiff opposition even from Tory MPs as it means in the boundary changes some will lose their seats, this also applies to Liberal Democrats, but by far the biggest losers will be Labour MPs.

Things have been seriously tricky for the so-called "coalition" government this past few months, making it even more likely that Cameron will do everything in his power to stay joined to the Liberal Democrats, he knows he is more than likely going to need to "buy" their seats again.

On all fronts Cameron is making overtures to the Liberals, he even risks making himself look farcical over Europe in order to try and appease himself to the Tory right and the Liberal Democrats at the same time.

However, there is still much standing in the way of Cameron's desire to be relected, despite the fact that he and his chancellor and Deputy PM, Nick Clegg have proven to be one of the most incompetent and wholly inept government's this country has ever seen in its entire history!

One of the reasons is the Tory right are threatening not to vote for the Boundary changes if Cameron goes ahead with the Liberal Democrats Lords reform. Just before parliamentary recess we saw the government go down to its first major defeat over this issue. As a result, and to appease Nick Clegg, Cameron has promised to give Nick Clegg another shot at getting the Lords reform through parliament, Cameron has said this will be last chance, however, Cameron lies about everything so believing anything he says is foolhardy and also the Liberal Democrats are adamant the Tories must stick to their promise of Lords reform, which was written in the Coalition Agreement - so stalemate! Odd how both the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives can break all other pledges they don't particularly like in the agreement, like there being nothing in it about carrying out the biggest reforms in the entire history of the NHS etc; etc; and that doesn't seem to bother them, but can get their wigs off and get their proverbial knickers in a twist about the issue of Lords reform!

Cameron knows he may need the Lib Dems to form another coalition at the next election, so he is putting in the groundwork now.

Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg and leader of the Lib Dems has his constituency in Sheffield Hallam and is facing a tough battle to hang on to his seat, 3 major issues are conspiring against him retaining his seat: 1) Sheffield Forgemasters...2) Tuition Fees...3) NHS reforms.

Clegg hopes that his constituents will forgive him from reneging on an £80 million loan promised by the former Labour government to Sheffield Forgemasters in order for them to buy necessary machinery etc; to secure orders and jobs for the future and replacing it with a £36 million loan from the Tories failing Regional Growth Fund. Clegg has been the target of intense criticism in Sheffield over the loan and the loss of jobs that have resulted.
Sheffield Hallam is also a university town and students are extremely angry at the way Nick Clegg blatantly lied to them and then broke his pledge over tuition fees and there is strong anti-Clegg vote.
There is also extreme public anger at the way the Lib Dems again reneged on saying they were not going to support the Tories NHS reforms bill, to turning completely about face and helping the Tories ram it through parliament and this resentment, far from going away is intensifying.

So the news today that Cameron is planning to shut their Tory HQ in Sheffield is revealing! This will probably mean that they do not intend to field a Conservative candidate against Nick Clegg at the next general election and will probably urge all their Tory voters to turn out and vote for Nick Clegg in an effort to keep Labour from winning the seat.
By trying to save Clegg's job in this fashion, this act by the PM will be seen by Tory right wing MPs as yet more kowtowing to the Liberal Democrats in favour of keeping Clegg in a job and him and the Lib Dems onside. It is also widely believed that if Clegg does lose his seat and Cameron is still in place after the next election that he will offer a job of Britain's European Commissioner to him, in yet another bribe to keep the Lib Dems onside. As Clegg is an ardent pro European, this will again anger the right of the Tory party, who want to pull out of Europe altogether!

However leaving all the internal factions and squabbling going on inside the Coalition government, there could  be more going on here than first meets the eye!

Keep an eye out for the Tories or Lib Dems starting to pull out of constituencies where either of them are the  are the third party, if this starts happening across the country we will know that a secret deal has been struck and this will be an open attempt to manipulate the electorate into returning another Tory led coalition government.

There actually could be more traction to the supposed rumour that Cameron, Clegg and the so called "master political strategist" Tory chancellor, Gidiot Osborne have struck a deal to either combine the two parties after the next election (if successful), or there is an agreement in place that a "Coalition candidate" could suddenly start appearing on ballot papers.

Make no mistake, Cameron loves power, it's all he wants, it doesn't matter to him that he is a useless, over privileged, out of his depth incompetent and narcissistic pm, in fact it is because he is a narcissist that he will do anything and anyone to cling onto power that he sees as his divine right. He knows if this cat gets let out of the bag now he will be in serious trouble with the Tory right, but preparations must be made and this is a way of doing them in secret and when people realise it will be too late.

Only one thing could scupper Cameron's plans and that is a generalised and catastrophic implosion of the Liberal Democrat vote at the next election, rendering their number of MPs to be totally irrelevant and unable to be of much use to Cameron in a numbers battle.

Even though Labour are ahead in the polls now, they can take absolutely nothing for granted and must work hard to get as many Lib Dems votes as possible as well as the swing voters.

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