Sunday, July 22, 2012

Myths of Conservatism and Calamitous Cameron!

Cameron's NHS Privatisation Time Bomb

When Labour came to power in 1997, they not only had to tackle a terminal NHS, education in turmoil and a non existent transport infrastructure they also had to tackle high unemployment and the more thorny problem of long term welfare dependency that Thatcher and successive Conservative governments had caused.  In 1997 there were some households that had three generations of people who were not working. It was a huge problem that had become ingrained into the psyche and one that can take further generations to sort out and a problem that should never have been allowed to take a hold the way it did. Good decent people just tossed aside on the slag heap of Thatcher and Major's Tory governments and the forgotten about. Somehow or another Cameron and the Tories have managed to turn the failings of their 19 years in office into the former Labour government's fault. Labour probably could have done more, but lest we forget under the sea of Tory Black propaganda that 13 years of Labour governments tried very hard to reach people, to give them decent places to live in their inner city regeneration programmes and their regeneration of the coalfields the Tories cruelly closed down, the 100 new hospitals, the thousands of new or refurbished schools, hundreds of thousands more nurses, midwives, doctors, teachers police, Sure Start Centres, Nursery place for every 4 year old, to name but a few, so yes Labour could have done more but they also did an immense amount of good  and it is this good that Cameron wants *YOU* to forget about it is this good that is now being deliberately unravelled very quickly by an incompetent right wing narcissistic Conservative led government.

As a direct result of what "that woman" Margaret Thatcher did as well as John Major, this country was forced through 19 years of hell on earth for ordinary people, where the rich got obscenely richer and the poorer got poorer.  Unopposed by the wets in her cabinet who were too afraid of her to say anything, Thatcher marauded unchecked through the steelworks, ship-works, the car industry and mining industry she trashed British manufacturing and forced the entire country to become reliant upon her mates the "banksters" in the City who she obliged by deregulating the financial sector. By the time that Labour came to power the colossal damage was already done and the banks wielded a huge power over the prosperity of the country, there was very little, barring regulate the banks a little more that could be done, the crash  through the banksters greed had to happen in order to strip them of their power.Thanks entirely to Margaret Thatcher who had let the gilded beast out of the cage it could not be put back in and it went on to create the havoc and financial catastrophe we all saw in 2008/9. "That woman" should be prosecuted for political and financial crimes against a nation! If the Tories want someone to blame then they should look to themselves and to the woman that so many of them still revere.

I get fed up of reading how "nice" John Major was. No he wasn't nice, he is a particularly unpleasant, weak incompetent Tory that allowed himself to be dictated to by the right of his party over Europe (and just about everything else) and the right wing press. He made policy on the hoof and policy based on that day's newspaper reports. He allowed this country and its people to stagnate with a decaying health as people died waiting on waiting lists, to get on waiting lists for treatment and the education service was in deep chaos.  Major was more interested in pleasing the right of his party and staying in power than worrying about the voters that put him in power.  He became the Tories unelected PM not because he was an able man that possessed a vision of where the country needed to go and what needed to be done to get it there for the greater good, but he won simply because he wasn't Margaret Thatcher and the Tories wanted rid of her as soon as possible because she had became an electoral liability so they dumped her and installed John Major because they could not bear the thought of losing power! (David Cameron should watch out, I hear the "long knives" are being sharpened and the "stalking horse" is stomping his hooves straining to be let out of the stable). 
It was then the incompetent John Major, along with his incompetent chancellor Lord Norman Lamont, (another Tory Hedge funder) who created the ERM fiasco that cost this country billions and was the cause of interest rates running at 15.9% for over a year, causing many people to lose their homes to repossession, their jobs, their businesses, there were record bankruptcies and record suicides etc; and Major did absolutely nothing about the problems he and his chancellor had a caused, maintaining there wasn't anything he could do. Strange how history seems to be repeating itself with Cameron, Osborne and their tea boy and honorary Tory, the Liberal Democrat leader, Nick Clegg. Yet  the Tories have the cheek to accuse Labour and Gordon Brown of profligacy because they spent on schools, hospitals, nurses, doctors, midwives, teachers, police roads, transport etc (all the things the Tories deliberately run down when they were in power as a means to control the masses, whom they see as the "great unwashed" (us)?!

Now the Tories are back and they haven't changed, they are no more compassionate than out of control American pit bull terrier! They want to rip every single person who they class as the "undeserving poor" to shreds. The Tories make all their decisions from the lofty great heights of over privilege and Conservatives not only believe they are the "natural party of government", they also think they have been born to rule. They are the sort of right wing "ruleocrats" the sort who spur uprisings and ultimately start wars (the British Empire was crammed full of them) because they believe they have the right to do so. Most of them believe this because it is what they have been taught within their families and because of the inbreeding that goes on within the aristocracy their hereditary lines are usually connected with monarchy in some way (as is David Cameron's). It causes a wry raise of the eyebrows when I read of the Conservatives and the Conservative government attacking people whom they infer are somehow inferior to them. Yet they do not see it, but it has to be said, neither do many ordinary people who vote for the Tories, who have fallen for the pre election flattery that as they are now all "buying" so they must now be a Tory. Now there is a strange phenomena if ever I saw one.  What is it that makes people believe they are better than others because they live in their own house? Yet ordinary folk do vote for people like Cameron and his so called "caring compassionate Conservatives" (who do not really exist) and who cannot wait to take every right from them and reduce their standard of living to the point where they are kept poor and downtrodden!

It's not so much a "small state" that the over privileged Cameron, Osborne and Clegg want, but the freedom to restore what they see as their rights; to pay little or no taxes, to treat their workforce like little more than serfs and to deny their workers any rights  they may have been given that will enable them to challenge their employers in the courts. Slowly they are reducing wages without actually reducing the minimum wage, they are making more and more people part time workers so they can keep people poor and dependent upon them so they will not fight back. Privatisation is the small end of the wedge but as the privatisation wedge thickens, so will the excesses of privatisation, and the only people to benefit will be people with money who have purchased shares in private companies and outsourcing companies like SERCO and Atos. By denying people their rights emoving legal aid and employees rights and providing only the very basic of healthcare and welfare assistance, suppresses people, this then frees Conservatives to spend less on the state that we all pay for though our taxes etc and to make ever increasing amounts of money at the expense of taxpayers and it is the majority of ordinary folk who pay their taxes, while Tories like Cameron and George Osborne actually avoid paying it and who hire teams of accountants to ensure they don't pay it. The Conservtives then carry on unabated in their rich lives which they see as their birth rights; it is a continuation of "Thatcherism", she too used the "divide and rule tactic" to great effect and David Cameron is doing it too! Slowly he is dividing and ruling society and not only is he doing that but he is now actually trying to divide and rule in sub divisions like those he wants us to see as worthy of Disability Living Allowance (soldiers) to those he wants us to believe are unworthy of the benefit (disabled civilians). We have witnessed this abhorrence and blight on our caring society in all aspects, but none more so than the government now trying to threaten people into not producing children and stigmatizing whole families, where the children from those families will also grow to feel stigmatised and marginalised. How will this bring about real sustainable change in society? The answer to this is it won't, all it does is to push us into subservience by keeping us suppressed so they (Successive Conservative Governments) can carry on unchallenged and unabated in their over privileged existences! It is like one huge Conservative merry go round, where ordinary folk are allowed to hop on at election times and are then cruelly pushed off into the dirt afterwards!

Yesterday came the announcement from Louise Casey, David Cameron's so called Head of Troubled Families Unit on the so-called 120,000 "troubled families". Ms Casey, after meeting only 16 of these supposed 120,000 families believes the government should "interfere"  and has the right to tell women it is irresponsible to keep on having children and that they should stop. Without quoting any statistics or proof of her findings, or informing us how much time she had actually spent with these families etc; etc; she told the Daily Telegraph that the Government must not be a “soft touch” but instead be prepared to “get stuck in”, challenge taboos and change lives. From that we are to deduce that the government  believes it has a right to tell people how many children they can or cannot have. 

It is the thin end of the wedge, already we have had Cameron and his government telling us how much we can drink at home, treating us as if we are all immature irresponsible binge drinkers by raising the price of alcohol to make it unaffordable, although apparently it's OK for Cameron to drink four glasses of wine over Sunday lunch because he is from privilege and he can afford it. It's also OK for Cameron to go down the pub spend more on one single lunch than many of us have to manage on for a week, get pissed, and leave his little 8 year old daughter in the pub toilets where she was allowed to wander alone and where anything could have happened to her, especially considering she is the daughter of a serving prime minister! Him with all his security managed to leave her down the pub on her own and they all went home without her, but apparently we are told that it was just an accident which could happen to anyone? Is it really? Could it have happened to a single parent, or someone living on benefits, or happens to be unemployed without attracting a storm of unfavourable criticism?  I suspect if it happened to one of  Louise Casey's "mothers", she would be labelled a an "antisocial binge drinking drunken slag" who sleeps with undesirable violent men and produces children and leaves them unattended down the pub and therefore should lose all her benefits and rights and God knows what else! 
Louise Casey makes so many assumptions, she assumes that poor people have more children than they can manage, that they do not love them or provide adequately for them, she assumes also that they are all on benefits, (which they are not), many work but only command a low wage and need state assistance to manage. Is that the fault of the or person or the fault of the company boss who is deliberately paying a low wage so they can keep more in profits, while forcing the state to subsidise their payroll? Casey also assumes that these families have never worked and that some ( one fifth) have large families while on the benefits, when actually some families have landed in this situation as a direct result of this Conservative government's austerity measures which has forced them on low pay, or to take low paid jobs, or has forced them out of well paid jobs. She also assumes they are of lesser intelligence than her and need telling what to do and when  and how to do it, there are other countries that do this and one of them is China.
In China, baby boys are often viewed as more precious than girls, as many families can have only one child as part of the nation's population policy and desire a male heir. In China it is not unusual to find newborn baby girls thrown away like garbage in garbage dumps (BBC News) and sometimes in the gutter by the sides of roads. By interfering with the birth rate, the Chinese government have destabilised China and if the British government interfere in the UK, where will it all end? Today they are just telling people to stop having babies, tomorrow they may pass a law, the next time they may start telling people how many children they may have and others they may prevent having more than one according to their means, where will all this end? It is extremely dangerous territory. It is not far fetched either, look at the history of this government, look at what they are doing, look at their attacks on ordinary people, open your eyes and start questioning what this government is actually trying to do. An example of this dogmatic Tory government's attitude is their NHS diktat, it was clear that this was not wanted by the majority of people, and over 98% of medical professionals, yet they still rammed it through parliament, we are now on the beginning of a the very slippery road leading to full-scale privatisation of the NHS against the wishes of the vast majority of people. 
This is the way privilege in power works, this is the way those born to privilege think; don't harbour under any  misapprehensions they look down on the majority of us, they think they are born to rule us, they just use us at election times for our votes then cast us aside. Please don't take my word for it take a look at the current crop of Tories in government, all of them inherited millionaire status, all of them are multi millionaires, all of them born into aristocracy, or power, or the landed gentry, all of them went to of the very best top 9 private schools. David Cameron - Eton. Boris Johnson - Eton. George Osborne - St Paul's School - Nick Clegg (honourary Tory)- Westminster School etc; etc. What have they done for the ordinary person since assuming power? Nothing but deliver u-turn after u-turn and two incompetent, overbearing, dogmatic arrogant sets of rules. One set for them and their over privileged followers which delivers them huge tax breaks, and another set for the rest of us to follow which include making pensioners pay for the over privileged tax breaks they awarded themselves.
We are now ordered by decree of this Tory led government - Don't smoke; Don't drink; Told when to get up; Told what to eat; Forced to work for nothing; told what to wear to the Olympic Games and the latest is the Tories are now telling people how many children they can have; This is getting out of hand and there is a clear message in all of this, the government are trying to divide us, turn us against each other and then will rule us. *But Only IF We Let Them*. We are by far the largest group in society and it's about time we wised up to the Tories and to Cameron and his ilk and just calmly vote them out at the next election putting a stop to this impoverished austerity insanity they are imposing upon us, which incidentally, has been proven by leading economists and now even the IMF, to be totally unworkable!
One day we have the Louise Casey announcement which I have spoken about, which I believe was sent as some kind of softener to make the electorate pliable to the Tories next announcement which came hot on its heels which is that "Child Support Changes Will Affect Over 100,000 Families" is *YOUR* family among that 100,000? Why attack families who are struggling to cope under this government's insane austerity measures and yet give the richest 1% who already have more money than they could ever spend in several lifetimes a huge tax cut - paid for by us? Why? Is this what you voted Tory for?
If we don't wise up and pretty damned quick, we will deserve the manipulation of the masses that is now occurring under our very noses and as Cameron has freely admitted (although he seems to be suffering from amnesia now), these changes and these cuts are not just here for the sake of austerity, they are here for good, and they will stay, which means that you, I and more importantly our children's lives and futures will be blighted for the foreseeable future. *But ONLY IF we Allow It!* We are far more powerful than the Tory ruling elite *NEVER* forget that! We will only lose that power if we allow the Conservatives to take it away from us!


Anonymous said...

Sadly, Gracie, you are all too correct. But do people agree with you? Do they believe that Labour will do better? Will Labour repeal the Health Bill? Will they reverse the cuts to the poorest? Will they abandon PFI? Will they stand up to the bankers? The rail companies? The consultants? The tax avoiders and their accountants? Will they resist the unelected EU? Sadly I don't think Ed has the bottle.
And people won't like Blair hovering about in the background either.
Terry (a proud socialist)

Gracie Samuels said...

Labour have said they will repeal the Health Bill. However, I worry about the damage being done in the meantime and when Labour get back in I worry if legally they will be able to repeal much of what the Tories will have done to the NHS. I fear a mountain of legal challenges that this country will have no appetite for, or be able to afford. As for the rest of your post, how can they abandon PFI? We needed over a 100 new hospitals when Labour came to powers in 1997, because of the mountain of Tory neglect from 1979 to 1997. Again how will we get out of the legal clauses? It is exactly the same with the railways. What Labour could do is change the law, so they can't sue and then tighten right up on repayments and interest charges.

Don't worry about Ed, he has more than enough bottle to do the things he knows he must, he has shown that already he is his own man and I for one cannot wait until he is in number 10 and we start to see the dreadful wrongs of this diktat narcissistic government put right.

Anonymous said...

I want to hear Labour saying they will repeal the Health Bill. I want them to scare off the privateers before they get their clutches into the NHS. I am sure the general public are behind this stance.
PHI is bankrupting hospital trusts. Labour should set its face against any future PFI. The idea may be attractive, but the reality is anything but.
Private rail companies are one thing, but the obscene amounts they bleed from passengers and the taxpayer has to be stopped.
I don't doubt Ed's intellectual ability, but I want to see a clear break from 'New Labour' and Blair hovering in the background mooting a comeback scares me


Gracie Samuels said...

They have already said it Terry.

Rally To Save Our NHS: Andy Burnham

However, we have to realise that this government are trying their best to tie everything up legally, so their mates can feel free to bid for and secure the contracts now, let's be reasonable and not set any future Labour government up to fail, by expecting them to perform miracles.
If we don't have any PFI how will we build schools and hospitals for the future? The point is whether we like it or not, we need to do it. The reason why some hospitals are finding it hard to meet their obligations now is probably twofold - 1).Because government are forcing hospitals to save around £40 billion, this results in funding CUTS of millions of pounds to hospitals and 2). the Tories have done this to purposefully make Labour look bad in order to get their NHS reforms into operation without too much fuss.

We need to stop doing the Tories work for them and unite and fight them, it's the only way, if we don't and if we keep on expecting "loaves and fishes" style government each time we do get a Labour government in power, we will set them up to fail before they even get in. Realistic and pragmatic is the key, if we can do this, then we can make sweeping changes to peoples lives and stop the horrendous Tory attacks on our poor, vulnerable, disabled, young, elderly and our ordinary working singles, couples and families.