Friday, July 28, 2017

Coming Soon, The Tories New NHS

The Tories New NHS

The Tories New NHS will be here with us all shortly. Richard Branson is working on a take-over as I write this, the Conservatives have already sold huge swathes of the most lucrative parts of the NHS to Virgin Care.
The big trade deal that Donald trump talks about is American health companies who are already circling our NHS like vultures, waiting to swoop to take over our NHS, best get your finances in place to take out expensive health insurances. Healthcare bills are the number one cause of bankruptcy and homelessness in the United States!

Watch what Michael Moore has to say about our NHS, everything he said is coming true. We are sleepwalking towards a privatised NHS, Jeremy Hunt is privatising our NHS  right now under our noses.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Hunt has been allowed to get away with telling barefaced lies about mental health nurse numbers and the papers have not even mentioned it, they've been too busy trying to distract us by feeding us lies to try and damage Jeremy Corbyn. Read the full story in Evolve Politics Here.

"Labour is demanding an inquiry into the privatisation of a government-owned NHS recruitment firm that saves hospitals £70m a year.NHS Professionals helps the health service in England tackle its staffing crisis by arranging for doctors and nurses on its books to cover potentially harmful gaps in rotas." Full Story at the Guardian Here.

We never ever know when we may need our NHS, are you prepared to stand by and do nothing and allow the Conservatives to deliberately destroy so they can tell us it's not working so will have to privatise it?

Stand up and fight for our NHS because when it's gone it's gone and we will never ever be able to get it back.


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