Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Day The Eaton Toff Class Warrior PM Went As Mad As A Box of Frogs On Live TV

David Cameron has been guilty of some awful Prime Minister's Questions (when he bothers to turn up for them that is), but yesterday he really excelled himself as he indulged his party and himself in some really bizarre distraction politics. He failed to answer one single question put to him, instead, often replying with extraneous comments.
As PMQs progressed a monomaniac red faced Cameron went as mad as a box of frogs on live TV, goodness only knows what other countries looking in made of him, he was an embarrassment to himself and this country! He couldn't seem to stop himself he went on like a thing possessed. In all he made over a dozen references to the Unite union and Len McCluskey in just half an hour.

Ed Miliband asked a serious question about why class sizes have doubled since 2010 and why the government are building one third of new schools in areas with surplus places and ignoring areas with a shortage of places.

Labour MP Stephen Timmis asked why demand for foodbanks had risen from 30,000 households before the 2010 general election to 350,000 households now.

However, while Ed Miliband and other Labour MPs may have wanted to ask David Cameron sincere questions about serious issues affecting the country and their constituencies, there was only one thing that Cameron wanted to talk about and that was Len McCluskey and the Unite union. For the second week running he proceeded to turn PMQs into his own political soap box trying to score cheap and nasty political points, he is making a complete mockery out of the whole PMQs procedure.

Finally when Conservative MP Richard Drax got up to ask a question and started off by mentioning Unite and the Falkirk constituency the Speaker  finally shut the the inappropriate comments down, but should have clamped down on Cameron immediately it became apparent and not left it so late, he allowed David Cameron to get away (yet again) with a shocking abuse of power. Each time Cameron deigns to grace the country with his presence in PMQs, he tells lies, he deliberately misleads, he misrepresents people who have absolutely no chance of reply and he abuses his power treating parliament, the public and MPs with total contempt.

Cameron should be careful because while union bashing may please him and his backbenchers, the general public are pretty indifferent to unions and a recent poll showed that 69% of people thought that Labour should maintain their ties with the unions. It is not only Labour supporters who are trade unionists, Tories are too and unions do not only represent public sector workers, they also represent  private sector workers too!

Each time David Cameron gets in front of that dispatch box he reveals himself as a cheap and nasty Eaton toff class warrior, he cannot hide his utter contempt for good decent hard working ordinary people. What was absolutely ridiculous about the whole attack is that clearly what went on in Falkirk is not acceptable to the Labour party and Ed Miliband acted swiftly to stop it, so Cameron's attacks are not only absurd they are bizarre. If only David Cameron had acted as quickly when his MPs have got into difficulties instead of backing them to the hilt even though he knows they were complete in the wrong. If anyone is shown up as weak, it is not the leader of the opposition who acted strongly and decisively, it is the PM who has never once sacked any of his MPs, even though they have found to be in serious breach, like Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt when he was caught deliberately misleading the House and telling lies.

It is also the astonishing hypocrisy of Cameron has he forgotten that his own party is in hock to the banks, shadow banks, big business, corporations, private health companies, oil barons, Drinks companies and tobacco companies?

Tory Donorgate a Comprehensive List

Has he forgotten the Tory party's involvement with the Midlands Industrial Council (MIC)?

Another List of Tory Donors - Ones That Exploit LoopHoles

What about Lynton Crosby, Cameron's own aide, who managed to get the PM to remove all reference to change of policy over the pricing of alcohol and tobacco from the queen's speech and is also involved in fracking?

Prime Minister's Aide Lynton Crosby Links to drinks and tobacco Companies

Lynton Crosby's Links to Fracking

Has David Cameron forgotten Peter Cruddas? The ex Tory Treasurer who was caught charging business people £20,000 for lunch with David Cameron and promising them they would be able to influence policy?

 Peter Cruddas, the Tories and cash for access scandal

Peter Cruddas, 'Banksters' and Spivs


The Tories and their links Private Health Companies

Nearly 40% of most powerful people in private health care have Lords and MPs in their companies.

And the internet is flooded with examples of how many Tory MPs and Lords have their snouts in the troughs of private industry and health care all hoping to influence policy, and clearly in some cases they have!

We have seen several major scandals hit the Tory party in quick succession, all involving lobbyists and all were written off by Downing St as deluded.

All have several things in common, all these people claim to have access to Cameron and or Osborne and the British government
All claim to be able to influence government policy and number 10 has denied it each time arrogantly referring to mounting evidence of wrongdoing and corruption within the British Conservative government as "bluster" and inferring that the people doing the claiming are "Walter Mitty like characters".

Cameron has said that none of these people influenced policy, but then he has a poor memory what about the Midland Industrial Council (MIC) scandal that rocked the Tory part BEFORE they were even elected to government? I have covered this extensively on this blog. One of the MIC members a businessman freely admits he donates large sums to the Tory party with a view to receiving something back and influencing policy

Who said that the government doesn't know that their donors do not want to influence policy?

Peter Shirley MIC Member and also a member of the "Tory" Taxpayers Alliance said:

'I’m a member of the MIC. I was absolutely amazed that it was David Cameron who came to the (factory) opening... We tell (Tory Ministers) that if they’re
going to have policies, we would like to know what the heck they are.'
Most "shadow ministers" have attended MIC meetings and George Bridges,
Cameron’s head of campaigns, is in regular contact with it...

Read more about David Cameron the MIC - Anthony Bamford, JCB HERE

Bankers. Spivs and Tories are "all in it together"

If  David Cameron wants to accuse the unions of being corrupt, even though they are completely above board, declare their accounts and pay their UK tax to the British Treasury (unlike half the current cabinet who have dealings with private health care companies and off-shore accounts) then bring it on and I haven't even started on how involved with Rupert Murdoch the Tories and the Tory mayor of London has become!

David Cameron's secret lavish dinners with party donors

The Tory Summer Ball, Grouse, champagne and a £90,000 bust of Cameron

When it all comes out about how involved Cameron and his Tories are in all kinds of contracts and lobbying etc that involve public money, David Cameron is going to wish he had never even set eyes on Lynton Crosby, let alone hired him. Lynton Crosby is yet another "Andy Coulson" waiting to happen and he'll go the same way! But Cameron will never learn because he is arrogant and inept and a blatant liar and he showed his breath taking arrogance in PMQs when he accused the unions.

Cameron has shown his true colours, he really believes that working class people should not have a union to represent them and he showed his utter disdain for the unions yesterday. he has also show us that he is a complete class warrior jerk who couldn't care less about the hurt and widespread despair and pain he is inflicting upon people across this country. This is not over, he has now needlessly provoked a fight he cannot win.

Cameron will come to rue the day he went as mad as a box of frogs on live TV in PMQs.


Anonymous said...

Excellant piece Gracie pity we cant get this into the main stream media but we know why dont we.They are all bought out psychophants !

Troy said...

It's brain-washing, plain and simple. Repeating again and again that Labour spent all the money. Repeating phrases like "skivers and strivers". It's worked to divide the low-paid workers from the unemployed. It's worked to divide the able-bodied from the disabled. It's worked to divide British nationals from immigrants. Now he's trying to divide union from non-union. Once again, it will probably work to sway the gullible masses. I think he knows exactly what he's doing, and it stinks. Sorry to have written such a lot, but it helps to get things off my chest.

Gracie Samuels said...


However, all is not lost, we have social media, its a powerful tool and one that Cameron and the corporate greed merchants wish we did not have, so we must keep spreading the truth, we do not allow this heinous government get away with a single thing.