Monday, July 29, 2013

"Are You Thinking What We're Thinking" - Lynton Crosby?

Is this another of lobbyist Lynton Crosby's ideas?

If you or I sent around a van fitted with huge posters telling foreigners to "go home" we would most likely be prosecuted under the race relations act, so why is the British government doing it? Have we really sunk so low that as a people that we are now comfortable with this kind of nastiness, bullying and intimidation?

Ever since the Tory led coalition government has assumed office, the prime minister has been pursuing a divide and rule strategy. Able bodied against disabled people, young against old, private sector workers against public sector workers, employed against unemployed. Every day the right wing press seems to be publishing scare stories about one group or another and blowing them all up out of proportion. Deliberately quoting erroneous statistics to whip up fear and hatred has become the norm. if it's not about dividing the nation over immigration and the unemployed or those on benefits, then this government are purposefully trying to divide the nation over the NHS.  It seems that the Conservatives have launched an all out attack on the poor, the downtrodden and the oppressed.

The vans telling immigrants to "go home" have been blasted by refugee groups and councillors of all parties, who have called them divisive, offensive and have accused the government of creating racial tension.

Surely we are better than this?

The most ridiculous point is that the people the government say these posters are aimed at would probably not be able to read or understand them anyway, they are much more likely to be read by people entitled to live and work here going about their normal legal business, some of the posters depict an Asian person being lead away in handcuffs? Why not a white person? In fact why depict any person at all being lead away in handcuffs? It is completely unnecessary. 

Many people are understandably appalled an insulted by this kind of thing and I thought we were trying to reach out to young Muslims and try to stear them away from people who could radicalise them? Really is this kind of thing going to help that cause or just  give them an enormous shove in the opposite direction? As usual with this government it is ill thought out and ill conceived.  Please let's not kid ourselves we all know that these posters are not designed to try and help repatriate people, what they are designed to do is appeal to the lowest possible denominator from a government scared of losing votes to Ukip and this in itself is rude and insulting, as it implies that all Ukip voters are closet racist bigots and while I have no time for Ukip, I'm pretty certain that the majority of their supporters are no such thing.

These vans are being driven around areas with high immigrant population and are causing upset and offense, imagine if you were child of immigrants legally here you are walking along minding your own business and you look up and read that poster, would they understand it, or would they just think they and their family are being told by the Tory government to go home or they will get arrested? It is not only offensive, these posters are downright stupid and must be very frightening to children and we all know that children can take things literally and can become extremely anxious and upset by things they read!

All these coincidences since tobacco lobbyist Lynton Crosby became David Cameron's fixer strategist, it was Crosby that let go with a foul mouthed rant against Muslims during Boris Johnson's mayoral campaign.

Lynton crosby said:
Mr Johnson should concentrate on traditional Tory voters instead of  'f*****g Muslims'.
Apparently Crosby's view is that chasing the Muslim vote and the votes of other ethnic groups is a waste of time and he frequently expressed himself in these terms, which some people found very offensive. It would seem from this poster campaign that he hasn't changed his views and would quite frankly rather them not here at all. Ironic really when you realise that Lynton Crosby is a foreigner! I wonder, does Lynton Crosby pay UK tax on his huge earnings from the Tory party?

When asked about the 'f*****g Muslim' comment, Crosby always claims he has no recollection, what is it about the Tories, as Leveson showed, none of them seem to be able to remember doing anything!

It comes as no surprise that Boris Johnson has backed these offensive poster campaign, after all he's a Tory and he also hired Lynton Crosby and sees nothing wrong in insulting and intimidating oppressed people. In 2011 after the summer riots Johnson backed one of his closest aides, Richard Barnes, when he joked "why did police put Persil in the water cannons? - To stop the colours running"

Let's not kid ourselves, every party has its bigots, but the the Conservative party seems to have more bigots per capita than any other party (excluding the EDL and BNP)

These are the kind of people we have running the country and if that is not bad enough, it would appear that the Conservatives are busy recruiting like minded people to top positions. Forget Ukip, soon we will be governed and managed by a load of racist bigots! 

Even Tory Lord Ashcroft warned Cameron about hiring Lynton Crosby, not because he thought the 2015 election campaign would lead to a re-run of the immigrant dominated 2005 election campaign, but he thinks Crosby is not needed because he would become a "distracting influence". He is right and wrong! I think that Crosby is deliberately making the 2015 election campaign all about immigration and he is doing this by stoking up fear and resentment and as the election approaches it will become worse and we can expect more  intense dirty tricks and Tory smear campaigns. As for being a distracting influence, Ashcroft is absolutely correct, Crosby is already proving to be a distracting influence and expect more of his lobbying past and lobbying contacts to be revealed as 2015 nears. Cameron will be quizzed repeatedly about Crosby's lobbyist links

These latest posters put me in mind of the former Tory leader Michael Howard disturbing 2005 general election poster campaign "Are you thinking what we're thinking?" Which were designed to get into the psyche with an unsettling subliminal message be it on scaring people over the NHS, unemployment or immigration. Theresa May was right when she famously describe the Conservative party as the "nasty party", they are and as they get drunker and abuse their power, they are becoming nastier and nastier.

Forget Enoch Powell's "Rivers of Blood" the Tories are turning this country into a 
'cesspit of hate'!


Nick said...

the conservatives next target is to get rid of all the foreigners after the sick and disabled

i think should they win the next election they will go after both and hound them till their death in the case of the sick and disabled and in the case of the foreigners just make their life hell so they all go back home without a word

Anonymous said...

What exactly has the Labour leadership said about this and the release of Home Office tweets/pictures of supposedly 'illegal' immigrants being arrested? Barry gardiner seems to have been hung out to dry by Milibad

Gracie Samuels said...

Anonymous 9:01

Shadow Home Secretary, Yvette Cooper has severely criticised the policy.

Stella Creasy, the Labour MP for Walthamstow, said she had received reports from constituents who had been stopped at around 7am yesterday outside the train station by a team of around a dozen Home Office officials.
She said:

“I’ve been told they were only stopping people who looked Asian or African and not anyone who was white,” she said. “This kind of fishing expedition in public place is entirely unacceptable. I will not have my constituents treated in such a manner.”

They have also asked the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) to look into what happened.

The Labour MP Barry Gardiner had written to the Home Secretary, Theresa May, demanding an investigation into the checks which he said violated “fundamental freedoms”.

The newly made Labour Peer Doreen lawrence has also said she will raise the matter in the House of Lords.

Also many Labour councillors have spoken out against it including Muhammed Butt, the Labour leader of Brent Council

Please don't believe everything you read in the right wing press, we are in the middle of a Tory dirty tricks campaign.

Labour has spoken out against this and in no uncertain terms! And please bear in mind that many MPs and shadow minister have already left for their summer holidays which I am sure the Tories specifically timed for in order to cause as much trouble as possible.