Sunday, May 22, 2011

We Suspected it, But Now We Know David Cameron Has Totally Lost The Plot!

David Cameron Sparks Fury
Comparing His Policy To Jesus

I have spoken about the unelected prime minister, David Cameron's arrogance and narcissistic tendencies many times on this blog, for all those who doubted me here is the latest sample of Cameron's appalling judgement. Is there no depths to which this politically opportunistic incompetent arrogant man will not plummet? David Cameron is drunk on his own power, he needs teaching a serious lesson in humility. if there was ever a man who represented wealth, power and privilege it is David Cameron, we see it clearly demonstrated in the large number of millionaires he has chosen for his cabinet and in the huge number of millionaire and billionaire business leaders he has around him as close advisers, all of whom normally turn out to be financial backers to the Tory party. These people have no intention of helping and protecting those who have very little and in some cases nothing at all, they are all about getting work done in their companies etc as cheaply as possible, making them richer and richer at the expense of the poor and hardest hit. Ever since David Cameron came to power he has made it his mission to turn people against those who claim welfare, at one point David Cameron even referred to these people as "welfare scroungers" and declared  war on them. How does this fit in with Cameron's "big [phony] Society"? One should read the entry before this one on this blog where you will see just what lengths Cameron and his government will go to, to attack the acutely and chronically sick and the disabled in our society. Cameron is in the act of removing the "loaves and fishes" that Jesus used to feed the poor and he is about to make people homeless when he removes their housing benefits. He is taking carers away from the disabled, he is removing the cars and wheelchairs that give people their independence, he is subjecting already grossly disadvantaged people to yet more disadvantage and he is doing all of this for ideological purposes, it is Conservative doctrine to remove as much of the state as they can, they do not want to provide it because this means that the wealthy affluent rich will have to part with a little more in taxation to help those in need. This is how a true "big society" should work, not turn people against those who are working in the public sector and demonise them for trying to hold down a job, taking away that job and then forcing them back to that very job through the job centre to work for £67 per week JSA and if they refuse then remove that benefit. Those people never wanted to be unemployed, they are unemployed for a reason and David Cameron and his chancellor are that reason.

David Cameron is a shockingly obnoxious little man who want to be pm and he was willing to do and say anything to get there, only now are we seeing the many blatant lies he told on the way and how much he totally misrepresented people and deliberately misled the British public. One such person he chose to deliberately misrepresent and also to persuade the right wing press to do the same, was the former labour PM Gordon Brown, now there was a good man, a son of a minister. Even while Gordon Brown was chancellor and PM he did charitable work in this country and the entire world, let's us not forget that Mr Brown was responsible for reducing the poor country's debt burden and many other policies, he used his time in parliament for the good of people, he has written books and the proceeds have gone to various charities, since he left office everything he has done he has done for charity. Gordon Brown had a chance of doing immense good in the world with his brilliant knowledge of economics by becoming MD of the IMF, he is the man with vision and the know-how to help pull the world out of these troubled times, let us not forget that it was because of his swift action that this country and others were able to weather the global financial storm and he is much respected by most world leading economists. Given this criteria and the fact that the IMF leader has to have something really special, you would have thought that Cameron would have been only too keen to put his name forward, but no, David Cameron and George Osborne acted in their own selfish party political interests and recommended the French finance minister. How does this disgraceful show fit in with Jesus and  Cameron's "big society"? David Cameron needs to be taken down a serious peg or two, I hope he and this totally incompetent selfish spiteful government do not have to wait too long for it.

David Cameron faced a furious backlash last night after claiming Jesus was the original founder of the Big Society.
His remark – made to Christians at a Downing Street reception – provoked astonishment among religious leaders, charities and politicians.
Labour MP and former ­Anglican vicar Chris Bryant said: “It’s ­ludicrous and offensive for ­Cameron to try to recruit Jesus to the Tory cause

“He is just using decent people in the church and charities to mask the unfair way he’s cutting services for the vulnerable.”
Mr Cameron told church leaders they would be “absolutely right” to claim Jesus founded the Big Society 2,000 years ago, joking: “I’m not saying we’ve invented some great new idea here.”
He added: “One of the best things about our country is that people step forward as individuals, as families, as ­communities, as ­organisations, as churches, and do extraordinary things... helping to build a ­bigger, richer, more prosperous, more generous ­society. And all I’m saying is, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if we did more of that?’”
But Jonathan Bartley, director of Christian think-tank Ekklesia, said Mr Cameron’s brutal cuts ­programme was attacking the poor and the weak – and would not have had Jesus’s support.
“Jesus’s harshest words were reserved for those who had wealth and power and who failed to protect the most vulnerable,” he said.
A senior Labour source added: “We know politicians like a big-name endorsement but this seems to be going a bit far.”

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Anonymous said...

David Cameron just gets worse Gracie there is no end to his madness

Nicky said...

So, Cameron attempts yet another relaunch of his Big Society BS (the fourth, or is it the fifth?) - and he's starting to get a bit desperate. So he brings Jesus into it, thinking that will get Christians motivated. Cameron fails to realise that people, of whatever religious beliefs or none, see the BS for what it is - starving vital resources of funds and an attempt to cynically exploit people's good will.

It really is quite sick-making to see Cameron pretending to embrace Christian values, when everything he does goes against those values.

It's interesting that Gordon Brown, who is a man of faith, never tried to exploit that for his own ends - unlike Cameron.

Nicky said...

Maybe Cameron's hijacking of Christianity is also something to do with his aping of the US Republicans. It's odd that in America, Christianity is often associated with right wing politics. It has to be said, though, that American Christians can be a bit odd - witness Harold Camping and the Rapture that never was.

Anonymous said...


David Cameron aims to boost Big Society
He's trying again it must work so you've been told

David Cameron is trying to get this moving again

Anonymous said...

And of course Blair was a human a person who cared especially about his own bank balance.

Gracie Samuels said...

What has it got to do with Blair? It is now 2011 a year in to a dreadful Tory administration of total incompetents.