Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Growing Arrogance of David Cameron Sparks Fears He's Unfit For High Office

Cameron Praising Ms Darqwar on Sky News
2 Days After He Withdrew Funding
Which Now Threatens
The Charity She Runs"
It seems hardly a day passes where we are not treated in some way to the growing arrogance of David Cameron. It seems he just cannot keep the overbearing side of his nature under control. Obviously at some point in his life Cameron has been led to believe that he is in some way superior to everybody else. While Cameron was still in opposition we witnessed displays of his pretentiousness especially during the three historical leadership debates. During one of the leadership debates he openly accused former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, of telling lies and scaremongering over “pensioners” winter fuel allowance payments. Cameron publicly harangued Mr Brown and openly called him a liar challenging him (Brown) to tell the public truth. However, as it turns out, Brown was actually the person telling the truth and Cameron was yet again – lying! David Cameron’s government is in fact cutting pensioners winter fuel payments.

David Cameron's arrogance is never so evident than when the prime minister is on the subject of Gordon Brown, this is when the prime minister's haughtiness turns into a deeply sinister and unpleasant personal vendetta, it’s unnerving to witness because it is made even more potent by the fact that no previous serving prime minister has ever publicly belittled or insulted a predecessor – again, another display of David Cameron’s appalling un-statesmanlike very arrogant behaviour!

It is common knowledge that Cameron fears Mr Brown’s intellect and that Cameron has a vendetta against him which began almost as soon as Brown took over the premiership from his predecessor Tony Blair. Cameron made much about Brown supposedly being unelected, while at the same time suffering from amnesia as neither was former Tory PM John Major elected after the Tories dumped Lady Thatcher when she became a liability! Hey never let it be said that the Conservatives are afflicted and held back by loyalty!

Cameron of course had help in his vendetta against Brown which came from the might of all the Tory right-wing newspapers, especially those from Rupert Murdoch's News International group. Strangely, Rupert Murdoch has publicly counted himself as a "friend" of Mr Brown and is said to like and respect him! (With "friends" like Rupert Murdoch, who needs enemies?) However, this is one more thing that Cameron holds against Brown, as it is also well known that Rupert Murdoch doesn't like Cameron very much and had to be persuaded and cajoled into allowing his newspapers to support Cameron and the Tories. It is thought that the reason why Rupert Murdoch allowed himself to be won over in the end was because the promise of an “easy passage” for him from any future Tory government which would facilitate the means by which Rupert Murdoch could purchase the remaining shares of BskyB, something that James Murdoch is said to desperately want, as much as Murdoch senior wants to get his hands on the BBC!  The Conservative Culture and Media Secretary, James Hunt, is currently doing "all he possibly can" to smooth the transition of Murdoch's bid to take-over BskyB, a fact that is causing raised eyebrows and accusations of possible corruption, especially in the light of further arrests in Murdoch’s News International News of the World phone-hacking scandal and the involvement of Andy Coulson, Rebekah Brooks and James Murdoch which goes straight to the heart of the present British government.

Beneath all the “dubious machinations” of this Tory-led government we have a prime minster who suffers with bouts of extreme jealousy and Cameron's “green-eyed monster” is now beginning to be a bit of a habit! Just a couple of days ago the news broke that Gordon Brown who is respected and held in high esteem the world over for the way he handled the global banking crisis, may be being considered to take over as MD of the IMF (International Monetary Fund). Any other prime minister of any other country would be pleased to have a former prime minister in such a prestigious position. It can only be good for the country, but not David Cameron apparently. Mr Brown is considered one of the few with a plan for a "global growth pact" and also a plan to help prevent another global financial recession, many other countries would benefit too and that in turn would benefit the UK economy. By announcing publicly that he would personally block the former prime minister from the appointment and at the same time choosing to spuriously attack the integrity of Mr Brown seeking once again to undermine him and blame him personally for the *global* recession, David Cameron has once again succumbed to his petty vindictiveness and arrogance and placed his own personal feelings above that of the country’s needs. Despite his protestations, Cameron did not do this for our country, he did this out of his own self-serving narrow-interests, knowing fully well if Brown did secure the position with the IMF, he (Cameron), and the Tory chancellor would never again be able to blame Brown for what thousands of people are now realising to be a serious global problem, which would make Cameron and Osborne look like the arrogant chumps they are!. By his own admission Cameron said that “he had spent very little time thinking about it”, if this is the case, why offer an opinion? Doesn’t he think the public deserve far better from their prime minister? Also to indulge in a hugely personal attack on Mr Brown and publicly denigrate a man who is respected globally and thought of as a good, decent and honest man is unbefitting of a serving prime minister and it clearly shows that Cameron is lacking in the statesmanlike qualities someone in his position must own. This is a typical example of David Cameron arrogance! Cameron’s decision on Mr Brown will do this country's reputation harm and is already being viewed with disbelief abroad, among prime ministers, presidents, charity leaders and eminent economists etc.  Mr Brown's quick action to recapitalise the banks is credited with helping to prevent a global economic meltdown. The real reason why Cameron does not want to see Mr Brown in that job is not because he thinks that Brown should not hold that position, but because he knows that he *should*.  

When in opposition Cameron made much out of wanting to take the "yah-boo" out of politics, he told us he wanted 'joined up government' and an end to “Punch and Judy” politics. How quickly this has been forgotten barely just one year in and Cameron's displays at the dispatch box in the House of Commons have been unnecessarily unpleasant, rude and arrogant, he is like the school bully who derives pleasure out of belittling others in the presence of his classmates. Cameron hurls his insults about almost on a weekly basis. In a clear display of his arrogance he has called the leader of the opposition, Ed Miliband, (who he obviously considers beneath him) a "nothing man" and on another occasion alluded to Mr Miliband as being out of the animated puppet show “Wallace & Gromit!” Cameron has also accused Mr Miliband of "knifing his brother in the back", this has all stemmed from the leader of the opposition doing what oppositions do and ask the prime minister questions and the pm obviously unable to answer them, so becomes rude, aggressive and very arrogant.
Just recently Mr Cameron shouted at the shadow chancellor Ed Balls that he was “the most annoying man in modern politics” again this stemmed from the fact that the pm was being asked questions, Cameron obviously believes that gibes, sneers, flouts and jeers and vulgar personal abuse are the way to reply to questions in the House. Obviously he does this in order to make himself look "big and important" and to give his backbench MPs something to jeer and sneer about, this is what Tories do they jeer, sneer and look down on people they feel are beneath them and that basically is anyone without millions in the bank or who is self-made!

Cameron entered parliament as PM riding the moral high ground, talking about “his” transparent, new and exciting politics where MPs would be held to account, how quickly he has forgotten the promises he made he has broken virtually all of them, David Cameron’s promises have turned out to be utterly worthless and not worth the back of the fag paper they have hastily been scribbled on.  People are now beginning to see Mr Cameron as he really is, a rich and arrogant friend to the bankers, someone who has previously boasted to bankers that "the city is my blood". Since then of course we have held the election, which despite all the massive odds in his favour Cameron failed to win outright, so with the help of the Liberal Democrats, and in particular that other “breathtakingly arrogant” liar, Nick Clegg, Cameron is busy making the poor, and all those that can ill afford it, pay for his banker buddies greed, arrogance and gambling. That is gambling with our savings, pensions, mortgage and rent money, money set aside for our children’s futures/education/weddings or hard earned holidays on the world financial markets, not to mention them gambling with all the local authorities banked money too, which in turn would have affected all of our public services, in the process these greedy bankers nearly pushed us all over the edge of a financial cliff, if it were not for Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling we would have lost everything, yet Cameron has deliberately fostered the lie that all the world’s financial problems and the global banking crisis were the fault of Gordon Brown, it is  a huge deception and to this day he continues to carry on deliberately misleading the British public. Cameron's arrogance lays in him believing that we are all too stupid to spot that he is lying to us and misleading us.

Another example of Cameron's lies and arrogance recently is his disingenuousness towards a charity hailed by Cameron himself as "a fine example" of his "Big Society" in action. Ms Darqwar is the founder of Vision Housing, a charity that helps re-home prisoners upon their release, she appeared on Sky News alongside Mr Cameron and was flattered by him and praised for her work. She said when I left the event I was excited because of his (David Cameron's) enthusiasm... but 48 hours later it was gone”. Cameron and his government had refused her application and withdrawn the charity’s funding, now thanks to Cameron's government the charity looks as if it will have to close its doors, which is a shame because they have an excellent record of cutting the re-offending rate. Apparently Ms Darqwar understandably very upset, was said to be "absolutely gobsmacked" at Cameron's duplicity! The good lady may have been "gobsmacked" but unfortunately those that have come to know what the real David Cameron is like, know that this is the way Cameron has a habit of behaving in front of cameras, he lies and deliberately misleads people, what does he care if he lets people like Ms Darqwar down, as long as the general public is being fooled into thinking he is something he is not and never has any intention of being?  
Cameron must have known that this lady was going to lose her funding but it did not stop him politicking and playing to the camera, the man is obsessed with spin. He has done more or less the same to the parents of disabled children, he promised them all the help under the sun when he was in opposition and then dropped them as soon as he got power.

David Cameron's arrogance was again on show when he is decided to press ahead with sweeping changes to the NHS despite warnings from clinicians, nurses, GPs, unions and other health experts. Only when it seemed like everyone in the country was criticising him and his NHS reforms and he thought it would damage his chances of re-election did he act and decided on his strategy of "pause, listen and reflect", however as with everything else Cameron promises it should be taken with a huge pinch of salt and the caveat added "buyer beware"! Don't be fooled, the government is still "ploughing on regardless" and at great speed with its unprecedented restructuring of the health service in England. The head of the NHS, David Nicholson, inadvertently exposed the government's duplicity when he told staff to "maintain momentum" for the planned changes during the listening exercise being undertaken by ministers. Showing once again that David Cameron cannot be trusted and in his arrogance he truly believes that he can tell such brazen lies, is above questioning and can get away with it.  At the moment all eyes will be trained on the expected "substantive changes", which no doubt will turn out in true "David Cameron form" to be tinkering around the edges and presented with many leaks beforehand with much fanfare as major changes by Cameron and his lackeys in the Murdoch press, in the hope of fooling all people all of the time by totally misleading them.

Cameron's arrogance is on display in his bizarre speech on "multiculturalism" and "muscular liberalism" in Munich, to his stupid gaff on WW2 when he said that Britain was America’s “junior partners” at the time America was not even involved in WW2. It was Cameron's arrogance that allowed him to carry on with an arms trip with his arms dealer buddies hawking arms around the Middle East selling them to small Arabic countries, even though that whole region was becoming increasingly unstable. It is through arrogance that he thinks it is OK to continually berate and belittle people publicly and mislead the British public. It is his vile unpleasant nature that makes him think it is OK to attack immigrants those on welfare, alcoholics, obese people and single parents in the run-up to elections in order to procure cheap and nasty votes.

David Cameron  tells so many lies it is impossible to know when he is telling the truth, he has broken so many promises that anything he promises in the future will be totally valueless, he does all of this and then has the audacity to talk about what he sees as other peoples’ "dishonesty" and "broken promises". However, although Cameron does not realise it (his own hubris prevents it) he is busy setting the stereotype of himself in the public's eyes and minds and so evident is his self-love it is hard to ignore the vanity. Cameron is a truly supercilious character, a deeply unpleasant shallow man who somehow has managed to blag his way into being prime minister. There is a consensus brewing even among Tory voters that David Cameron is out of his depth and is completely unfit to hold the high office of prime minister. There will soon come a time when the Tories as well as the rest of the country will be itching to get rid of him – Cameron definitely does not live up to his own self-praise!


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid Gracie that once you tell lies the game is over for you i don't know about you but i come from a family that always told the truth even if it hurt and tears followed At the end of the day it's the only way

All liar's get caught out as it's not possible for the brain to remember and keep up with what hasn't taken place or things that you have never believed in and just said for good effect to win someone over

And with David Cameron lying all the time now you cant trust him at all which is a very bad state of affairs if you ask me as it undermines the very fabric of our society

Gracie Samuels said...

Absolutely true fourbanks! Cameron hasn't got a good enough memory for the amount of lies he tells and they are now beginning to come back and haunt him!

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Ungracious arrogant Tory boy. But his leadership ( bordering on bullying) seems to stand him in good sted with the public. Hope they see through this selfish silver spooned bully. I'mjust hoping he will alienate enough people to get him out of office! Bring back Gordon brown, the only pm I ever beleivef truly grafted his guts out for his country & the general public.