Friday, April 8, 2011

Er Yes, No or Maybe, Prime Minister?

The Tory-led government in just 11 short months have messed about with all departments and tried to introduce major policies, without having the ability or the experience to replace them with a functioning model fit for use. This government's top ministers do not possess the ability to see or understand the "knock-on" effect their meddling is causing and the serious gaps in policy which are leaving people and organisations hopelessly exposed as a direct result of government interference.

Currently there are unprecedented reviews taking place in the NHS, Education, Defence, the Police, Welfare and the Economy. Bearing in mind these reforms are being undertaken by ministers who have had no previous experience of running a sweetie shop, let alone a country. Experts from world leading economists, to highly skilled clinicians, and military chiefs have told the government they have got it all wrong, that the government is going too far, too fast and too deep, yet David Cameron (Dave to his mates) refuses to listen and is ploughing arrogantly on. George Osborne is busy ruining the economy, Andrew Lansley is busy ruining the NHS, Michael Gove is busy making mistake after mistake in the education department, Iain Duncan Smith is busy terrifying people and making them feel like parasites, grant Shapps is busy making good decent people homeless and terrifying them in their own homes, William Hague is busy making bizarre mistakes and statements on foreign policy. Liam Fox is busy down the pub with his mates having given up on defence altogether, David Cameron is busy doing nothing, that is when he is not touring the Middle East selling arms with his arms dealer mates, and the Deputy prime minister is busy weeping all over the place and trying to tell us that he has feelings too, that is of course when he remembers he is supposed to be in charge of the country and hasn't buggered off on holiday leaving the country adrift and rudderless!

It is simply not good enough to plough ahead at breakneck speed ignoring all the warnings of thin ice and attempting so many unprecedented reviews of major departments and then when they meet serious and dangerous problems simply stop and say perhaps we have it a bit wrong, we will "pause, listen and reflect". The dangers were there, they have been seen by virtually everyone, expert or not, yet apparently David Cameron and George Osborne &Co are completely oblivious to them.
People must understand, that the reason we keep finding ourselves in these difficulties is not because labour bailed out the banks to stop the country going under, it is not because this country was hit and suffered like so many others did by the global financial recession, it is not because we have a deficit, it is not because we were nearly bankrupt, because we were not and never were anywhere near bankruptcy. When this government took over from labour, the country was in growth and it was strengthening, unemployment was falling, industrial output was picking up and exports were rising, the housing market was recovering and consumer confidence was rising, now in 11 short months this government have taken all of these positives and turned them into a thumping great negative and the question must be asked - why? I believe the answer is simple, it is because David Cameron lacks judgement, he and George Osborne simply have no idea what they are doing or what they can now do to stop the rot they started with their certifiably insane decisions.

Every single major decision this government have take since coming to office has ended up steeped in controversy and complete incompetence, OK everyone makes mistakes, especially new government's, but this government's mistakes have turned from a frightening habit to a foregone conclusion and complete and utter farce and each time it all comes down to the competence and ability [or lack of] of three men, David Cameron, George Osborne and Nick Clegg. However, Cameron is the prime minister so the buck stops with him, it is him and his judgement and ability that are now in serious question. Just a cursory glance shows the muddles this government have created in all areas;

  • The Economy
  • Threatening Oil companies investments
  • Allowing bankers who caused the mess to get away with it
  • Tax breaks to their rich company owning mates paid for by us.
  • Foreign policy
  • NHS reforms
  • Defence review
  • Education
  • University Fees charges in total shambles
  • The police
  • Foreign policy
  • Welfare
  • Child Benefit shambolic and remains in chaos
  • Housing benefits leading to homelessness of families
  • Attacks on Disabled people
  • Pensioners winter fuel payments
  • Axing free free books for very young children (U-turn)
  • Axing free books for toddlers (U-turn)
  • Axing the highly successful School Sport Programme (U-turn)
  • Scrapping NHS Direct (still happening by stealth)
  • Selling off Britain's forests (still continuing by stealth)
The mistakes and incompetence just goes on and on and on and each and every one of these major mistakes in all these departments could have been avoided if this government had done what they said they would *always* do and listened. Listened to the experts, listened to the people experienced who are working in these areas, but they have comprehensively ignored everyone, that is not just incompetence, that is not even just bad judgement, that is pure arrogance and the point is that it is David Cameron is making all of these mistakes.

It leads to the asking of a very important question which can be applied across the board to all this government's mistakes, if there was not such a public backlash and outcry, then this government would have gone on totally oblivious to the brick wall they would crash the country into if they were not stopped. For example, the NHS, the government would have continued along the path of total destruction of the NHS is we had not made such a fuss, they would have totally destroyed it, the same with defence, the same with education. Every single thing cameron does he shows complete lack of judgement and ability to do the job, he is not fit for the high office he holds and that is now a fact and the facts prove this to be the case and this country is in serious danger from this dreadfully, inexperienced arrogant over privileged government of millionaire play boys, they simply do not have a clue, they are clueless.

This whole country is at grave risk from the most ineffectual, bungling, incompetent government that I have ever seen in my entire life, but they are not just feckless, they are also more dangerous, they are behaving in a criminally reckless fashion, their arrogance is breathtaking and it is us that will suffer, but more than this, it is our youngsters and children who will be left to clean up the tatters of our social fabric and the smashed and fragmented infrastructure that allows this country to function competently.

This Tory-led government cannot be allowed to carry on like this, it is obvious they are completely out of their depth, it is like being governed by a load of feckless marauding kids let loose and who have got hold of their parents booze supplies, it would be funny if it were not so bloody dire for us and this country!

David Cameron the Prime Minister of Britain does not just suffer from lack of judgement, he does not have any judgement at all, none whatsoever, not only this he is also one of rudest, bullying, ranting arrogant men in modern politics - it's past time he went. he is putting lives at risk in the NHS and our troops, Cameron has proved himself to be a dangerous arrogant prat.

Remember also at the bottom of this mess this government are making of this country, this complete shambles they are creating where none of them know what they are doing, or when they are supposed to be doing it, are the Liberal Democrats.  They should ask themselves about the impression they are giving to the country of blindly backing everything this government says, does and wants (except AV) because now people are realising just why it is the Liberal party has been kept out of power for over 60 years.

Whatever is left of this country after this government has finished and the appalling mess and shambles in the making will forever tarnish the Liberal Democrats too because without them this government would not be able to continue, they should ask themselves is their five minutes of fame and power worth wrecking the UK for?

The indecisiveness, the dithering, the backtracking, the U-turning, the total lack of judgement, the inability to see the bigger picture, the breathtaking arrogance, the chaos and confusion and the total farce this country is now becoming, is down to David Cameron, he is simply a numpty in charge of a team of numpties and they are cutting the oxygen and lifeblood of this country.


Anonymous said...

Hear hear!

Very well said.

Anonymous said...

Apart from being reckless Gracie we may have to face up to them being just plain wicked with a master plan to destroy certain groups of people like the sick and disabled

It is very difficult at this time for this group to get it's voice heard partly because the labour party have gone deaf and all politicians have gone likewise
When was the last time a politician said on TV that how we were being treated was a disgrace and that he would do something about it ?
Well the facts are they never have and never will and in all the years i have been in the benefit system i have payed a very heavy penalty with loss of all my human rights coming in to my home as and when going through all my statements and personal stuff and even after 27 years they even today still do it i have another visit from the DWP next Thursday

27 years is a long time nelson Mandela will tell you that but even today I'm not free and maybe never will be free from the constant struggle with the DWP

I have a dream that in the words of Dr martin Luther king that i will be free and that all sick and disabled people will also be free to live out that lives in peace and that they have piece of mind as well and that those that cause them pain with worry and anxiety leave them alone from the daily abuse that so many sick and disabled people suffer

Yes Gracie i have a dream

Anonymous said...

David Cameron is to the sick and disabled as Enoch powell was to the immigrant