Thursday, December 26, 2013

What's The Difference Between Ed Miliband and David Cameron?

What's The Difference Between Ed Miliband and David Cameron? One man does things for the greater good, the other does things for his own good.

Apparently for some years now Ed Miliband like so many other caring people has given up part of his Christmas day to deliver meals to others less fortunate, Mr Miliband's office would not confirm this or confirm where he helped this Christmas day because at Ed's request he doesn't want camera's following him. 

Can you imagine Ed Miliband's spin doctors? As the report says, they are probably saying if there's no publicity in it then what's the use, stay home with the family. However, here lies the real reason why Ed Miliband does what he does, he does it because he genuinely wants to help, he genuinely wants to talk to other people, he genuinely wants their opinions good or bad, he needs to now what ordinary people think and want to make their lives better.

The very fact that Ed Miliband has done this for years without publicity shows us the calibre of the man. While others have knocked him, tried to ridicule him, accused him of being out of touch, of being a rich boy and accused him of being 'Tory lite', Ed Miliband has been doing things like this. I guess Ed is what  is termed as a 'doer' and the rest are mainly armchair preachers.

Visiting ordinary people on Christmas Day without fanfare, is not all he has done, I read somewhere that Ed Miliband has also visited small businesses, shops, factories, market stall holders etc unannounced without cameras so people can feel free to say what they really think and feel.

Miliband is not frightened of confrontation either, when it happens he doesn't hide it or from it, even if it is on camera, like so many other issues that come with him being Labour leader, he deals with it head on, we may not like what he decides, or agree with some of the ways he wants to develop Labour policy, but what cannot be denied is his strength, his honesty and his integrity and what is obviously his burning desire to unite the people of this country and give a voice back to the ordinary person who has felt for some years that they have been ignored by politicians.

We have seen Ed Miliband on many unannounced walkabouts, in streets, markets, shopping centres etc. We have seen the impromptu pallets whipped out and him stand in the middle and talk to passers by, we have seen him talk to those in watchers who are hostile to him and even though he may not have won them round, what he does, is something he is really good at, he talks *to* people and not at them and he allows them their say and he answers them honestly, no political flannel!

The prime minister, David Cameron by contrast never answers a single question in PMQs and if he ever bothers to speak to the public at all, it is all stage managed scripted questions which he has been supplied the scripted answers by his researchers, nothing at all comes from Cameron. We see him visit factories or supermarkets or schools and everything even the questions, are arranged before hand. The workers are always placed strategically behind him so the cameras can pick them up. But we never know what those workers actually think, we only know what those who are cherry-picked for presentation to Cameron think and what is the use of that? And the factories are always companies belonging to Tory donors, like Warburtons and JCB and Cameron always manages to get them loads of free advertising by having their logos in shot. Everything Cameron does is contrived to benefit him and the Tory party.
Even after three and half years we don't know what Cameron is, what he stands for or what he really wants to do, except he revels in the glory of being PM and revels in publicity. We know that his opinions are like Tory policy, they change with the way the political wind is blowing. If Cameron ever does slip off message it is usually to put his foot in it, he doesn't know history as his knowledge of when the Americans entered WW2 showed us. He is gaff prone and cannot do detail, his intellect is simply not up to the job. He insults people, he attacks immigrants and loves being shown and heard attacking the poor and unemployed inferring that they are all 'shirkers', idlers' scroungers' or 'benefit cheats' and the disabled are all 'swinging the lead', because he and Lynton Crosby thinks there are cheap and nasty votes to be won in this area, so he thinks nothing of appealing to some narrow minded peoples base instincts.

Whatever David Cameron does he makes sure he passes the buck to Labour, even for his own mistakes, he never excepts responsibility for anything he and his government have caused, like the appalling surge in poverty, the numbers of food banks, the fact that food banks have been forced to step in a feed over half million people these past few months and he will ensure the entire press pack and the broadcast media in tow to hear him trying to pass the buck for his own vicious and often incompetent government policies. He only grins when he's winning too For example: Last summer when the England cricket team were taking part in the Ashes test match with Australia and were winning, you couldn't keep Cameron off of TV, up he popped on every news channel and in every paper associating himself with a winning side, this time when the England team could do with a few words of encouragement because they are losing, David Cameron is nowhere to be seen. Cameron only grins when England is winning, otherwise they don't exist and it is the same with us ordinary folk, the only time that Cameron has time for us is when the election is approaching and he needs out votes and then we will not be able to get rid of him. Ed Miliband on the hand has proved he is friend in need, so is a friend in deed, he is there in the good and the bad times, not just after your vote, (although of course he does want this) he is after what you think, what you want and how you see things. Another example of this was when Ed Miliband went to Brixton to attend a ceremony for Nelson Mandela, there were no TV cameras present, just Ed Miliband wishing to pay his respects with the ordinary people of Brixton - where was the prime minister? At home; he had already got his publicity by taking a selfie at the memorial service of Nelson Mandela with the Dutch leader and president Obama, so he wasn't interested in what the ordinary folk of Brixton were doing to commemorate the passing of Nelson Mandela and I believe the sentiments that Cameron expressed over the passing of Mandela and his life were entirely false.

Number 10 had also made sure that Ed Miliband was sidelined when he attended the memorial service in South Africa. It was up to the Foreign Office and Number 10 to have made sure that the importance of Ed Miliband's presence as leader of the Labour opposition  was known to the organisers of the event, after all Nelson Mandela and the Labour party have a very long history. It was the Labour party who stood with Mandela in his long fight against apartheid. While some in the Conservative party were calling for the hanging of Nelson Mandela, and David Cameron was on an all expense paid jolly to the white supremacist  South Africa (for which he has never expressed contrition), it was the Labour party who stood resolutely by Nelson Mandela and worked for his freedom. Cameron knew this but Cameron also recognised he could get himself seen on the world's stage and that was more important to him than Nelson Mandela or his family. Nelson Mandela has also been a guest at the Labour party conference yet all of this seems to have been forgotten, this was a disgraceful act by the prime minister's spin doctors and office, yet the decorum of Ed Miliband as a true statesman and a true friend of South Africa towers head and shoulders above David Cameron and his publicity seeking antics.

Some accuse Miliband of being public schooled/privately educated - he wasn't.  Ed Miliband went to a state primary school and a state comprehensive school and he got to Oxford university under his own merits.

This last year we have started to see the real Ed Miliband. He has stood up and spoken out against bankers and has also repeatedly said we must change the way we do business as a country, even though he knows it makes him unpopular with the Tory business owning establishment and the financial houses.

He forced David Cameron to stop dithering about phone hacking he backed Cameron into a corner and gave him no option but to hold an inquiry. and hold an inquiry and the result those badly affected by phone hacking. like the family of murdered Milly Dowler were able to get some kind of justice for the trauma they have been forced to undergo at the hands of the Murdoch press.

Ed has also stood up to Cameron, Hague and Obama over Syria and prevented the bombing of Syria and because of that Syria is now decommissioning chemical weapons.

He has stood up to the Murdoch press. He has also stood up to the Daily Mail and Dacre. He has stood up to the vested interests of the energy companies and loan sharks, he has promised to repeal the NHS, the bedroom tax. In fact Ed Miliband has been setting the political agenda this past year.

This is the calibre of the Labour leader and far from it not being recognised by the Tories and their right wing press tycoon friends (who have a vested interest in Cameron being reelected), they recognise Miliband's qualities only too well and they are doing their best to make sure that the public do not see them, it's why they tell lies about him, deliberately misrepresent him and deliberately misquote him. They know that if the public get wind of the fact that irrespective of whether they agree with everything Ed Miliband does or not, that he is decent, honest and more intellectually capable of running this country that the entire current government put together that it will spell enormous trouble for them, so they do their best to ensure the public is not informed or is misinformed and they use their Tory friends in the right wing media and broadcast media to do this.

At first the Tories underestimated Ed Miliband badly, however, their spin doctor in chief (and lobbyist of everything bad) Lynton Crosby has not made that mistake he knows that Miliband represents a huge threat to Cameron, which is why 2014 and up until the general election in 2015, the Tories will play not just dirty politics, they will employ filthy dirty sewer rat infested politics.

Ed Miliband may have breached one of the biggest unwritten rules in modern politics "if you do good things let people know", but to me this just clearly shows that at last we have a decent, honest caring man who wants to lead our country and is more than intellectually capable too, we should not pass this chance up.


Allnutt said...

Great article, I voted for him. He reminded of Clem Attlee

Ghost Whistler said...

Then why is the prospective parliamentary labour party so intent on following neoliberal policy making?

Rachel Reeves is tougher than the tories on welfare.

Ed Balls...oh what's the point, he's such a lame duck.

Miliband himself has been dismal on the subject of welfare, following the tories lead like a poodle. It's pathetic.

If he really is helping people, then great and more power to him. But the reality is labour are a spent force that seem incapable of propviding an alternative and an opposition. The recent bedroom tax featured 47 labour mp's that couldn't be bothered. They lost by 26 votes ffs!

The 'emergency legislation' bullied through by the DWP in light of the IDS's complete mishandling of mandatory work activity was allowed to pass by a pliant 'opposition'. Where was miliband?

What good is he really doing if he cannot and will not properly address the causes and not the symptoms? Why doesn't he back a general strike? The press and public opinion be damned, if he won't do what's right then what's the poi nt of him?

Where has he pledged to renationalise the NHS, The Royal Mail, Schools, he won't even do what most of us want and pledge to renationalise energy supply!

He could easily stuff Universal Credit and seal IDS' fate completely. All he has to do is pledge to scrap it: "UC has failed, we supported the principle, but the tories stuffed up and wasted billions so we must scrap it."

Can't even do that.

Anonymous said...

Gracie , where are you ? You are sorely missed.

Anonymous said...

Gracie ??

Anonymous said...

Getting worried now , where are you ?