Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Great Lib Dem & Tory 'Coalition' Lie

Forget David Cameron's "Broken Britain". Britain is broke! Britain is the seventh richest country in the world and yet the majority of ordinary British people are broke, they have no money, they are skint, brassic, potless - broke! For most ordinary folk the reality of being broke is being  reduced to delving down the sides of sofas and into the kids piggy banks for loose change to buy food, or gas and electric, to members of the Tory and Liberal Democrat cabinet, the definition of being 'broke' is being down to the last few million quid in off-shore tax havens.

For the past three years wages have been attacked and driven down and pay rises have been virtually non existent. Many workers have seen their hours reduced from full-time to part-time, others have been blackmailed into taking wage cuts. Now we are in the midst of George Osborne's housing bubble boom and supposed "recovery" will company bosses now reinstate workers hours to their previous full time positions and restore their pay to its correct rate?  Has anyone done a study to discover how many people whose work and pay was adversely affected by the 2008 global crash has had their previous hours and pay grades restored?

I believe the driving down of pay and the cuts to workers hours is permanent and that it goes right to the heart of British Government.

Using  a culture of fear of unemployment, fear of being branded a 'shirker or idler or skiver' along with the so called "captains of industry" the government has been able to give a completely false picture of the British economy.

By driving down wages the government has made it appear that those on benefits are receiving much more than those working for low pay.

I believe the decision to drive down wages, cut benefits, Privatise the NHS, education and the justice system was taken  by the Tories and Liberal Democrats long BEFORE a single vote was cast in the May 2010 general election.

It has been a cause of surprise to many that the Liberal Democrats have not walked away from the coalition. so why haven't they? Could it possibly be because they had already agreed to privatise the NHS, education, treble tuition fees, they had already agreed to swinging cuts to welfare and agreed to the introduction of the bedroom tax etc BEFORE they produced that coalition agreement so soon after the hung parliament result in  the 2010 general election?

I have been reading this speech: "A liberal Conservative consensus to restore trust in politics" which was given by David Cameron in Bath in 2007, about 3 years before the May 2010 general election (It was one he has recently tried to expunge from our political history) and it really makes one wonder just what was going on unknown to us. Here are some excerpts from the speech (link above)
And today I am calling for all likeminded people – and especially those who have supported the Liberal Democrats in the past – to join me in a campaign to restore trustworthy government in Britain.
Liberal Conservatism 
Conservatives and many Liberals want social responsibility.So let me make a straightforward argument.Gordon Brown, and the philosophy which drives him, will only be defeated if Liberal and Conservative supporters rally together behind an alternative government-in-waiting.I am determined that the Conservative Party will provide the country with such an alternative government.................................. 
I believe that we need a new liberal Conservative consensus on our country.Let me begin by explaining what I mean by this.Then I will get into the specifics of what a Government I lead would do.I am a liberal Conservative............................... 
Liberalism and Conservatism – like Gladstone and Disraeli – are often in conflict.But at a deeper level they depend on each other............................................... 
On many of the key issues, it is this balance which we need – not state control, but greater freedom and greater social responsibility.Let me touch on four in particular – four crucial areas of policy where, I believe, the Conservative Party and Liberal Democrat supporters can find agreement......................... 
When I first said that my party would be more green, more local, more family-friendly, some didn’t believe it.I hope we have shown that we meant it.When I outlined a liberal Conservative approach to foreign policy, some thought I would retract it.But we have held to it, and started to broaden and deepen in.When I said we would be hardnosed defenders of freedom, some doubted it.But we have stood up for our liberties, most recently by defeating the government over their plans to restrict trial by jury.There is no doubt about where this party is going.We are optimists.We have the conviction to take the tough choices – as we have shown on multiculturalism, on family policy and on green policy.We have a philosophy – liberal Conservatism – which has the answers to the great questions our country faces.For anyone who believes in this philosophy, there is a home waiting for them in the modern, moderate Conservative Party.Together, let us work to build a new consensus to restore trust in politics.

It seems clear to me where the Conservative party and the Liberal Democrat party were going in 2007. Nick Clegg became leader of the Liberal Democrat party in 2007. There is absolutely no shadow of doubt that under the leadership of Nick Clegg the Liberal Democrats have become very right wing. Clegg once declared that there is "no future" for the Liberal Democrats as a left wing alternative to the Labour party Clegg said:
“I totally understand that some of these people are not happy with what the Lib Dems are doing in coalition with the Conservatives. The Lib Dems never were and aren’t a receptacle for left-wing dissatisfaction with the Labour Party. There is no future for that; there never was.”

Maybe not under Clegg's leadership it has become manifestly clear that Nick Clegg is Conservative through and through! It also looks as though there was every possibility that the Tories and the Liberal Democrats had come to some kind of agreement a long time prior to the may 2010 general election. I  believe that even if there wasn't a hung parliament in 2010, we would still have seen Liberal Democrats in cabinet. I have not forgotten what Nick Clegg said shortly after becoming Deputy Prime Minister in 2010, when he announce that the Liberal Democrats in coalition with the Conservatives could unite to keep Labour out of power for a 100 years. Pretty odd thing for the leader of the Liberal Democrats to say! I don't think that the Tories, the Liberal Democrats or the newspapers realise just how right wing the people of this country believe David Cameron is, yet Nick Clegg and his MPs still hang on to Cameron's every word and vote through every single Tory attack on the poor, sick, disabled, students, unemployed etc at every chance they get.

My point is that if it can be proved that Nick Clegg and David Cameron conspired to bring about this coalition government, would it make the unelected Conservative controlled Coalition Government's assumption to power illegal?

If true it would make everything the Tories and Liberal Democrats said and did in the two years run up to the general election in 2010 a lie. Everything in their manifestos would be exposed as untruths, fabrications, fanciful words written with the deliberate intention to deceive the electorate, even the Coalition Agreement supposedly written after the hung parliament during those 'faux' negotiations was probably a complete lie and a farce.

We know that David Cameron lied to us about the NHS just a few weeks prior to the general election. When he looked down the camera lens directly at us and said there would be "no more top down reorganisation of the NHS" he blatantly lied, because at the very time he said this he and his then shadow health minister had already been working on plans to inflict the biggest top down reorganisation on the NHS in its entire history, in fact, the Health and Social Care Bill [Act] wasn't even mentioned in the coalition agreement, yet was being pushed through parliament just a few weeks later. It is exactly the same with the trebling of tuition fees, Educational Maintenance Allowance (EMA), promising not to close Sure Start centres and then closing over 550 of them. Promising not to cut winter fuel allowances for our elderly then cutting them. Promising not to treat the poor, sick vulnerable and disabled unfairly then attacking them them all through every single way imaginable.

The sheer speed that all these policies were brought about points to them being discussed and agreed long before the May 2010 general election. Pointing to  Nick Clegg, David Cameron, George Osborne, David Laws, Vince Cable etc all knowing where the Liberal Democrats were heading well before the general election of 2010 and well before they announced that the two parties were to form a coalition after the general election.

If true, then this is not just run of the mill' politicians broken promises that we have come to expect from ALL politicians, this is blatant lying, deceiving and deception carried out with the intentional act to fraudulently harvest votes on the back of deliberate lies while totally misleading the British public.

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