Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Cost of Living Crisis? "What Cost of Living Crisis" Says Climate Secretary Greg Barker

The out of touch Tories lurched further to the right this morning as the Climate Secretary, Greg Barker tells Dermot Murnaghan on Sky News that "there is no cost of living crisis".

He also called Ed Miliband an "idiot" for wanting to implement a 20 month energy price freeze while the energy market is restructured and reset and the necessary legislation is passed through parliament to support it along with the introduction of a new energy regulator with 'more teeth' to keep the energy companies in line.

When challenged by Mr Murnaghan, Mr Barker said that he and the government are doing something about the soaring energy costs as they have "sat down with the Big 6 and asked them to find ways of regulating themselves".

So the Tory-led Coalition government's answer to the energy crisis and the cost of living crisis is twofold:

  1. Deny there is a cost of living crisis;
  2. Make up their energy policy as they go along
Mr Barker had ample time on Sky News to explain to those who are being severely affected by the sharp decline in their standard of living and who are struggling to pay their bills with escalating cost of living and to reassure them and to explain to them what the government were doing to help them and he failed on all counts, instead, he sat there for 10 minutes blaming Labour for everything and had absolutely no answers.

If the minister would care to explain to those people who are being driven to using expensive credit cards, or worse still taking out payday loans in the Tory created "Wonga economy" to pay their bills, heat their homes and feed their families why he believes there is no "cost of living crisis", I'm sure they would be very 'grateful'. 

It's OK folks there is no cost of living crisis, just like hundreds of thousands of people are not being forced to use food banks to feed their families. I wonder if the minister thinks it is an over exaggeration that the Trussell Trust is also reporting that some people are even handing back food that needs cooking because they have no money to buy the gas or electric required to cook it?

But hey, there is no "cost of living crisis" - apparently.

Footnote: Can someone please send the Tory Coalition Government and their Liberal Democrat enablers a memo informing them that they have been in power for over THREE YEARS, and blaming Labour for the GLOBAL RECESSION and the international BANKING collapse is wearing very thin - time they took responsibility, if they can't handle the pressure then call a general election.

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