Tuesday, November 5, 2013

"Broadsword Calling Dodgy Dave Boy" - Phone Hacking - Leveson

Scene From "Where Eagles Dare"

At the fourth day of the hacking trial: (yesterday)

Yesterday in the Prime Minister's buddies Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks at the  phone hacking trials, it was stated that a "complicated and risky security operation" to move alleged 'evidence' from one place to another was being carried out by the NI  security team and Charlie Brooks (Rebekah Brooks' husband). However, it had been thwarted by a cleaner near the Brooks London apartment complex.

The cleaner apparently discovered a bin bag of material (said to be laptop, a mobile phone and papers belonging to the Brooks's etc) stashed near the waste bins, he handed it to his supervisor who called in the police.

The operation was being coordinated by Mark Hanna, the head of NI security, and Charlie Brooks using someone posing as a pizza delivery man. When the bag of material was left by the bins in an underground carpark beneath Brooks's home, the bogus "pizza delivery man" sent a text message saying "Broadsword calling Danny Boy" - "Pizza delivered and the chicken is in the pot".

How odd that Charlie and Rebekah Brooks should choose the "Broadsword calling Danny Boy" line which was taken from a line played by Richard Burton in the film "Where Eagles Dare" because it happens to be a film that prime minister David Cameron once said he has watched 17 times. Of all the thousands and thousands of films made they had to choose that one! Wow what a "coincidence"!

Rebekah Brooks is a 'close friend' of the prime ministers and looked adoringly on and reduced twice to tears when David Cameron made his speech to the 2009 Tory party conference.

Between 130 and 150 texts were sent by the prime minister from number 10 to Rebekah Brooks but were never submitted to the Leveson Inquiry! I wonder is they were all "coded messages"?

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