Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dave & "Bouncy [Thug] Boris"

Cameron At the Olympics

Growing tired of all this "bouncy Boris the lovable rogue" stuff, it's past time the broadcast media (namely the BBC) and the right wing press (particularly the Evening Standard) done their jobs properly and actually reported what this man actually is and let me just point out that "lovable rogue" is not how I would describe the Mayor of London, "a great big fat liar with deliberately wayward hair" would be nearer the mark!.

How else would you describe a man that plots with his friend and self confessed psychopath Darius Guppy how to have a journalist beaten up to scare him from reporting the truth?  Johnson was more concerned about the harm this revelation could do to his reputation than he was about the wellbeing of the journalist that Darius Guppy wanted to have beaten up! He needn't have worried though because the media didn't really bother themselves about reporting it properly (perhaps they were worried they may get beaten up by a vicious psychopath too?)

Boris Johnson plots with self confessed psychopath to have a journalist beaten up! See Here

It shows how out of touch so called "top Tories" are to want Boris Johnson as their leader and possible prime minister of this country. Does it not matter that Boris is a thug and a liar? Is this the way all these monied people behave or are these people so completely out of touch with reality that they just do not see what problems that Boris Johnson as PM would cause this country?

Boris Johnson the man who sticks his middle finger up at us then belligerently invites Rupert Murdoch the disgraced media tycoon and his wife as his personal guests at the swimming finals, when competing Olympian swimmers families seeking tickets were turned away.
Murdoch whose company is the subject of several police Inquiries where criminal charges have already been brought against the PM's former employee Andy Coulson and the PMs "close friend" Rebekah Brooks, for phone hacking, among the hacked phones was the phone belonging to murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler. The press and the BBC presumably think this is OK behaviour, but if a Labour politician under a Labour government did this, the press and the Tories would never shut up about it.

For two weeks we saw "Call me Dave" swanning around the top Olympic venues occupying VIP seats and trying to cash in on Olympians well earned glory with photo shoots etc, (managing to jinx all the events he attended), we probably could have had at least another 3 or 4 gold medals if he had stayed away!

Dave must have found it hard work because he has now jetted off on yet another foreign holiday, how many has he taken this year? It's hard to keep count as Cameron is more out of this country than he is in it.

It's uncanny how he always manages to be out of the country when there is bad news, like rising unemployment, rising inflation and the deepening of the double dip recession with what he describes as "disappointing economic figures" he helped make in Downing street. I wonder if he will tell us all to "roll up our sleeves and work harder" when he comes back? Or will the man who told us "we must all take responsibility for our own actions" spend his time on holiday thinking up new ways to blame the previous government; the Eurozone; the snow; the sun; the Jubilee; the extra public holidays; the public sector; the Civil Service; Gangs; poor parenting; disabled people, the unemployed; single parents; the elderly (for not dying); single parents; immigrants; extra bank holidays; the banks; workers rights; people for needing a living wage? etc etc etc.

If the Olympic Games had gone wrong we would have seen Johnson, Cameron and "Hunt" queuing up to blame the former Labour government, as it is they went well so they have taken all the praise themselves and not once have given any recognition to the former Labour government for winning the bid and putting in the first 5 years of vital planning and organisation, the building of the venues etc which they did and did superbly, in fact one of the only really important decisions that needed to be made was about security and the Tories almost managed to cock that up, having to call in the troops at the last minute, over 11,000 of them! Now those same troops and police will be looking forward to their redundancy notices this government is giving them by way of a thank you for having their leave cancelled and their families upset. Good job the Games would not be held in a couple of years because there wouldn't have been the troops and police to fall back on as the Government would have sacked most of them.

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Nick said...

i could have had a courtesy ticket for the opening of the games Gracie but declined as I'm not fit but none the less if i was fit i still wouldn't have attended

i would have given it to one of the uk teams families where it belonged in the first place

as for David Cameron turning up after the opening ceremony was just plain bad manners

Thank god the queen set a good example and stayed away after the opening

harry turned up to many events which is passable as i feel he had the right attitude unlike the rest of the royals only turning up for the games that they liked only and dismissed the rest

not a very good example at all as the cost of the tickets ran into hundreds of pound and thousands for the opening