Saturday, December 3, 2011

Life In Tory Britain "2017"

Roll forward to the year 2017 - "Health Secretary" Jeremy Clarkson and "Transport Secretary" James May have given the go ahead for trains to carry on without stopping should a suicide occur on the line. Explaining the new policy Clarkson said; "no point in stopping they are dead anyway and we can't make them better".

In other news - long queues have formed at a hospital giving free health care to a small number of people, many poorly people and their relatives have travelled from all over the country to get their sick tended and some have been camping out in sub-zero temperatures for days and nights in order to try and safeguard a place in the queue to get an appointment to be seen by a doctor. When questioned, the Government have said that in retrospect it was short sighted of the Tory government to have forced through former Health secretary, Andrew Lansley's Health and Social care Reform bill in 2011, but that the damage had already been done and the situation is now irreversible and we will have to continue with private health care, quoting TINA, (There Is No Alternative). The government has also introduced a flat rate charge for everyone who wishes to see their GP. Doctors have fought in vain against this but have so far failed in their attempts to get the government to listen to their concerns, many doctors who defy the government and try to see patients without charging risk imprisonment if caught.

More riots about the lack of affordable fresh food and healthcare are expected in all parts of the country as people's health deteriorates and thousands die needlessly because they do not have the funds to purchase food which has quadrupled in price in the last year due to a worldwide shortage. They also do not have money  to purchase expensive health insurance and often life threatening illnesses are being left undiagnosed, or caught to late. Jeremy Clarkson said; "if people can't afford healthcare they should try not to get sick in the first place, this is a problem not of the government's making, but of the making of the individual, people must take responsibility for their own health and that of their families, they should eat healthily there is no excuse for poor nutrition, if they cannot afford fresh food they should go to one of the many food banks now servicing towns across the country where they can buy last week's vegetables at cheaper prices they can make soup to feed their families and use up all scraps". Multi millionaire Clarkson refused to comment about the calls from unions and charities to make out of date food donated by Tory supporting supermarkets tax free. Tax receipts from unearned food for the undeserving poor are currently being used to fund tax cuts for the deserving rich bankers. Unions are powerless to help as they had all their powers taken away in the great union bust of 2012.

The private hospital industry is being hit by a serious lack of trained nurses, midwives, doctors, radiographers and physiotherapists’etc and also by a lack of new consultants coming through. The number of consultants is dropping because the number of doctors training places fell in 2011, this problem is thought to be going increase dramatically in the coming years. The problems with recruitment are as a direct result of the Tory government cutting training places back in 2011 as part of the great failed austerity measures. This problem was also intensified in 2012 when highly trained public sector workers began to leave the former National Health Service; the fire service; the police service; the armed forces and the education service in their droves due to pay freezes, poor pension provisions, and swingeing cuts to public services which made it impossible to do their jobs adequately and safely. Many staff in the private sector as well as the public sector were also sacked under the new laws the government introduced governing human rights, workers’ rights and tribunals, most could not appeal their dismissals because they could not afford the £1000 it costs to start tribunal proceedings and many have been left damaged by the psychological warfare inflicted on workers by bullying bosses and managers. The power to bully workers was given to bosses in 2011, in Chancellor George Osborne's autumn statement, (page 61), which went widely unreported in the former Tory press at that time.
A spokesman for Private hospitals said they are refusing to train their own nurses and doctors etc. and accused the government of reneging on a deal with former Health secretary, Andrew Lansley, to provide taxpayer funded training for nurses, doctors, medical technicians and radiographers etc., who are desperately needed to supply the new PHI (Private Healthcare Industry). Private health companies maintain that if they fund this training themselves profit margins would suffer and taxpayer funded bonuses to shareholders would be unfairly restricted, as not enough profit could be taken out of the former NHS budget. Private hospitals are also unwilling to take on the more complex forms of surgery and procedures such as organ transplants have been seriously affected. It is thought that the UK's health service has been put back at least 40 years.

In another move the government has now made all private medical records available to private healthcare companies, who pay them for the information. The government under pressure from the World Health Organisation are being forced to provide some kind of health cover are piloting a means tested "poor hospital", but this will only provide the most basic of healthcare and will not be available to anyone with any kind of regular work related income.

Since the government abolished state pensions which they class as unaffordable, the elderly are now forced to live on basic benefits. Problems occurred because in 2011 the government forced through the pensions bill which made pensions not worth contributing to, over a million public sector workers stopped paying into pension funds and cashed in their pension plans and spent the proceeds, this added to the million George Osborne sacked who also stopped paying into their pensions created a pension black hole of mammoth proportions. The government now maintains that pensions are unsustainable for everyone. 

Unemployment has continued to rise year upon year and now stands at around 6 million. growth has been absent from the economy for the past six years which has pushed the claimant count up and forced up Government borrowing. The deficit which was supposed to be paid off by 2015 has now trebled in size, through lack of growth and the government's political and fiscal incompetence. the government can no longer blame the eurozone since that collapsed in early 2012, followed by the shock disbanding of the EU in 2013. Other European countries who did not adopt the UK chancellor's austerity measures are now reporting growing economies. Most other EU countries still refuse to trade favourably with the UK, since Britain's gaffe prone Prime Minister, David Cameron has badly offended most of Europe and the rest of the world and left the country isolated and having to pay a heavy price for imports. Cameron is looked at as a political and intellectual lightweight. It is thought that if the UK can somehow manage to oust the Tory government that Europe may begin to trade favourably with the UK again. It has proven almost impossible to rid the country of a Conservative government since David Cameron gerrymandered the boundaries and parliament, Cameron also changed electoral law legalising people to fall off the electoral roll. Many people did this to avoid paying the poll tax that the Tories reintroduced in 2014, at the same time as they also abolished the national minimum wage.

Last week the Liberal Democrat party finally disbanded and those that did not join the Tories in 2015 after an electoral wipe out silently slunk away and are now living rough in solitude trying to avoid the wrath of people's anger vented towards them for allowing this to happen and for aiding and abetting the Tory government of 2011 to destroy and dismantle the NHS. Anger at this one act has never subsided.

Due to a serious lack of teachers, many children are now being taught in cramped conditions in class sizes of 80 and above in crumbling not fit for purpose school buildings. Problems occurred with school premises when in 2010 the incoming Tory/coalition  secretary Michael Gove abolished the former Labour government's Building schools for the Future programme, he since took all the new schools built under the labour government and turned them into so called "free schools" and later "free academy's"  for older children and handed the running of them over to the "deserving rich" with time on their hands to run exclusively for their own upper class privileged children, the government believes these children from these backgrounds are far superior to the children of ordinary people. The schools are funded by the taxpayer and  are also made up out of private schools that opted out of the private education system in favour of the taxpayer funded state system, this gave the parents of private school children free private education and the fee are paid for by ordinary citizens taxes. Britain's two tier education system has had a catastrophic effect on numeracy and literacy, education has said to have slipped back to Victorian times. Last week parents groups were overruled by the government protesting at the reintroduction of the cane to all schools, including primary schools.

Child and pensioner poverty has soared and is now evident on almost every street in almost every town and village in the country and hundreds of thousands of families are forced to live in any disused slum or have formed communes in one of the many disused factories on derelict industrial estates, often with no electricity or running water. Homelessness and poverty has been caused by the Conservative government's welfare reform bill, at first people thought this was a good idea but opinions changed when they and their families fell victim to unemployment, sickness and disabilities and began to be caught up in chaos and confusion caused by the Tory government's reforms. Untreated TB, malnutrition and rickets are now reaching epidemic proportions and people are dying in the open on our streets.

The BBC was finally taken over last week, like the NHS and education service before it, it was broken up dismantled and the most lucrative parts cherry picked and sold off to Rupert Murdoch and other Tory financial backers. However, TV became widely unaffordable as people were charged to pay to view and this has somewhat backfired and now many TV news stations and channels like Sky are scaling down, presenters and all TV staff who once backed the Tory government are now losing their jobs because of the Tory government as demand for TV has plummeted. The Tory supporting press are suffering from the same "affliction" as their circulation has dropped off like a stone and since they placed all their online publications behind paywalls advertisers have ceased to advertise as the number of people viewing the papers website has fallen off dramatically. Demand for the internet has fallen sharply as peoples wages have decreased; this has led to mass redundancies in the TV industry.

Since 2011 crime has steadily began to rise along with mass redundancies in the police force. Now in 2017 crime has risen 100% since 2011 and lawlessness, muggings, poverty and disease and poorly educated people now afflicts our shattered communities. The prime minister's "Big Society" is now met with incredulous derision and any politician heard repeating the mantra "we are all in this together" is viewed as placing themselves at great risk of attack from the starving poverty stricken homeless.

Jeremy Clarkson however can still be heard quipping if anyone complains "they should be taken outside and executed in front of their families".

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