Friday, December 9, 2011

Cameron the Eurozone and What the World Now Thinks of the UK!

Instead of Cameron going to Europe and doing as much as he can to help the eurozone recover and become strong, which would have been in the best interests of this country, instead, he isolated us for his own narrow political interests and in the interests of the bankers in the City -why? In God's name why did he do this? If the euro collapses we are going to be hit by a financial tsunami and we will not be able to outrun it, the weakened state of this country will ensure we go down. Thanks to Cameron, Osborne and Clegg and their insane austerity measures this country has soaring unemployment, a rising claimant count, zero growth and we are teetering on the brink of recession and we are in no fit state to be able to weather it, which makes what he did even more insane.

26 countries agree only the UK is left out in cold, isolated and we are completely incapable of defending ourselves.

I believe Cameron has done this because his entire government is in hock to lobbyists and the City financiers, hedge funds, venture capitalists etc, Cameron is corrupt, his government is corrupt and the Tory party is riddled with corruption and one can only surmise because Nick Clegg keeps backing him to the hilt that he and the Liberal Democrats are corrupt too. Why else would Clegg and all Lib Dem MPs  betray their entire core principles? I thought they were bad enough for betraying us over the tripling of tuition fees, Educational Maintenance Allowance, welfare and helping the Tories destroy and privatise the NHS, but now they are giving Cameron their blessing to have us isolated in Europe, it's unbelievable, the Liberal Democrats rank hypocrisy is unbelievable, yet they have done this. Everything the Lib Dems once stood for is now burnt up and in ashes.

Cameron and the Conservative party are corrupt to the core, Britain has a corrupt government. Time we kicked them out.

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