Saturday, December 17, 2011

Cameron "UK Not Isolated, We have Asked To be Observers on Euro Fiscal Pact"

Britain is not isolated in the Euro talks after all as a panicking David Cameron begs for an observers role.  Will that be at the table or sitting on the side of the room like a wallflower? While the leading countries make and take decisions about the fiscal pact that will hopefully prevent the Euro from collapsing if we are good, we can sit and look and observe them making those decisions. So that's all OK then? We will have no say, no input in the pact  that the UK will probably end up chipping in around £20 billion to help prevent the Euro's collapse, but just like a naughty child, after his "flouncing veto shenanigans" last week, Cameron will have to sit there and be "seen but not  heard". Someone tell me how is this in Britain's interests exactly?

If he had been sensible like Hungary and the Czech republic and stayed and negotiated, he could have negotiated hard for this country, instead Cameron behaved like petulant child and walked out of the talks, now where has this got us?  What was it that Cameron actually vetoed last week? Ed Miliband asked him this question in PMQs last Wednesday and Cameron could not answer.

For the sake of his own skin and because he is scared of the right wing Eurosceptics in his own party David Cameron has deliberately incited anti-EU feeling in the country placing at risk British Industry, British trade and British jobs.

David Cameron has deliberately sidelined us in the European Union and that has to be one of his most reckless acts to date.

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