Sunday, September 18, 2011

Where To For the Liberal Democrats When Time Runs Out?

What Price Power?
When this unholy alliance of a so-called coalition is over and assuming that there are still a few remaining Liberal Democrat MPs and when all is left of their once Liberal Democrat orange is a muddy brown stain, where to for the once orange party that got rid of its principles and core beliefs tried to turn blue but only managed a a faecal brown? What platform will they stand on? If Labour become the government where will this leave the Liberal Democrats? If Labour introduce cuts, how will the Lib Dems oppose them especially when they a are responsible for aiding the Tories impose the most Draconian cuts this country has ever seen? Where will they stand on law and order, how will they criticise any rise in crime when they have voted for huge cuts in police numbers, taking 13,000 officers from the frontline and 18,000 backroom workers that enable officers to carry out their frontline duties - despite the worse rioting and looting this country has ever seen?

Bizarrely even though any sane person can see the wheels have come off this Tory economy the Liberal Democrats are still pinning their hopes on Osborne's economic "recovery" when if this parliament goes its full term then they only have a little over three years to achieve this and it is obvious now that this is just not going to happen, so this brings me to the original question where to for the Liberal Democrats after the next election? The best that they can hope for is that the Tories win but do not get an overall majority so they can carry on playing their fake make-believe role in government at an even smaller insignificant level, however, as there undoubtedly will be a Liberal Democrat cull of seats and that coupled with boundary changes will render the Liberal Democrats  in a very weak bargaining position. After the next general election they could end up with as few as 12 MPs, it will not matter for Clegg as he will lose his seat no matter what and the chances are he has already been offered a role in Brussels, so he wont care what happens to the Liberal Democrat party he is now leading into total oblivion.

The Liberal Democrats have just 3 years and 8 months before the next general election and time is now starting to run out, even for this "Tory" government who had hoped to fleece people and then bribe them with their own money in the form of tax cuts to try and buy their way into power again. Their plan is already going pear shaped so where does this leave the Liberal Democrats? A rump of approximately 12 ineffectual MPs after the next election? The writing is on the wall and it is written in huge lettering, yet still the Liberal Democrats are either refusing to read it or are just totally and utterly in denial.

When they are out of government how will the the Liberal Democrats oppose the Conservative policies that they themselves helped bring in? There is no way they can ever hope to form a government, they even lost MPs at the last election at the peak of their support.

How will they be able to oppose a Labour government who will be trying to sort out homelessness, fuel poverty, child and pensioner poverty, people being forced to go to food banks to feed their families? Rising crime? Weakened defence? Soaring unemployment? A shattered economy? Disabled people terrified of the Tories and Liberal Democrats? The destruction of people's human and working rights? This and so much more, but how will they oppose a future Labour government who will have the unenviable task of trying to piece back together the fragmented shattered NHS? The NHS that they, the Liberal Democrats will have had a huge hand in actually destroying? How will they oppose rising waiting lists for operations and failing health care across this country when it was their fault this ever happened in the first place?

The reality is that the Liberal Democrats will be unable to oppose anything any government does because they have sold off their core beliefs and helped a draconian Tory government apply Dickensian policies which are not working and haven't got a cat in hell's chance of working and yet  they still do not get the position they have pushed themselves into and this is why I believe the Liberal Democrats will cease to be a party of any significance after the next election!

The Liberal Democrats are all but finished now - bar the shouting.


Robert said...

MIliband stated at the TUC, to people who would go on strike that Labour would have cut just as much, the question should be not where the Liberals are going but where is labour going, nowhere by the look of it.

Gracie Samuels said...

Robert this is a post about where the Liberal Democrats are going, not Labour and yet again yo are totally misrepresenting what Labour have said about the cuts they would have made, why do you insist on t doing this? Lying does not make your argument stronger it actually weakens it.

Labour said (and this is well documented) that they would have halved the deficit over the next parliament and they have repeatedly said that they would NOT have introduced such ridiculous and harmful austerity measures.

You Tories cannot have it both ways, on one hand you accuse Labour of being "deficit deniers" while on the other you accuse them of making the same cuts as the Tories.

Robert said...

I have a feeling undoing the privitisation of the NHS might not be possible because if I understand it correctly they lock in the changes with contracts that have heavy finacial penalties if they are broken.

If privitising the NHS could be undone by a new incoming government why would you bother privitising the NHS at all?

Gracie Samuels said...

You're correct Robert, if this privatisation of the NHS goes ahead one of the NHS biggest problems will be fragmentation. it will be broken up so much and private health companies will own so many different parts that it will be impossible to take back into state ownership, the government would be sued for breaching contracts etc. I cannot believe when the bill passed to the Lords last week there was so little said about it in the press, yet that marked the beginning of the end for the health service, I really do not think the general public realise this but they will - when it is too late!

Robert said...

He invoked the memory of his dead son and the wonderful care the NHS gave him to con people into trusting him with the NHS. What kind of sick bastard could use his own dead son's memory to deceive people? He has no mandate to do this.

The notion that this country is a Democracy is a complete joke if they can get away with this so easily.

Robert said...

I believe if they can completely destroy the welfare state and privitise the NHS for good, they will happily sit in opposition for a generation. For them it would be a "price worth paying". I think that was always their real mission deficit reduction was just a smokescreen to enable it. I don't think they care much about the British economy after all a lot of their money is hidden in offshore accounts. They are treasonous economic terrorists.

Robert said...

In the end of course Labour has to win the next election and sadly misrepresenting a party who at conference cannot even dare to speak about welfare, I suspect the Liberals will be about the same as they are now I'd worry where labour will be if they lose the next election