Saturday, September 3, 2011

"No political party would survive that tried to destroy the NHS" Aneurin Bevan

In David Cameron, have a blatant liar for a prime minister, never before have we seen this not in any politician of any political colour and never of a prime minister - of course we have heard them tell lies, but not like this we cannot believe a single thing the man says - don't be fooled - Cameron is on an ideological mission using the deficit as an excuse to take away your safety net and your NHS and your children and all future generations will suffer if we do not stop him now.

If we do nothing to stop Cameron, Lansley, Clegg  and Osborne, in  a few years our children or grandchildren will turn to us and ask "what did you do to stop that government doing that to the people and to our NHS and welfare?" What will you be able to say? Nothing? I wish I had but I was fooled by them? How lame will that sound? There is no need to be fooled the evidence is all around us and it is rapidly growing, we have a corrupt government that wants to rid this country of the NHS and our welfare state and they will do and say anything and tell any lie to achieve this. These rich affluent people do not want the NHS and welfare, h they do not care that these are the hallmarks of a decent civilised society. Remember David Cameron is manufactured by the City for the City and the City and all the right wing think tanks and institutions like the so called "Taxpayers Alliance and the Adam Smith Institute thinks the NHS should be privatised and both these organisations have links to the top of the Conservative party.

While they were in opposition William Hague and Liam Fox made some wide-ranging offers of political co-operation with the US. The cables leaked by Wikileaks in the Guardian detail a series of private meetings with Tory frontbenchers, many of whom are now in the cabinet.

Liam Fox, now the defence secretary, promised to buy American military equipment, while the current foreign secretary, William Hague, offered the ambassador a "pro-American" government. Hague also said the entire Conservative leadership were, like him, "staunchly Atlanticist" and "children of Thatcher".
The Conservatives were not kidding, which is why we are now seeing the destruction of our NHS and welfare state reduced to less than what you may even find in the US where the vast majority of people have no healthcare cover at all. The Tories are also trying to import politically elected police chiefs with no policing experience to run our police service. The evidence is all around, they are Americanising the UK - do you really want that? I've nothing against our American friends, but I sure as hell do not want their virtually non-existent healthcare system, or healthcare for the richest or to see homelessness  and need on their scale -  do you?

The NHS does NOT belong to Cameron, Lansley, Clegg and Osborne, or the myriad of private companies they have lined up waiting to come in and take the best bits, in order to make a profit for their shareholders - These are the big private healthcare companies and private hospitals, who donate millions to the Conservative party. The Conservative party and these private health corporations have a vested interest in each other and they need to be told  the NHS is OURS it belongs to us, not the Tories or their Tory donors who own the private healthcare companies and their shareholders, it is OURS - it belongs to US!

Don't wait until it is too late and we have lost our NHS and welfare - fight for it - NOW!

"No political party would survive that tried to destroy the NHS"
Aneurin Bevan 
"In Place of Fear 1952"

Hey Tories
"Hands Of Our NHS"
The People - 2011
You have been warned!

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Madge said...

I cannot agree more with your comments on the NHS and welfare and thanks for maintaining this blog because the information contained on here is invaluable and has helped me to spread the word in the various meetings I have organised.

I don't know how you do it but I am glad that you do. I'm off to a save our NHS meeting this afternoon. Keep up the fight Gracie.