Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The NHS Is NOT Safe In The Liberal Democrats Hands!

The Liberal Democrat MPs Have Now Voted THREE Times In Favour of Privatising the NHS!
We all know it has been the ambition of the Conservative party to do away with the NHS, they never wanted it in the first place and they want it even less now, so the NHS is never going to be safe in any Tory's hands, especially David Cameron's and Andrew Lansley's. Cameron is a pathological liar and manipulator, he has told so many lies, intentionally misquoted so many people, and deliberately misled the British public so many times that it is now impossible to believe a single word that comes out of the British prime minister's mouth, but what of Nick Clegg? He and his party have now voted THREE times in parliament  for what they know to be the privatisation of the NHS, what price power, a ministerial car and a red box?

Anyone who thought the Liberal Democrats would stand up for the poor, the sick and vulnerable and would campaign against what the Tories are doing to the NHS needs now to forget that idea, they must now realise that this is never going to happen, the only people that the Liberal Democrats stand up for is themselves, they are a truly pathetic party, not fit to be in government and just as the Tories are led by a liar in David Cameron, so the Liberal Democrats are led by a liar in Nick Clegg.

It is hard to see how any true Liberal Democrat can now even think of voting for the party, it has betrayed all of its core values and nothing it seems is sacred.

The Liberal Democrats will debate their stance on NHS reform next week at their conference but will not be allowed to consider or vote on any specific motion regarding the bill due before the Lords later this autumn.

The Liberal Democrats are just  Patsys, they talk tough but never do anything about it, it was exactly the same with student fees, they all said they were going to voted against trebling tuition fees but when it came down to it they all just trotted into the yes lobby and voted with the government and now they have done exactly the same thing with the NHS, we cannot depend on the Liberal Democrats to fight our corner for the NHS, so we will have to do it without them.
The Liberal Democrats are not a progressive party, they have betrayed every cause for progressiveness that they possibly could and they have betrayed nearly all the people that voted for them and never is it more clear than over the great betrayal of the NHS.

If the Liberal democrats believe that their presence in government has influenced policy then they seriously need to think again, the Liberal democrat party of today is nothing but a huge joke  made up out of 57 clown MPs, they have influenced nothing except maybe whether hobnobs or rich tea biscuits are served in cabinet meetings and that is only because they have become the tea boys. They appear to be residing in some kind of parallel universe when they talk of the "implementation" of their  traditional policies are gaining them increasing acknowledgement and respect - they are not!  They have barely been able to get themselves out of single figures in the polls and have lost over a third of their core support since the general election, yet they still meander on in complete oblivion.

The Lib Dems could have stopped the passage of the health and social care bill last Wednesday in parliament they chose not to, preferring to vote with government on what will prove to be f
ragmentation, disaggregation and local variation in patient care from hospital to hospital, consortium to consortium will be the fatal consequences of this legislation, and will mean a postcode lottery in care. 

The very last trace of any principles that the Liberal Democrat MPs had disappeared completely when they abandoned all of their so-called core beliefs over a disastrous piece of legislation, which places the public, patients and the health service  at serious risk. 

The only hope for our NHS now lays with the House of Lords and Liberal Democrat peer Shirley Williams and as Lib Dems go, this does not fill me with any great hope that peers will support Shirley Williams and who knows? If the Lib Dem MPs are anything to be judged by, Shirley Williams will turn out to be all bluff and bluster too.
Remember what Thatcher did to public services in the 80s? That was when Liberal Democrats could be counted upon to challenge the Tory government, now they have become part of the right wing ideology and are helping to set the right wing agenda for privatisation and break up of all of our public services, the Liberal democrats are no longer a progressive centrist party, they are now part of the Tory party, they may all just don a lovely blue rosette, cancel their conference hall and join in conference with the Tories, because right wing Tories is what they have now become.
Labour, the unions and the Green party must take up the fight for a public sector, which offers protection to the weakest and most vulnerable in our society and make no mistake, it is a fight we have to win, losing is NOT an option.


Anonymous said...

well their conference is coming up so we'll soon get to know Gracie
I think their finished as a serious party and i have serious concerns over the nhs and welfare in the coming months as none of their polices make any sense
All they seam capable of is delivering a so so speech full of meaningless words

What they should be concentrating on is making things clearer so that the public across the board know what their talking about so that confidence and trust is rebuilt as they stand now i personally don't think they have a clue about anything and probably never did have

Having said that they are much better then the conservatives who are just plain deceptive and should never be trusted under any circumstances period

Robert said...

Well I suspect the people/ us are now use to sell off and U turn between new labour and the Tories I'd not trust any of them... We had Blair saying only weeks ago the NHS must change it must become market oriented.

Gracie Samuels said...

No one is saying that NHS does not have to change, by its very nature the NHS is changing and progressing all the time. The NHS is very good at being innovative and the NHS is quite capable of sorting itself out without the government introducing their mates private health care companies into it, in order to cream money off of the NHS and put it into the bank accounts of private healthcare company shareholders.

I also do not know if it escaped your attention but Blair is not the PM and he hasn't been for years and he has nothing to do with setting policy for the Labour party, in short his views are no more pertinent than anyone else's.