Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cameron Once Again Deliberately Misleads House of Commons

Over the past year David Cameron has repeatedly mislead the House of Commons over serious issues, I have mentioned many of them on this blog, he seems to do this every week. The astonishing thing is that he is always allowed to get away with it  - why? After all it is duplicitous and fundamentally dishonest. Last week he was rebuked by the Speaker and asked to withdraw a comment which he failed to do and was allowed to get away with doing so.

This week Cameron has mislead the House of Commons on defence.Answering a question from Mike Gapes MP,  Labour Co-Operative, Ilford South, Cameron deliberately mislead the House of Commons, David Cameron said that "at the end of the review we have the 4th highest defence budget for any country in the word" (at approximately 26.16 on the video)
This is simply untrue, the UK is 7th in the world on military spending and not 4th. The UK is 63rd in terms of GDP. Not only did the prime minister totally misunderstand the the question Ed Miliband put to him over 7000 cancer patients losing their £94 per week benefit(6 times he was asked)  and 6 times gave the wrong answer, Cameron also has once again been found to be misleading the House, when is the Speaker of the House, John Bercos going to act to stop the PM deliberately misleading the public in this way?


Anonymous said...

Keep tabs on him collect info bide your time then make the compliant.

Terry said...

Hats off to the doctor who threw Cameron & co out of a hospital ward yesterday.

Gracie Samuels said...

Anonymous - I fully intend to, it is every single week over something or another, he f deliberately misrepresents people and then on the back of that misleads the public, it's outrageous.

@ Terry, yes that was "delicious" and I also noticed that he did not have a pop at Ed Miliband about his "difficulties" until he knew that Ed had no questions left, not only is Cameron a liar, he is a coward too. If Cameron had mentioned that bfore all Ed had to say was; "well at least I didn't get thrown out of a hospital ward".

Anonymous said...

Gracie your doing a grand job in keeping up with this dishonest prime minister i just wish i had the strength to keep up with it all. The man's a living nightmare and god help us