Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Economy Is Going Pear Shape - Where Is The Tory Chancellor?

Last week was dire news for the British economy and the coming week doesn't look like it is going to be much better. People are worried, anxious for their jobs and rent, mortgages, utility bills, fuel bills, food bills are all escalating and the news keeps getting worse. We are entitled to hear why the Conservative government's chancellor, George Osborne's plans are going so badly wrong. In a week where Osborne's favourite country Greece achieved higher growth than the UK, surely we are entitled to hear from some senior figure in the Tory government aren't we?  Especially as "Call me Dave" the British prime minister, is away on his 2nd holiday of the year, in Ibiza, raving away at rave festivals etc and having fun in the sun - while we struggle back home trying to feed and clothe our children and keep a roof over their heads.  "We're All In This Together" right? So where is the chancellor? Is he away on some luxury foreign holiday too, has he gone skiing on some luxury piste somewhere on perhaps he is off somewhere else on a little multi-thousand pound freebie holiday given to him by his rich Tory "doning" banker mate, like he did a couple of months ago? But hang on a "mo" of course silly me "I forgot", isn't Deputy PM, Nick Clegg, supposed to be in charge? Where is he? Hopefully someone has not forgotten to tell him he is in charge of the country again? It's odd though, I thought Clegg would be out explaining, after all wasn't it Clegg who recently told the CBI that it is "the deficit-reduction plan is the glue that binds the coalition together"? I suggest to Mr Clegg, if his words are true then the coalition is in very serious trouble because its plans are seriously coming "unstuck". Sadly for Clegg, the economy was his last small hope of turning his fortunes  his party's fortunes around before the next election. There is no way that Osborne can now hit his deficit-reduction targets, Osborne is actually growing the deficit not decreasing it - oops! It's that "breathtaking arrogance" again Nick, whereby your new mate Dave was "measuring up Downing Street for new curtains" remember? You were wrong there too, it turned out Sam and Dave were measuring up for a new refurbishment and kitchen paid for by £700.000 of taxpayers money hmm to paraphrase, "it could be curtains Nick, but not as you know them"!

May I remind this Tory-led government, especially the Tory Chancellor, George Osborne that last May 2010 after the general election, he was handed the British economy that was in fairly good shape all things considered after coming out of the worse global financial recession for over a hundred years. Growth was steady and increasing, unemployment falling, consumer confidence strong and because of growth government borrowing was predicted to be £20 billion *less* and a forecast to fall a further £22 billion, making a total of £42 billion less government borrowing. Because of George Osborne's policies he has managed to reverse the UK economy and put it into decline and because he has managed to contract growth by 0.5% in Q4 and only manage to grow the economy by 0.5% in Q1, the UK economy is now flat-lining at best and to be economically pedantic it does mean that we actually contracted in Q1 in real terms by around 0.20%. Because of the Osborne's crazy economics he has now forced himself into a position where he had to increase borrowing by £46 billion for April, add this to the £42 billion LESS we would have had to borrow had laboour stayed in power, we can clearly see that Osborne is £88 billion adrift in his economic plans, he has created for himself and this country a black hole worth at the very least £88 billion.

Where is George Osborne? Where is even his Liberal Democrat poodle Danny Alexander to explain all of this? Are they are all in hiding, or perhaps they are all off on holiday abroad in Ibiza raving away with Sam and Dave?  Pitifully all the Treasury managed to do this morning was to put out a very junior Treasury spokesman on Sky News who was so clearly out of her depth, even I felt sorry for the poor woman, she had no solutions, only problems which she (as per instructed - no doubt) ridiculously tried to blame on the previous Labour administration, she could not explain why the chancellor's plans are going so badly wrong, she could not explain why, in today's Observer leading economists who previously backed Osborne are now saying what Labour has been saying all along, that Osborne is cutting too far, too fast and is damaging the UKs fragile economy. Now if Cameron and Osborne had not been so hyperbolic when describing the global financial recession and blaming the world's financial problems on one man (former PM Gordon Brown) and one governing party (Labour) then Osborne could point to events in the global economy now as way of an excuse, like he blamed Japan's tsunami and the British winter weather (er in winter), nevertheless when he eventually emerges from his hiding place and changes from his shorts to his grown up long-trousers, I still expect "Boy George" to try and pin the blame for his own very, very short, shorts comings on Labour, despite Labour handed the economy over to him in fairly good shape. Even the boy's trousers appeared to have had a row with his ankles, because no economist was apparently free to appear on Sky News this morning to defend Osborne, they could only manage to get Vicky Pryce on (yes *that* Vicky Pryce) the same Vicky Pryce that is Environment secretary Chris Huhne's ex wife who reckons that the leading economists who now think George Osborne is harming the economy is, wait for it - "helpful" to him. Yeah of course Vicky, just like you have been helpful to your ex -husband Chris Huhne. Yes this is the same Chris Huhne that is having his expenses investigated and his file sent to the CPS over a speeding fine which his wife "Vicky Pryce" reporting him to the police for, Chris Huhne who managed to spend £46.000 on taxi fairs over the past 6 months! Erm perhaps he was scared of getting "another" speeding ticket?

Back to Mr Osborne who with his buddy "call me Dave", while in opposition with the help of their mates in the right wing press, talked the economy down repeatedly, they tried their best to damage it for their own political reasons, but thanks to the then Labour government policies, Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling, who were able to keep the economy steady and on an even keel and slowly return it to growth despite the horrendous global problems, Cameron and Osborne failed. What was nothing short of pure genius by Brown and Darling to keep the economy afloat and returned to growth went  broadly unacknowledged because of Cameron, Osborne, Rupert Murdoch, Andy Coulson, Rebekah Brooks and all the rest of the right wing muppets. This reprehensible behaviour from these people meant the British people were told a pack of lies day in and day out and when it came to the election they had not been given the truth to make a clear informed decision on who to vote for, which is why this country ended up with an unelected toff as a PM and an unelected dolt  toff for a chancellor and a complete numpty rich boy for a deputy PM and a millionaire toff cabinet that has no idea what it is like to live in the real world. Still many of them don't, they reside in the surreal worlds of the off-shore banking accounts, where they have head offices which no one inhabits yet turns over billions of pounds. Nudge nudge, wink wink, a nudge is as good as wink to a blind bat!

Once Cameron and Osborne came to government, unelected and without a mandate, you would think that they would have stopped talking the economy down, but did they? No not a bit of it, apparently they love self flagellation (must be all that public schoolboy stuff)  they took a private joke (a tradition from the outgoing administration to the incoming one) from the outgoing Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Liam Byrne and repeatedly told the country that we were "broke" or that the country had "maxed out on its credit cards", they said that we were nearly going the way of Greece - bankrupt, they continued to emit these hyperbolic announcements until they actually seriously harmed the UK economy and decimated consumer confidence. "Smart" move Gideon, really "smart" but wouldn't it have been better if at the time you had listened to the advice in phone call from the then "acting" chancellor (in your absence) about EU bailouts of countries in the eurozone? I know this was a bit much to expect you with a 2-1 in History to understand the fundamental economic importance of what Alistair Darling was trying to explain to you, but you could have tried and then later this country would not have been stung  expected to help bail out eurozone countries in trouble instead Cameron and Osborne carried on behaving like they were still in opposition, failing to see that their own announcements would gravely risk our economy, of course the reason they did this was purely selfish and political as it was the start of their plan to win the next election, the reason why they started so soon because they were not confident that the so-called "coalition" government would work or last, in short it was just naked political opportunism built on a foundation of utter lies, innuendos and half truths. the country was not bankrupt, it was nowhere near bankrupt, nowhere remotely near not be able to repay our debt, in fact the economy was growing, unemployment falling, all the factors in place for a strengthening recovery, until the Tories purposefully destroyed it. The Tory government started their administration with a huge lie, one they will now find impossible to wriggle out of, because if we believe the lies of Osborne, Cameron and Clegg, if the economy was as bad as they said it was, now thanks to them it is much. much worse, so why are they not telling us that we are nearly bankrupt now? Where are their stories of bankruptcy and a country on the brink of financial ruin? George Osborne and David Cameron will now be hoisted by their own petards and quite rightly so.

 So to recap:

  • We have university dons telling David Willets, the universities minister, that they have no confidence in him.
  • We have doctors, nurses, managers, labour, the unions and the general public telling Andrew Lansley, the health minister, that they have no confidence in him or the NHS Reforms.
  • We have teachers and headteachers telling Michael Gove the education minister they have no confidence in him or his policies
  • We Have Climate change groups saying they have no confidence in the government who promised to be the "greenest government ever".
  • We have disabled peoples groups the length and breadth of this country telling the DWP minister, Iain Duncan Smith that they have no confidence in him.
  • We have the heads of leading charities in the voluntary sector saying that they have no confidence in this  government.
  • We have the coalition partner Nick Clegg presiding over a party that the electorate has clearly told they have no confidence in.
"Sensing a pattern emerging here? Next we'll be hearing that leading economists have no confidence in Osbourne either - oh wait - that's today's lead story."

George we told you your plans were certifiably insane, not just once, but over and over again and you refused to listen and surprise, surprise you are still refusing to listen, even though anyone with a modicum of sense can see your economic plans are in tatters and because of you the British economy is now "toast".

The British people have no confidence in their unelected government, Cameron, Osborne and Clegg have no mandate to carry out the reforms that they are forcing through parliament - it is time Cameron called a general election, put the truth and facts before the British people and let them decide. This coalition is not working and Osborne has the economy on a collision course with hell - Cameron must now call a general election.

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But "We're All In This Together" Right?

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Anonymous said...

I think Gracie the only thing the Tories wont to do is to get rid of the sick and disabled
That is their master plan as the savings made will clear the other debts the UK has. But weather they can achieve it is another matter. I'm not sure of how many sick and disabled there are in this country and bumping us off a few at a time by cutting off our benefits could take them some time at least 3 years i would think ?

They could have a problem but i think they will press on with the weakest first they will know from the medical records whose the weakest and stop their benefits and hope they just disappear from the benefit list

There'll probably all go into hiding at some point especially if some of us start to fight back ?

It's hard to believe that conversations like what we have here on these blogs could ever come about in 2011 if you said the country would come to this in the 1970s people would have just thought of you as mad