Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Surgeon Chucks Cameron, Clegg and Lansley Out Of Hospital Ward

One surgeon who had, had enough of David Cameron turning the NHS into a circus decided he wasn't going to let Cameron use his ward as an act. Cameron, Clegg and Lansley were all thrown out of hospital ward which Cameron's staff had set up for a photo opportunity to re-launch his failed NHS reforms. I guess we can assume that this surgeon doesn't care much for the Tories trying to destroy the NHS. Good for him. It's getting so bad, that Cameron is now ambulance chasing just to get a good photo opportunity.


Vanessa Cracknell said...

Ha ha ha ha made my day this serve the lying bastard Cameron right, that surgeon rocks. Soon wiped that false gron off of the liar's fat face, getting flabby round the waste and look at the "moobs" lol

Anonymous said...

i would have done the same Gracie that registrar was spot on

Gracie Samuels said...

Cameron tried to talk to him and he said "I don't want to talk" you can just about hear him.

pete said...

What a rude idiot that surgeon is.

As a public employee Mr Cameron is his boss, but like many arrogant public sector workers this doctor thinks he owns the organisation he works for rather than merely being employed by it.

The doctor should be disciplined for his inappropriate behaviour. I doubt this outburst is a one off. I suspect he is a little Hitler all the time and often treats others to his fits of temper, as befits his elevated opinion of himself.

Gracie Samuels said...

Actually Cameron is not the surgeon's boss, probably better if you did a little research first.

That doctor was not arrogant, maybe he did not like the fact that people were all over his ward without cleansing properly, or have you not heard of MRSA? MRSA is particularly dangerous in surgical wards.

I think you protest too much, I have a feeling if it was Ed Miliband being ejected from a hospital ward you would not be protesting and calling a surgeon arrogant.

David Cameron is arrogant, so arrogant that they thought they could all stroll onto a ward where the surgeon carries out his work, in a hospital that Labour had built, being staffed adequately because the labour government had invested properly in staff. All the equipment you could see was placed there because we had a labour government that cared enough about the NHS to save it from the Tories destruction of it. Cameron was so arrogant that they thought they could tip up there and do a photo opportunity without asking permission, take off their jackets and ties and loll about the place.

Well done to that surgeon he would be placed better than most to know how dangerous Cameron's reforms are to the NHS, even the watered down ones are going to cause absolutely chaos, confusion and mayhem. Rising waiting lists, rising times waiting for outpatient appointments. Many treatments be taken out of the NHS altogether and on top of this the NHS has to find £20 billion in CUTS.

The NHS is definitely not safe in the Tories hands.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with Gracie..Mr Cameron is NOT the orthopaedic surgeons boss what rubbish! The patient had orthopaedic surgery which is at a high risk of infection and there was Mr cameron and his team not adhering to infection control. Well done to that Surgeon after all it is a Hospital ward where high levels of care are critical,not a platform for Mr Cameron to "bang on" about his reforms because at the end of the day that is all he does....

pete said...

As First Lord of the Treasury, Mr Cameron is in charge of all the tax cash we pay, and in my book it makes him the ultimate boss of this rude NHS employee who is paid with some of that tax cash.

Or we could find out who is his boss by going upwards from him. Let's say, for argument's sake, his line manager is the head of the surgeons at his hospital. The line managers boss is the boss of the whole hospital. The next boss up is the head of the local health are. His or her boss might be the Secretary of State, Mr Lansley. His boss is Mr Cameron.

So Mr Cameron is this man's ultimate boss, and the ultimate boss of every single NHS worker, unless you want to go a step up to the Queen!

This silly doctor might be good at his job but he wants to learn some manners and brush up on his social and managerial skills. At my firm a boss behaving like that would be asked to visit HR for a talking to at least.

Thsi doctor should remember he is working in a public space, owned by the public, and when we are in public certain minimum standards of behaviour are expected of everyone, even children, never mind a supposedly intelligent and educated man.

Anonymous said...

Pete, if you would rather have a surgeon, brown-nosing his way through life, performing poorly in theatre, then that is who you deserve to be seen by when needed, i however, would rather have a medical professional, who is rude, but damn good at his job, and just to correct you, David Cameron is not his Boss, his boss is the CEO of whichever trust he works for, the CEO is in place to control the trust in the interests of the general public, so technically, i'm that surgeons boss, and i think he acted correctly. Case Closed.

Gracie Samuels said...

Thanks Anonymous - Very succinctly put.

Every ward is at risk from MRSA, surgical wards ex especially, but if MRSA gets into an orthopaedic ward then the damage it can do is immeasurable.

I think that Pete’s posts are more indicative of the way he feels about Cameron being shown up than he is about the dangers of what this little publicity stunt posed the patients on that ward. The crew were not dressed properly, they were not confined to one bed they were all over the place in the ward in the corridors and other wards too and so were Cameron’s aids one of who can clearly be heard on the video saying they will be back, obviously believing they can ignore the surgeon. The potential for cross-infection was high, the surgeon knew this, why does Pete think the surgeon was wearing a short sleeved shirt and a bow tie? I dare say the bow tie is because he is a proud man and wants to appear reassuring and professional to his patients or he would not have bothered. I know that patients are very reassured by surgeons like Mr Nunn, they give a reassuring air of authority and of knowing what they are doing. There must be no exceptions MRSA was not brought under control by accident it was as a direct result of some tough practical measures on a national basis, commenced under the Labour government. Give me a surgeon like Mr Nunn any day who refuses to lower standards and have his patients placed at risk by anyone. Good for him and more like him please.

The really rude person on that ward was Cameron not the surgeon the way he spoke to the camera crew was appalling, as if they were nobodies, just look at his behaviour on the video now that is the true Cameron, odious and obnoxious and totally opportunistic. A hospital ward was chosen on purpose for Cameron to re-launch his doomed reforms and that particular patient was chosen on purpose because of his visitor. In fact I would really like to know if that was a visitor to that man, she looked a bit glamorous and a little to “planted” to have just happened to be there, or maybe she was told that day before? Who knows, but I suspect there is a story there somewhere too.

Anonymous said...

The more you play this - the more you realise what an arrogant, unprofessional ignorant man Cameron is, at one stage he looked liked he was directing traffic.

The surgeon was totally within his rights to order them out, patients in that ward were his responsibility, was every patient asked if they minded the invasion of their privacy so that Cameron could stage manage an event to sell off the NHS..... the arrogance is unbelievable...... Isobel.

Robert said...

But the consultant is now on gardening leave or has decided to call it a day, problem is when you put your self forward do it nice, go up to Cameron and say look these camera people are not helping this hospital or ward due to MRSA, if anyone becomes ill I will sue you they will sue you, so please leave, do it without losing one's rag it sounds like your in control, and then your will not be sacked