Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Arrogant Cameron Sucking Up To Arrogant Greedy Bankers

In the above video Cameron is addressing a rally of bankers, hedge funders and City Financiers. These are the VERY PEOPLE who nearly shoved this country over the edge of a financial precipice, yet here they all are, the greedy smug bastards meeting to take the P*** out of us all with Cameron gushing all over them and leading the way.
Cameron uses the word “great” 4 times in one short opening sentence and then typical of Cameron, he starts off with a bullying arrogant remark about Gordon Brown, obviously referring to the time he misspelled a deceased  soldier’s name when he was writing personally to the family, of course Janes and James are quite easy to confuse, especially if you are partially sighted like Gordon Brown, but Cameron doesn’t allow the feelings of a deceased soldier or a partially sighted man get in the way of him making a sick joke to his mate the City bankers. This was the *real* story behind those headlines, but notably the right wing press failed to mention the sick jokes that Cameron tells when he thinks no one is listening.
Some Cameron quotes from the video
“ first thing is…I’ve been coming to these events for the past 4 years and the first thing I want to say is a really big thank you to all the Conservative supporters in the City circle who’ve helped our party, who’ve helped fund our party, who’ve supported our party right up to now.”
“This party values, understands and will always make sure it looks after the important financial services industry which so many of you work in. I know the Conservative party knows that the financial services industry counts for ten per cent of our GDP, that you provide 17% of the taxes paid in this country, when it comes to business taxes the City and financial services pays over a fifth of the total tax burden, that is a point that we understand and we value. We understand that the City is a world leader and a world leader that we want to go on see leading in our world. There are 250 foreign banks here in the City, a fifth of the funds held by hedge funds are held here in London. You are responsible for   70% of the Euro bond turnover in the entire world, here out of the City of London, we understand that, we value that we will never do anything that puts that at risk. Let me say something else that’s important when we think about financial services, when we think financial services, I don’t just think about people in City trading rooms, dealing rooms or working in our great banks, I also think about the millions of people around our country working in call centres, selling insurance policies, getting giving people financial advice, of course, there are over a 100,000 people  in financial services working in those great financial centres of Edinburgh and Glasgow, of course there are people in financial services in Leeds, in Manchester, in Birmingham. The people that talk about the City and denigrate the City I want to remind them that the financial services industry is one of the most important that we have, it is not just important for London, it’s important for the whole country, it’s important because of the taxes you pay, the jobs you provide and the wealth and the great of this country and the Conservative Party will not forget that important point.”

(Then all the greedy bastards clap, cheer and hear, hear themselves in their City banker voices)  
“It would of course be difficult for me to forget this because of course my father was a Stock Broker,  my grandfather was a Stock Broker,  my great grandfather was a Stock Broker, actually when my father looks at my career choice, he is full of complete bafflement and disappointment that I didn’t follow in his footsteps.  But what I want to say to you all tonight as we have just over 6/7 months before that election, is what I think is going to be absolutely vital for that election. Of course when you go into an election, you have got to have the right slogans, the right policies, you’ve got to have the right team, have the right candidates and I believe that we have got all of those things. When I think of slogans there’s not that much more powerful than “do you really want  another five years of Gordon Brown.”  When I think of the team, I just think that I’ve got people like George Osborne, William Hague, Ken Clarke, who would really make a difference to the government of this country.. When I think of policies I think of all the areas that we have led where Labour have followed, but you know what, much more important than those things, when it comes to an election it’s to have a big argument that you are putting forward about the future of your country. I think the big argument we have is this, over these last 12 years, there has been complete irresponsibility, irresponsibility from government, irresponsibility in terms of government spending and irresponsibility in terms of what we encourage both in our public services and in our society and I think the problem of the government and government spending is the most important of all. I’m told nowadays if you go and see Gordon Brown, you have to give him what is called a “news sandwich” blah blah blah (effluent flowing from Cameron’s mouth) “
Cameron then talks about having the most difficult inheritance of government for 40/50 years, to a room full of bankers and there they all are blaming it on one man Gordon Brown, it is patently absurd. There was a global financial recession and the bankers in this country nearly brought about its collapse, if it were not for Brown and his quick thinking, our banks would have collapsed, just like they did in other countries. (Is that Brown’s fault too? Or is it the fault of greedy bankers?) He then goes on to talk about the deficit to the bankers that had to be bailed out and which actually caused the deficit. These are the people that have screwed the taxpayers and now we learn that we are having to fund the million pound bonuses of these very people Cameron is addressing in his speech.
When Cameron mentions “irresponsible government spending” has he forgotten that until late into 2009 and all during the worse global financial recession for a hundred years that he and George Osborne were pledging to match labour’s spending plans pound for pound?

I cannot abide the way Cameron sounds when he speaks, quite apart from the fact that he always sounds as if he is talking down to people that do not possess a brain, but also when Cameron talks, he always sounds as if he is trying to swallow a mouthful of sick and he has the cheek to criticise the way Ed Miliband sounds.
One last thing, you will note that in addressing these bankers, and hedge funders, that he acknowledges that they all support the Conservative party financially and they do, to the tune of millions of pounds between them. I remind people that the hedge funders Cameron mentions, one is called John Nash, remember him? He is the chairman of a company called Care UK, which is a private company that makes most of its money from the NHS. Nash is the same person that donated £22.000 and bankrolled Conservative Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley's personal election campaign when he was a shadow minister in the 2010 general election. John Nash has also donated over £203.000 directly into the Conservative party coffers, he has his Tory fingers in many lucrative government financial pies from the education of the country's children, to the NHS and also owns a company called "The Hedgie". The "Hedgie" is also a founder of the City firm "Sovereign Capital" which runs a string of private healthcare firms. Fellow founder Ryan Robson is another major Tory donor who has given the party £252,429.45. Hedge fund companies and groups of people who bet on banks and banks failing in a recession, they make millions of pound profit out of the misery of people losing their homes, their jobs, their pensions etc.


Andy said...

Great blog! I do wish Labour would start to use some of this evidence.

Gracie Samuels said...

Thanks Andy - so do I! It is all there, all they have to do is take it and use it!