Sunday, February 1, 2015

Tory Lord Blyth Former CEO of Boots Alliance is a Tory Party Donor.

Today several of the Tory supporting Sunday press have obviously been in collusion with each other and each paper has produced Ed Miliband bashing articles.

The Mail on Sunday has a bizarre spread over 5 pages, basically all about how Ed Miliband is 'useless' etc and how Labour are not going to win the general election. They even had a series of Ed Miliband morphing into Neil Kinnock. Trying to raise the spectre of the 1992 general election. Whatever impression it was attempting to portray all they have succeeded in doing is preaching to their own rabid right wing supporting Mail readers, the rest of the population will most likely look on with total bemusement (if they bother to read the reams of boring overkill at all).  The Mail on Sunday looks like a Tory paper in flat panic mode.

You know when the Tories and their mates in the Tory supporting press are in trouble, they come up with nonsense like this.

If these papers and Tory extreme right wingers are so sure that Ed Miliband is so useless, so weak and 'indecisive' etc etc, then why are they all going in for the bullying overkill trying to assassinate the man's character? Surely they should quietly leave him alone to get on with it and seal his own fate, giving them the room to campaign sensibly for the Conservative government they so obviously desire? Why are they trying to make out that a perfectly nice man, a kind honest truthful and very clever man is the 'anti-Christ'? It's totally absurd and not just a little bizarre.

Note to the Mail, Ed Miliband is just a Labour politician, he has not committed any crime, he is just standing for PM in what is after all supposedly a rational democratic country. If you want some corruption and political scandals, best you don't look at Ed Miliband, I fear you'll be disappointed, look a little closer to home, with Cameron and his 'friend', not to mention George Osborne turning up in Prime Minister's Questions week after week looking totally off his face, actually, why no mention of this? I wonder how many pages you would devote to this if Ed Miliband and Ed Balls were to be behaving somewhat dubiously?

Why hasn't the Mail investigated why Circle Health were awarded £1.5 billion in lucrative NHS contracts so soon after its share holders donated over a million pounds to the Conservative party? or do they think that Mr Miliband eating a bacon sandwich awkwardly to be more newsworthy?

The Mail on Sunday also covered a really absurd story about Boots Alliance CEO, Stefano Passina an Italian businessman who is a tax exile from Italy, living in Monaco and who pays zero tax in the UK. The Story was first covered in the Telegraph.  Apparently all Pessina had to do to get a huge story in the Mail today was to say that in his opinion the UK should not elect Ed Miliband. Quite what the UK general election has got to do with him is an enigma, apart from the fact that Boots pays low wages which the taxpayers of the UK are then forced to bring up to a living wage, so in short, the British taxpayers are subsidising Boots payroll, while this billionaire who pays little tax anywhere in the world, sits on his arse in Monaco trying to dictate the outcome of the UK general election.

Of course what has got up his nose, is that if Ed Miliband is elected, he is going to reform the British banking system and apply something like the Tobin tax, or transaction tax, which will make tax dodging companies and individuals like Pessina and Alliance Boots, Amazon, Vodafone etc pay UK tax and he doesn't like it. The tax will not affect those companies that already pay their fair share of tax, only those who do not and it is past time this happened. If nothing is done about our defunct capitalist system soon, then we will (not if - will) have another 2008 type crash.

What the Telegraph,  Mail and Passina also doesn't want us to know is that Tory peer Lord Blyth when at Alliance Boots wanted to buy NHS Walk in Centres from the Tory government at knock down prices. Lord Blyth has also donated over £20,000 to the Conservative party.

The Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition have been selling off  NHS walk in centres to the private sector, like Virgin, Medicare etc and some have actually started charging £25 for a consultation. under the NHS, these vital walk in centres were free to use.
The closures and sell offs of NHS walk in centres has been attributed to helping cause the crisis in the NHS and NHS Accident and Emergency Departments.

Why is the Telegraph, Mail and Sky News giving such prominence to a foreign businessman who is a tax exile living in Monaco and is CEO of a company that pays poor wages which the British taxpayers are then forced to subsidise? What is more, why doesn't Sky News include this in their bulletins? Why are they trying to deliberately mislead the British public?

Scratch the surface of any Tory attack on Labour and the corruption, bungs and donations just comes oozing out.

To what extent was Lynton Crosby the Tories election strategist and lobbyist with fingers in every conceivable corrupt pie involved in the talks to get all the leading Tory press to attack Labour and Ed Miliband on the same day? What kind of dirty political game is David Cameron playing and bearing this in mind, just how much can he actually be trusted?

All this and the attack on Ed Miliband just contained hearsay, foreign businessmen who don't pay UK tax trying to influence the outcome of the British election, a lot of nonsense about Miliband being 'haunted' and of course the Mail could not resist rehashing the absurdity of Ed Miliband's bacon sandwich, it's totally and utterly ridiculous and it's about time Ofcom did their job, stepped in and stopped this behaviour, once again this just demonstrates that the press cannot regulate themselves and need to be regulated.

The truth is that the Tories are slowly privatising our NHS and are using bankers, private health companies and businessmen CEO of companies like Boots Alliance to do it. Stefano Pessina has a vested interest in the Tories Health and Social Care Act not being repealed by a future Labour government led by Ed Miliband as prime minister, no wonder he doesn't want Mr Miliband to become PM, it would be a disaster, not for the British public, but for him and Boots Alliance who would have their lucrative NHS contracts rescinded.

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The one Daily Wail headline I saw whilst "doing" Morrisons was something like, "Red Ed Held In The Sway Of The Evil Unions". Laugh? I nearly dropped me Doggies Bits! The Doggies Bits are off cuts of meat that I use to trick him into taking his medication cos like me he's a stubborn old git!