Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Another Day, Another Insult from yet Another Tory!

David Cameron once said he was putting caring back into 'compassionate Conservatism' - really? Can't say I've noticed!

What an appalling condescending arrogant heartless party the Conservative party really is.

A few weeks ago the Labour Shadow Attorney General, Emily Thornberry tweeted a picture of a house which was bedecked in three large tatty, dirty England flags which were covering the windows. The house had a white van on the drive, and apparently the flags had been up there for five months! She did not pass judgement, she just tweeted a picture, this was immediately jumped on by the main stream media (MSM) and all sorts of things were attributed to her which were completely untrue. She resigned quickly, personally, although I like Ed Miliband, I think he was far too hasty, although this did come on the back of a month of personal abuse and attacks on Miliband and the Labour party he probably thought a quick decision was in best interests of Ms Thornberry and Labour and to be fair, the right wing Tory supporting press would not have let it drop, they would have continued with their character assassination of a genuinely good constituency MP (who actually grew up in a council house) and a good shadow cabinet minister until they had pushed her out, simply because she belonged to the Labour party. It is just part of the abuse and dirty tricks campaign being levelled at the Labour party and anyone supporting them.

With Emily Thornberry in mind and the Tory press behaviour, why the are they so quiet over the disgraceful comments of many in the Conservative party?
  • Conservative Peer, Lord Young resigned after inferring that the people 'had never had it so good' during the last recession. He described the loss of a 100,000 public sector jobs as "within the margin of error"
  • A former Tory MP Howard Flight said that benefit changes would "encourage the poor to breed" just days after being awarded a peerage by his good friend prime minister, David Cameron!
  • In 2010 David Shakespeare, the  most senior Conservative councillor in the country said that the unemployed should travel south and work as fruit pickers and replace European migrants!
In recent days we have had another deluge of insults from the Conservative party

  • Former Tory Culture secretary David Mellor, was caught on tape swearing at a London cab driver, calling him a "sweaty stupid little shit". Mellor has form, he has called a victim of child sex abuse "a weirdo". A chef  "a fat bastard" and  the police are investigating for a foul mouth racist rant to a Polish security guard.
  • Andrew Mitchell when he was Tory whip swore at police officers in Downing Street, calling them "f*****g plebs" in earshot of the public. The police officers 'crime'?  They would not open the main gates for him to ride his bicycle out of and had simply asked him to use the side gate.
  • Conservative Lord Freud was caught on tape saying that "disabled people were not worth being paid the minimum wage".
  • Conservative MP Sarah Wollosten and Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan insulted #CameronMustGo tweeters on Twitter when they inferred that tweeters were ignorant and knew nothing about economics.
  • Last week Tory MP Mark Garnier was caught on tape urging George Osborne that there was no need for his party to worry about attracting 'dog-end voters' who live in the "out-lying regions of Britain" they should be ignored as they earn less than £150,000 per year!
  • Yesterday (8th December 2014) Conservative Peer Baroness Jenkin was forced to apologise for saying that "the poor were going hungry because they can't cook!" (Never mind they have no money for gas or electric to cook their food under her government!)
  • Now this is morning (9th december 2014) yet another senior Tory politician, Chris Steward Conservative councillor said "there was no need for food banks as they are an insult to starving people around the world, and that donating to them allowed recipients to spend more money on cigarettes and alcohol"!

How much more of this crap do we have to take from these people who are so far removed from real life? They just don't get it, they don't understand what their policies are doing to good decent folk and what is more they just don't bloody care, they think the Tory right wing press has their backs and they will nit be forced out like Emily Thornberry , and they are probably right! the Tory press are very quiet when it comes to hounding Tories out who behave in this crass insulting way.

It's plainly obvious what the elitist Conservative party think of us ordinary folk, let's show them what we think about them on election day May 7th 2015.


Anonymous said...

The Coalition is calling wrongly a surplus the unused part of the National Insurance Fund since 2013 of the non-paid-out state pension to
women born from 1953 and men born from 1951.

The flat rate pension to these new claimants means NIL STATE PENSION FOR LIFE and not more but less state pension

So the 7 years lost payout to the over 60s, who half of which are within the working poor and by raised retirement age equally liable to Bedroom Tax, benefit sanctions, and losses of disabled / chronic sick benefits, are also still paying from poorly paid jobs, 12 per cent compulsory deductions per year from their wages.

Steve K said...

Speaking of lies, I notice you're still pushing PlebGate. Perhaps you're unaware of the CCTV that puts the police story out in the cold? http://www.channel4.com/news/andrew-mitchell-plebgate-police-cctv-downing-street