Sunday, November 30, 2014

Osborne's Promised '£2bn' to NHS Already Unravelling

The NHS is in meltdown, it is imploding before our eyes under the pressures that this Tory controlled government have place it under and it is not even winter proper yet! Not to mention the wasted £3 billion top down reorganisation taking place that prime minister David Cameron, when in opposition, promised us all faithfully would never happen.

How David Cameron's 'Fine Speech' Fooled and betrayed NHS Workers and the public. Please remember that when he made this speech in opposition just a few short weeks before the election, he had already finalised plans with Andrew Lansley to administer the biggest "Top Down Reorganisation" in the history of the NHS! 

"There will be no more of those reorganisations that aim for change but instead bring chaos"
David Cameron just weeks before ordering the biggest most chaotic reforms that the NHS has ever known!

Just a few short weeks after assuming (unelected) power, we soon discovered that the PM and his good friend the then Health Secretary Andrew Lansley, had been working on a top down reorganization of the NHS for at least seven years prior to entering government. In short,  basically David Cameron blatantly lied to NHS workers and the public, so can we now trust anything he and his government say about the NHS? Well four and half years later we know the answer, in short, we can't and would be a fool to take anything that Cameron, Osborne and Clegg say at face value. Experience has taught us to question every single thing this government say and promise, and a quick examination of chancellor George Osborne's supposed £2bn extra funding to the NHS shows that we are correct to do so.

A quick breakdown of the £2 billion works something like this:

£1.3 billion NHS underspend returned to the Treasury by the Department of Health (DH)
£0.7 billion reallocation from the DH to the NHS front-line

Equals £2 billion, so where is the new money promised by George Osborne? Well there isn't any, once again the devil is in the detail and it is all sleight of hand with this deceitful Tory controlled government.

Don't look to the Tories coalition partners the Liberal Democrats to expose this deception either, as they have not only helped to keep this government in power, they actually helped the Tories get the Health and Social Care bill (NHS reforms) through the Commons and the Lords which is now an Act of parliament, which is now enabling the fragmentation and the sell off of our NHS, to the private sector and we are powerless to do anything about it. Of the same private sector who are cashing in on the lucrative NHS contracts being awarded by this Government, many actually donate large sums  to Conservative party coffers, in a clear cut case of conflict of interests! NHS For sale?

Already not one day has passed and the Tories rushed and panicked plans on the NHS so called extra funding are disintegrating before our eyes. The £2 billion has quickly evaporated by almost 40% into £1.3 billion.

Questions for George Osborne:

  1. How much of this remaining £1.3bn is 'hypothecated'? 
  2. How will this money be allocated?
  3. How long will allocation take?
  4. Will it be allocated to every hospital in the country?
  5. Does this £1.3bn include the £50 million that David Cameron has promised GPs?
  6. How much will each hospital get?
  7. When can hospitals expect this cash? (Winter is already on us)
  8. Is any of this £1.3 billion heading for social care, which has seen savage cuts in funding.
The plight of elderly people having their care packages cut has resulted in many being admitted to hospital unnecessarily and that has led to bed blocking which has led to pressures on Accident and emergency Departments. This is entirely the fault of this government's cuts to social funding and changes to social care under the Tories Health and Social Care Act.

 If you are waiting for the press to expose what the Conservatives and their allies the Liberal Democrats are doing to the NHS, please don't hold your breath, because they have no intention of doing so. The press in this country are 75% Tory supporting, with Rupert Murdoch holding the monopoly on the new! He would have held almost 100% if Labour hadn't stopped his BSkyB takeover, with the then Culture Secretary being exposed as lying in parliament, the same minister who is now our Health Minister, Jeremy Hunt (swings and roundabouts and revolving doors). 

If you want the truth you are going to have to look elsewhere for your news other than the right wing Tory supporting press and a good place to see how members of the public are reacting is on twitter. Type in #CameronMustGo into search bar and look at almost 600,000 tweets overwhelmingly giving their reason why they want this government out, the NHS figures strongly amid the protests. But the mainstream media (MSM) will not tell you about this either. I you are not on twitter it's worth joining and looking at the hashtags #CameronMustGo #6monthstowin #webackEd to get a proper feel how real people are thinking and feeling and not what the Tory supporting right wing press are trying to  make you believe real people are thinking and feeling!

Look at the evidence and make your own minds up:

Can you trust a liar with our NHS? Can you trust a Tory with our NHS? Can you trust a Lying Tory with our NHS? 

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