Sunday, September 8, 2013

"Much [Union] Ado About Nothing"!

Dear Ed,

I am one of your staunchest supporters I am Labour through and through. "I get" what you are about and what you want to do with the Labour party. I understand how angry you are that Falkirk has caused such problems, but Ed, as I understand it the report that Labour commissioned has cleared Karie Murphy and has cleared the union of wrongdoing, if this is so and it is how it is being reported then shouldn't you apologise? I have no idea if we are being told the truth we all know how Tory and coalition biased the press and the broadcast media actually is, however, if you were my son I would advise you to apologise for any distress that has been caused. What a wonderful example you would set in our so degraded politics there is no shame in admitting when we have got it wrong and for showing when we do get it wrong then we should apologise for doing so, apologising when you are wrong is as natural as being happy when you are right. I may have misunderstood the situation but if I have, then I am not the only one and we need an explanation and then the whole issue needs to be put to bed.

It is not only for Labour that this this issue needs to be put to bed, more importantly it is for the millions of people who are being so badly affected by this Tory led government's policies, their lives are being catastrophically affected so please draw a line under it. There are thousands of Labour foot soldiers that give their all for this party to help elect you, we want to concentrate on exposing the Tories for the sham heartless incompetent government they are, we want to work to get you into Number 10, please do not let us down.

I believe this whole issue was deliberately whipped up by the press specifically to cause trouble for you, the unions, and Labour as we headed into the summer recess, especially by the Guardian, who seem to be running a personal vendetta against you. In the end there was no case to answer for the unions it was as I always suspected a storm in a teacup. The police found this and so did the Labour inquiry. I do fully understand why you called in the police with Cameron being such an arrogant, duplicitous bullying liar he would never have accepted that an internal Labour inquiry cleared the unions of wrongdoing, he would have dined out on it for years right up until the next election, however, he now has to accept the official police verdict. Hopefully Ed, you will now turn the tables on him and expose every last dodgy deal about how his Conservative party is funded and who by - people really need to know what kind of government this really is!

Let me reassure you that the vast majority of people seem to be more worried about the Tory corruption and the fact that they are being funded by hedge funds, banks and big business and private health companies etc. You were right to expose the appalling judgement of David Cameron in hiring Lynton Crosby, who now appears to have connections with rebel fighters in Syria, amid his other dubious connections to the tobacco and drinks industries and private health care and fracking. While this union "Much Ado About Nothing" is continuing, to use F1 terminology, Cameron is getting a free tow, time to shake him off and run him and the Tory party into the gravel where they belong. Lord knows it's hard enough to get Labour's message across in the right wing press as it is so we definitely don't need this further distraction. The right wing press love it that they do not have to report on who really funds the Conservative party and the fact that the Tories charge £25,000 to eat lunch with the prime minister and all the rest of it.

By and large people accept that the unions are above board and transparent. We must reform the Labour party to keep Labour alive for now and the years ahead, I understand this but we still have to fight the real "enemy" so please do not cut off the public from the only very small say they have through Labour and the unions, find a way to make it easier for them to contact the unions and the Labour party alike, even for people who do not vote Labour but still need our help let's include all people in our reformation. Let's make our Labour the party to "go to" for political representation etc.

You have a rare gift, in person you connect with people, they appreciate your frankness and your willingness to engage with them, even though they may be broaching subjects that are tricky where many other politicians run from, you do not walk away you stay and talk and explain. Now is the time to do this with the unions. They want to help together reformed Labour and the unions could become a formidable power of good for ordinary people.

Please bury the hatchet this coming week and let's all "unite" and get on with defeating the Tories after all they really are the real enemy! They are the enemy of the young, the elderly, poor, the sick, the low waged, the unemployed, the disabled and the vulnerable. They are heartless, they are privatising our NHS and causing it huge problems, they are privatising our education system, and privatising Royal Mail too, even our police and fire services are under attack from them. People are desperate and are looking to you to take the fight to the Tories and help to expose them and inform people what is really going on. This government is one of the most right wing business obsessed government's in the history of this country. They are using divide and rule and are terrorising people in their own homes through the bedroom tax, the disabled through Atos, the unemployed through forcing people to work for nothing, this all needs exposing and it is down to Labour to expose it, people feel they are being abused and ignored. The right wing press are not exposing the trauma this government are causing to good decent people they are helping to cover what is really happening and covering up how badly the Tories are actually damaging this country. Let's together take the fight to the Tories door, not to the door of the unions. Be progressive, be reforming, yes of course we must to survive! But don't forget people really need to feel that you and Labour are on their side, that someone in Westminster is really listening to them and that the ordinary people have a voice - *yours*!

You stuck your head above the parapet over the banks, bankers bonuses, the hacking scandal, you stood up to Rupert Murdoch, you fought to get the Leveson recommendations implemented when all Cameron wants to do is kick them into the long grass. You stood up and almost single handed stopped imminent air strikes in Syria when there was no evidence to attack, it was you that managed to halt the the US, people felt that you listened to them and acted accordingly.You stood up to the press in this country and you went against the grain, we know and can clearly see that you are now paying the price for that.

They call you weak and unprincipled, but anyone that has stood up to the press, the banks and Murdoch empire is not unprincipled and is certainly not weak. Any leader who is standing up and willing to reform their party to do what is right cannot  be called weak and unprincipled, but we need to do this together and some of our lost voters need to feel able to come back in from the cold, in fact I know many who are desperately wanting to. We're stronger together.

Let's sort it Ed.

Sincerely Gracie


Terry said...

Gracie, you don't say if this is the text of an actual letter you have sent to Ed Miliband, or whether it's just a blog posting you hope he'll see.

In the next few weeks Ed really needs to set out Labour's stall. He started with what he called a blank sheet of paper, and as far as we know, it's still blank. Traditional left-of-centre voters such as myself want to see exactly what direction Labour is going in. We're not going to vote for another 'New Labour Blair/Mandelson Tory-Lite suck-up-to-the-bankers and the oligarchs' stitchup, neither do we want a repeat of the Brownite spend spend spend cluster****. We need a party that's going to reverse the Health & Social Care Act (Ed did say he would) and to allow the rail franchises to lapse in favour of the 'East Coast model'. He must come out against Royal Mail privatisation (another word for asset-stripping) now that RM is making profit. He must show he's on the side of the Credit Unions rather than the payday lenders. He must halt the commercialisation of our schools.
He needs to spell out where he would take us on Europe, because many many people of the left have huge sympathy with UKIP but see them, quite rightly, as more 'right' than the Tories and also unelectable. Ed must tell us what he will do about immigration and the islamification of this nation. Again, many of the left worry about this.

I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling that Ed thinks he can win the next election just by allowing the Tories to implode, or by Cameron's and Osborne's unpopularity or incompetence.

People of the left are against the Bedroom Tax, but 'get' the benefits cap. We want a fairer welfare system, based upon people's contributions, not a lifestyle choice for all and sundry.

I could go on and on, but you get my drift. If Labour don't use the coming conference season to be absolutely clear what they are offering, they are finished. The Tories' forthcoming dirty campaign will see to that.

Gracie Samuels said...

As far as I know Labour has already come out against the privatisation of the Royal Mail and they have promised to repeal the Health & Social Care Act of 2012 as far as they can without triggering another top down reorganisation of the NHS. Also last week the Sunday Mirror announced that Labour are set to repeal the bedroom tax and will announce this is due course. As for policies Labour do have a number of policies already:

1. A Repeal of the NHS Bill
2. Commitment to build 125,000+ homes
3. Private Rent Regulation
4. Living Wage for Public Sector Workers & shame private sector into following suit
5. A minimum 33-40% cut in tuition fees
6. Rail price regulation limiting fare increases to 1%
7. 50p rate of tax for Rich
8. Mansion Tax for the Rich
9. Repeat the Bankers’ Bonus Tax
10. Reversal of #BedroomTax
11. Workfare Scrapped & replaced with ‘compulsory’ Jobs Guarantee (that means a minimum wage job, with hours)
12. Either a VAT cut or a ‘temporary’ VAT holiday
13. Implement the entire report of the High Pay Commission
14. Scrap Ofgem and introduce proper energy price regulation
15. Support for Clean Coal Technology and Mining Communities
16. Break up of Banks & Establish a State Owned Investment Bank

You say you think Ed thinks he can win the next election by allowing the Tories implode, I think he thinks the exact opposite of this, which is why he is desperately trying to appeal to as many groups of voters as he possibly can.

They will introduce a benefits cap based on contributions, but this doesn't mean they will allow others to fall through the net!

When I started to pay NI, I had to wait until I had paid a certain mount in before I could claim sick pay, I think this is reasonable and would help stop abuse of the system, also it would encourage people to pay in more if they thought they could get more out.

I'm not sure I like the carrot and stick approach, however, how else do we reform a system that does need reform?

I doubt you will get many new proposals from Labour in their conference,m traditionally none of the parties do this and remember we still have 2 years to run before the next election.

I have long since thought that Ed is playing the long game and I see the merits in it, but also share your frustration, we want to give people something they can sink their teeth into. All I can say terry is be patient, we are nearly at the time for the policy announcements.

We can do this if we all stick together, one thing is for sure, the ordinary people of this country cannot take another five years of this incompetence.

Gracie Samuels said...

With regard to the "Islamification" of this country, I honestly believe that this is hysteria whipped up by the right wing press and I am not comfortable with singling out one religion.

Terry said...

That's an interesting list, but does the electorate know this? I read the papers and get news from the internet, and there's much there that I didn't know.

Europe will feature greatly at the election, and people will be taken in by Cameron's promise of a referendum, despite him saying that he will campaign to stay in the EU. At the very least Ed needs to be stating that the EU will not steal any more of our sovereignty.

Immigration needs addressing in some shape or form. We cannot continue to take in all sorts from all parts of the globe. We just can't afford it, especially as welfare is getting more and more difficult to come by for the indigenous population.

With regard to workfare, again many people would agree for welfare recipients to do work in the community. There's plenty of work for them to do. The Tories, of course, drew anger by getting free labour into their friends' companies.

Finally with my regard to islamification; we should give no quarter to sharia law and 'muslim areas'. Other races living in this country accept, or seem to accept, that they have to integrate and accept the country they live in. I would like to see us follow the example of France by banning the burka in public places. I applaud the judge who recently ordered a female witness to remove her veil. Female circumcision must be stopped, along with forced marriage. Ordinary Brits will identify with this, but has the Labour party the will to go along with this sentiment?

Anonymous said...

My family have been staunch Labour party supporters for three generations, pretty much since they arrived in this country. My father worked for a Trade Union for 40 years and never would have dreamed of voting anything but Labour.

Of course, that was back in the days when Labour still broadly represented at least some socialist ideals. I find myself questioning that party loyalty the further and further the party moves to the right. What are they even for anymore?

Is it really a good idea to alienate your traditional hard-core of support by chasing the undecided by becoming a pale imitation of those you are meant to oppose?

I don't believe so. I am dreading the introduction of Universal Credit. I am dreading the replacement of DLA with PIP, which will have a substantially harmful impact on myself and many other disabled people. Yet I have no hope whatsoever that the replacement of the Tories with a Labour government in 2015 would improve this situation. The Labour Party have not spoken up for me. Why should I continue to support them?

This why people become apathetic about politics and disenfranchise themselves

Anonymous said...

The Labour Party needs to stand for something. It needs to be about fairness and equality of opportunity. It needs to be on the side of the poorest and the excluded. It must never be comfortable with excessive wealth. it must be internationalist in a way that does not mean supporting the US without fail on their latest bombing run. At the moment it is none of these things, and so it loses members. It is a top down oligarchy representing the privileged and the wealthy. It is no different to the Tories, except that it occupies the a slightly different slice of the centre-right to them. The party structures need to reflect modern life, but party policy and practice needs to be much more 38 Degrees than constituency party of the 1950s.

Anonymous said...

Interesting list - the one notable exclusion is the repealing of all welfare law including the banning of ATOS/UNUM/WCA.

So the killing of disabled people is okay with labour

Nick said...

ed needs to be more like me upfront it's a natural instinct to put others first if you can and if

I've always done it looked after all the estates I've lived in for free for the past 40 years then i expect an mp or a lord to at least match my effort and if not then your the wrong person as a mp or prime minister

to be any good at anything in life it pays to know a little about giving of your free time to either help others such as working for free at CAB or like what i do keeping the estate costs down by administrating them for free saving the residents £15000 a year

and if you cant do that then my advice would be to stay out of public life as your just a con and replace yourself with someone like myself and then get to see a vast change in society as a whole

that's what i have sent off to ed

Anonymous said...

How many more disabled people are going to be abused and killed by ther current government BEFORE the labour party DOES something about it Ed???????????????

Gracie Samuels said...

What do you expect Ed to do? Come on be reasonable he is not PM, but have no doubt he will do something when he is, but to blame him for what this government is doing is really unfair on him.