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David Cowardly Cameron - Is He Man Or Mickey Mouse?

David 'Cowardly' Cameron
Is he a Man or a Mickey Mouse?

Why won't the Prime Minister, David Cameron commit to holding the series of live leadership debates that were held at the last general election? If Gordon Brown with all the problems he had wasn't scared to hold them, why should David Cameron be any different and try to cry off like a yellow livered coward?

What exactly is Cameron so afraid of? These debates are strongly in the public interest and we have a right to see how someone behaves under pressure especially if that someone asking to become our prime minister! If Cameron is too afraid to hold these debates and too afraid of speaking live on TV and to answer live unscripted questions straight from members of the public and his adversaries then it is simple, he should not be prime minister and he has no business asking for our trust, he doesn't deserve it! 

Ed Miliband is not afraid to do it,  he regularly puts himself in the position to speak to real people and answer their real questions, he has proved this many times by talking to real people in our streets, markets, shops and factories! If Miliband can do it, then so should Cameron and Clegg!

Reverse up to pre election 2010 and ask yourselves what would David Cameron and his mates in the
First Televised Live Leadership Debates
2010 General Election
(Granted Permission By Gordon Brown)
rightwing press have called Gordon Brown if he had declined to hold the debates? Could you imagine the furore that this would have caused? The then Labour government and PM Mr Brown would never have heard the last of it if they had refused,they would have been subjected to a torrent of abuse from the rightwing Tory supporting press and had it rained down on them on a daily basis. They would never have been allowed to forget it for a moment, and yet now when Cameron will not commit to holding these debates there is complete silence in the press - why? Perhaps the press are just as much yellow livered cowards as David Cameron is and do not want to be shown up to have been perpetuating a myth and serious untruths and deliberately misleading the public about Ed Miliband for months? If they have nothing to fear and they think this is untrue, then why the silence?

Why is the rightwing press like the Telegraph, Times (even the Guardian), the Sun, Mail, Express, Star & Evening Standard so quiet on this subject? Theresa May's 'cat' got their collective tongues?

The newspapers are strangely mute on the subjects of this faux recovery that benefits only those in the South, and the looming housing and credit bubbles that Tory chancellor George Osborne is creating as a diversion to his wasted three years. They are totally silent about all the unnecessary pain and suffering Osborne has caused and will be causing in the future and quiet  about anything else even slightly controversial concerning the Conservative party yet these so-called 'news'papers do not hold back when it comes to insulting Ed Miliband, if there is little or nothing bad to report about him, then they will just make something up - despicable journalist runts of the parasitic kind! However, if they really think that Ed Miliband is that bad then surely they should put their pens to where their notepads are and start having the courage of their own convictions and begin asking and encouraging their "hero" David Cameron to give a date on when he is going to hold these live TV debates. But all we getting is this odd strangulated hush hovering over them. I wonder, are they quiet because they want to be, or are they being deliberately kept quiet?

Why isn't ITV, the BBC, Ch 4 and Sky News not asking this question of the prime minister? I know of only one journalist and presenter with any balls who has been asking this question and that's Sky News's Adam Boulton, I may not like his politics but at least he is trying! But so far absolute silence on any progress, especially from BBC journalist the great Tory sniveller himself Nick Robinson, the antithesis to the truth and honest reporting. Two words describe Nick Robinson "Tory" and "biased"! He calls himself a political correspondent (big laughs), he's no good to man nor beast and about as exciting as watching proverbial paint dry!

In answer to a point made by former London Mayor, Ken Livingstone about the leadership debates this morning on Sky News, Dermot Murnaghan said that Cameron didn't want to hold the debates because he was worried about Nigel Farage, well he might be (he's scared of anyone who will show him up for the liar and coward he actually is) however, Cameron is much more worried about going up against Ed Miliband in these live debates and so is his poodle Liberal Democrat the so called Deputy Prime Minister. Remember Nick Clegg is the DPM who once famously forgot he was supposed to run the country in the PMs absence shortly before he flying out of the country to go on holiday himself leaving it unattended (the London riots followed!) Imagine if a Labour DPM had done this? Whoosh the newsstands would be on fire with a tirade of abuse, but apparently it's OK for the Tories, because well they are - Tories!

George Osborne "master strategist" (apparently) has said these leadership debates would be held over his dead body,  so here we have yet another coward, because of course if the leadership debates were to go ahead, we would also hold the 'chancellor debates' and we all know that Gideon is scared of coming up against Labour shadow chancellor Ed Balls, and there is no way Osborne wants to answer questions on why he ruined the economy and deliberately choked off the economic recovery for three years, so he could make it look like it was him that saved the day! (That's 3 years of hell he has put people through for his own selfish greedy political ambitions by the way) I hear his knees are sore from constantly praying that this faux recovery lasts until after the 2015 election!

David Cameron enjoying his fourth Holiday
of the year
Hardships? What Hardships?
In another show of complete cowardice, Cameron has also said if he decides to hold these debates then he will hold them months before the election and not in the weeks leading up to the election. I know Cameron is not renown for being very bright, and we all know he can't do detail and struggles to answer the simplest of questions which require a degree of the truth, but months ahead really? He doesn't think this will play directly into the hands of the Labour leader then? That decision is thwart with dangers and I'm not going to tell Cameron why either, let him try and work it out for himself!

So who will be the first newspaper to break ranks, stop showing such Tory bias cowardice and tackle the prime minister about these live leadership debates? Come on time is getting, schedules have to be planned as well you know!

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