Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Thatcher's Dead and The Tories Rewrite History!

I wasn't going to mark the passing of Margaret Thatcher but I had a change of heart due to the great rewriting of history since she died, by the "great and the good" (Tory sycopahnts).

I will not rejoice her death and I will respect that she was someone's mother and grandmother (even if her family couldn't be bothered to rush back to the country to be with their mother in her final hours) because to do anything different would render me a person I am not and "that woman" has already taken so much from me so I categorically refuse to allow her, even in death, to take even more.

When the news of her death broke I felt nothing, it was later that the sense of mourning came.

I mourned the closing of the coal mines, the steelworks, ship building and the loss of manufacturing. I mourned the loss council housing which is the main cause of such pain and distress today suffered by those who cannot afford to buy, cannot afford private rents and who desperately need social housing. I mourn the loss of the time before Thatcher's government started privatising everything that wasn't nailed down. I mourn the era when we had a stricken country after coming through WW2, but still managing to to build homes, the NHS and welfare state, even though rationing was still happening. I mourn the loss of a time when when  we had some sense of community and responsibility and a real want to help others less well off.
I mourn the jobs my husband (and millions like him) lost as a direct result of Thatcher's policies that killed British industry.

I don't mourn the years horrendous strain Thatcher's policies placed upon us until it finally broke our backs. I don't mourn the time when so many people thought their only option when faced with bankruptcy, redundancy, and losing their, businesses, their homes and their dignities was to commit suicide -  lest we forget, because  according to the Office National Statistics (ONS), suicide is once again on the rise and to go with that, we have another Tory government in all but name and this one is even unelected!

Do I pay respects at the loss of this divisive figure? Yes. I pay respects to the thousands of miners Thatcher made redundant and recall with deep sadness the divisions and rifts she caused in families and I hope now with "that bloody woman's" passing those terrible rifts can start to heal.

I never wanted my own children's lives or the lives of my precious precious grandchildren to be blighted like  ours were during the 18 years of Tory hell. When the Tories went out in 1997 I prayed we would never see the like of them again and then along came the - "sons of Thatcher", implementing her failed monetarist policies behaving like Thatcher on speed.

This unelected government ram austerity down the throats of the people who never caused the problems, Cameron and Osborne (like their "mother") are once again dividing society and are blaming people for being poor and are encouraging workers to turn against each other. They continually tell us that as a country we do not have any money. Then Thatcher dies and we are told by the Foreign Secretary, William Hague, we can afford to waste spend upwards of £10 million on a state  ceremonial funeral for the most divisive prime minister in British history!

During the miners strike Thatcher stopped social security payments to help with miners funerals. Today people in their darkest hour and need are denied help burying their loved ones, e yet we are forced to pay over £10 million for one divisive woman's funeral?

At a time when people should have been trying to save for old age, they were struggling virtually penniless to pay ever rising bills, the poll tax. They had no hope of saving for today because they had no job, their jobs were cruelly taken away by Thatcher. She did not want to subsidise the national industries, yet like this government today, she thought nothing of subsidising her mates in corporations and financial sector. Now these people are referred to as little more than "benefit cheating scum" and "shirkers" who have never worked. They are the product of Thatcher's policies, yet suddenly the country's ills are all their fault, just as they were once the fault of the working class before under Thatcher.

This funeral today is a final smack in the teeth for the millions whose lives she totally ruined. It is a slap in the face of the workers who actually built this country, who Thatcher referred to as "the enemy within".

What about the closed pits and the derelict communities? What about the decimated shipbuilding and the Sheffield steelworks?The empty spaces in Stoke where potteries once stood? The now gone textile mills of the North West? Why did Thatcher and still her sycophantic followers today believe that having decimated British industry everyone was going to find a job selling each other "financial services"? How did she think this was ever going to happen? And one of the biggest 'hilarities' of this present unelected Tory buffoonery (government) was to come in and say "we are going to manufacture our way out of recession", where? How? yet since they came in the very small amount of manufacturing Britain had left was doing fairly well and since this government came in, that too has fallen off a cliff, it's Thatcherism repeating itself - again!

Now people are told they should show respect for Thatcher because she is someone's mother and she has died! Yes Thatcher is the mother of a daughter that refers to black people as "gollywogs" and an arms dealer son who cost this country millions when he got lost in the desert. Mark Thatcher the now 59-year-old – who was convicted in South Africa in 2005 over his involvement in a failed coup in Equatorial Guinea – has achieved a certain fresh respectability in the eyes of the world, by now being entitled to call himself "Sir" Mark.
Talk about respect, if Mark Thatcher had any kind of respect for the people of his native country he would not have dreamed of calling himself "Sir Mark", what has he ever done that is good for this country that he thinks it is OK for him to call himself this?

The title is a consequence of the bestowal on his father Denis, in Mrs Thatcher's own resignation honours as prime minister, of an unusual hereditary baronetcy. When his father died in 2003, the title passed to Mark: it was thus the last of several favours his mother did for him, thanks to her position.
 I personally would spit in his eye rather than refer to him as "Sir Mark". Just more pointless upper-class twaddle and trash and the politics of the inherited.

I was put off by the celebrations of a M. Thatcher’s death. 
Margaret Thatcher’s policies resulted in a great deal of anguish and poverty for a great many people. She was ruthless: 
“She supported the retention of capital punishment,she destroyed the country’s manufacturing industry,she voted against the relaxation of divorce laws she abolished free milk for schoolchildren, she supported more freedom for business (and look how that turned out), she gained support from the National Front in the 1979 election by pandering to the fears of immigration, she gerrymandered local authorities by forcing through council house sales, at the same time preventing councils from spending the money they got for selling houses on building new houses (spending on social housing dropped by 67% in her premiership), she was responsible for 3.6 million unemployed – the highest figure and the highest proportion of the workforce in history and three times the previous government. Massaging of the figures means that the figure was closer to 5 million….” 
I could add to this list.Her policies actually hurt people .Although I have no wish to celebrate her death I can understand how people feel, especially as we have a Tory government whose policies are mirroring Thatchers. No I do not think its about left wing people celebrating Thatchers death, I think people remember the awful time they had and are simply expressing that. I don’t think you will find anyone celebrating Major’s death. 
Written By  A.Blogger

Respect for Thatcher? Perhaps we will show respect for her in death when she can come back and show respect for what she did to the lives of millions of people and when she can rise and say she is sorry for the pain and suffering and the ruined lives she caused.

I'm not a hypocrite, I loathed everything she stood for and no amount of Sycophantic Tory MPs and Z list celebrities rewriting history will ever make me change my mind.


Nick said...

I agree Gracie she was just hell bent on getting only her views across and to hell with everyone including her cabinet who didn't agree with her

GWB1983 said...

Agree with all that was wrote in the main article, and now the Party that claimed to have changed is back in full Thatcher flow; Fox with lets have more Thatcher policies (I already thought we were getting them now).

The problem with Britain today is that the public are sadly thick, YES THICK; for it continues to listen, watch and read the Tory Propaganda whether via tv, lie papers or radio it swollows everything up huck line and sinker.

Everyone out of work does not want to work they are told, the disabled are all frauds and the sick are swinging the leg, those using foodbanks are all living it up and going to the pub and those in work who are ill are also fakes.


Thank You British Public for standing up for your rights and the rights of our future children's children, well done everyone who continues to swollow right wing crap.

Gracie Samuels said...

I know it is very frustrating, the only time some people wake-up is when it affects them personally, they don't seem to realise they need to stop these infringes BEFORE they get to that stage!