Monday, November 28, 2011

Tory MP Michael Gove A "Striking" Hypocrite

Tory MP Education Secretary, Michael Gove On Official NUJ Picket Line
A far cry from Union Bashing  Opinion of the Unions Now!

There are many hypocrites in the Tory cabinet but today the Education Secretary, Michael Gove really excelled himself!

Michael Gove started today by ferociously attacking union strike action, in other words it is "don't do as I do, do as I tell you", his hypocrisy beggars belief!

The above picture shows him on an official picket line where he could be found virtually all of the time and when the usual shop steward who was the strikers spokesman was absent, Gove would step in to become spokesman.

Part of the reason why he was taking industrial action was because; "Management are denying people the chance to be governed by a collective bargaining deal and denying freedom of choice in the workplace."
The government he is a part of is trying to stop workers going to tribunals, forcing them to pay at least £1000 to commence tribunal action and just last week they announced that they were going to make it easier for bosses to sack their workers, leaving workers open to abuse and bullying and totally unable to defend themselves. I wonder if Mr Gove would have considered striking for any of those reasons and whether he and his colleagues would have called them an all out assault on workers rights?

Gove has come under fire for many things this past 19 months, especially when he claimed £7000 to furnish his London home before "flipping" his address, he did pay the money back, but has never admitted wrongdoing, but this is the mark of this Tory cabinet and their little useful idiot friends the orange Tory Liberal Democrats, they are all hypocrites and never accept their actions were responsible for the harm their incompetence is causing the ordinary people in this country, from the prime minister ABC "Anyone But Cameron"!

I support the public service worker strikers.

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