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Cameron £140,000 Land Purchase From Tory Lobbyist & Donor

In July 2011 the Prime Minister David Cameron spent nearly £140,000 buying land neighbouring his Oxfordshire home from a Tory party donor, Lord Chadlington. He is the Chief executive of the powerful Huntsworth group, which runs a number of lobbying firms including Quiller and a close political ally and friend of the prime minister. 

Lord Chadlington also known as Peter Gummer is the brother of ex Tory MP now Lord John Gummer (Baron Debden) .Benedict Gummer (32)  is the son of John Gummer and was elected as Conservative MP in May 2010 for Ipswich. "His seat was secured by his father’s wealth, influence and by the support of Kenneth Clarke (Health Minister who allowed BSE infected material into baby food, school meals, and vaccines). Lord Chancellor Kenneth Clarke who is also a member of the Prime Ministers Cabinet travelled to Ipswich and met with wealthy landowners, businessmen during Benedict Gummers electioneering. Many meetings behind closed doors with the help of the ‘old boy network’ helped to secure Ben Gummers seat" (Justice for Andy)
Lord John Gummer is the Chairman of the environmental consultancy company Sancroft International and Chairman of Veolia Water. (No wonder the Tories privatised water!)

Lord John Gummer was one of the worse claimants of parliamentary expenses the former environment secretary, used the parliamentary expenses system to claim more than £9,000 a year for gardening., he also received hundreds of pounds to meet the costs of “treating” moles, removing a jackdaw nests, tackling insect infestations and an annual rodent service” contract, claiming more than £100 a year for the mole treatment alone.

Here are a few examples of how John Gummer earns his  money  "They Work For You".  
Valpak is especially interesting and it would be in the public interest to know more details about Valpak’s  interests in the [no 2] Suffolk Incinerator and the Tory-run County Council. 

Quiller Consultants is situated next door to the Queen at Buckingham Gate.
Lord Chadlington admitted priming four private equity leaders before they gave evidence to a highly charged Commons inquiry.He  helped senior figures from Permira, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, 3i and Carlyle to prepare for an appearance before the Treasury Select Committee on June 20, 2007.

Lord Chadlington was also a Key backer of Mr Cameron and bankrolled his bid for the Tory leadership and is the chairman of Cameron's Witney constituency association and donated £10,000 towards his run for the Conservative leadership. Since then, he has personally donated more than £60,000 to the party, while his company has donated a further £30,000.

Huntsworth owned Quiller lobbies for among others a private equity firm heavily invested in healthcare and also Capita  which is a huge outsourcing company which is also involved in the NHS and is headed up by George Bridges not only is Bridges an old Etonian friend of David Cameron, he is also an old friend of George Osborne the Tory chancellor.  Quiller is heavily connected to the Conservative Government and is enjoying regular access to top Tories.

 This explains still further why the Tories are so adamant that they are going to dismantle the NHS and allow private companies to come in and do what they like with it. With all these Lords closely associated with David Cameron, is it any wonder the NHS bill did not get voted out?

Not for the first time David Cameron's cavalier behaviour and crass political judgement is raising concerns.
Before  George Bridges joined Quiller as a lobbyist he was the Tory party's  former campaigns manager was invited by David Cameron to help run his general election campaign he also used to be employed as the former chief of staff  of Theresa May and was an ex strategist from the department of health, all lobbying for and pushing the agenda of these companies that hire Quiller consultants. He is currently still employed by Quiller Consultants along with other former Tory aides. 
Quiller Consultants also employs Stephen Parkinson, who used to prepare David Cameron for Prime Minister’s Questions, and Malcolm Morton, a former adviser to Cabinet Office minister Mark Harper. Quiller co-founder Jonathan Hill is now a junior minister in the Department for Education.
Departmental records show that in the first  10 months of the coalition government Tory ministers regularly held meetings with clients of Quiller Consultants, one Quiller client the BSA which is a lobbying company and lobbies on behalf of the outsourcing industry.
The City of London Corporation, had seven meetings with the Tory financial secretary to the Treasury Mark Hoban also in the first 10-month period. 
In the first 8 months of the coalition Migration Watch UK, a right wing pressure group which campaigns for less immigration and produces dubious statistics held two meetings with Home Secretary Theresa May and a further two meetings with immigration minister Damian Green.
In addition, May’s special advisers Fiona Cunningham and Nick Timothy have enjoyed lunch with Quiller".
Hey but don't worry - "we are all in this together" - How will you spend your £140.000?
Ever felt like you have been well and truly had?

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