Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Press and Broadcast Media are a bunch of Liars and Cowards.

Once again we have a situation in this country where the right wing press barons are running the government, we have seen this before under Thatcher and Major. The right wing press are being given a foothold in our parliament by a weak and damaged prime minister.

Over the past few months as the general election has started to draw close we have seen a concerted effort in the press to 'get Miliband' and at any price. This has not only taken place in the usual suspect right wing newspapers like the Sun, Mail, Telegraph etc but also in the once left wing Guardian and even the Daily Mirror columnist Kevin Maguire is not averse to putting the boot into Ed Miliband. So-called 'Blairites' from within Labour have 'supposedly' been briefing their contacts in the press, I say supposedly because they are never named so journalists can say pretty much what they like and who knows if what is being reported is true or not?  Then there is the Tory loaded and biased BBC and Sky News all attacking Ed Miliband. It also has to be said he is being attacked by the far left, who do not think he is left enough. So what is it they are attacking him with, what are their reasons?

First of all they said Miliband and Labour have no policies, well they do have policies and it has become clear that not only does Labour have policies (Green Benches), they have policies that people like. When the press could no longer say that Miliband has no policies their narrative changed to 'Miliband has no story'. These newspapers the Sun, mail, Guardian etc and the biased broadcast media like Sky News and the BBC, deliberately fail to publish the plans and the policies that Labour has, instead they ignore those and dedicate pages and hundreds of column inches devoted to showing us all how Ed Miliband ate a bacon sandwich.

It doesn't matter what Miliband does, the 'Murdochistas' and the biased broadcast media are going to attack for it, they have already made up their minds.

Kevin Maguire often dedicates inches of his column to giving Ed Miliband backhanded compliments, however as Maguire comes across as muddled it's hard to know what he wants, and I don't think he knows either, the man should try extricating himself from 'Tory Boy's' rear (Andrew Pierce) occasionally and taking a few long walks away from the Westminster bubble and perhaps he would come across less confused, bitter and vindictive. I would ask why, if Maguire thinks he can do better, he has not stood to become a Labour MP when he has had the chance? Then if he manages to persuade  the electorate to trust him and vote for him he can throw his hat into the ring and stand for leader, get elected (if he can) and then see if he can do better than Ed Miliband under the most harshest of circumstances. Of course he wouldn't, he has chickened out several times from standing, he'll never do it because there's only one colour running through Maguire - yellow!

Then there are those that say Ed Miliband is not left enough, they are impervious to the fact that being 'left enough' cosigned the Labour party to 18 years in the political wilderness between 1979 and 1997, how many far left polices helped ordinary people during those 18 years? They bemoan that Labour isn't doing anything about the NHS, well how can they they are not in government, but what they have done is promised to repeal the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats Health and Social Care Act (otherwise known as the much hated Tory NHS reforms), something the left choose to ignore r try to explain away with silly excuses. The left doesn't like the hated Tories bedroom tax, neither does Labour and they have promised to repeal this as well, but this is also forgotten. There are many examples like this and while the left plays directly into the hands of the Tories attack dog and lobbyist election adviser Lynton Crosby, they are doing exactly what the Tories want them to do and they just cannot see it.

Miliband is attacked by the right wing press for being 'too left' they call him 'Red Ed' and he is attacked by the left for being too right.

The Tory press and the biased broadcast media are tearing into Ed Miliband, they are leaving David Cameron and the Tory party to their own devices which will cause this country to enter the biggest homegrown recession of its entire history! Even Mark Carney Governor of the Bank of England parachuted into position by George Osborne (despite the bank supposed to be independent of government interference), is warning that interest rates will have to rise five fold and yet still Osborne is going full throttle with his help to buy scheme, despite the fact that it is this that has caused the housing bubble in the housing market. Personal debt is soaring, people are over committing themselves to mortgages they will be unable to pay if interest rates rise. Everyone with half a brain cell knows very well that the unemployment statistics are far from telling the full and correct story and that poverty is increasing and people being forced to use food banks *despite* being in work. The real story behind the the stats is not very good for the low paid, the unemployed, disabled etc and the horrendous problems the Tories and Liberal democrat reforms are causing the NHS, but the right wing press prefer not to mention this, they just want to publish brainless stories about bacon sarnies! I mean who cares that Wonga loan shark company run by Adrian Beecroft a major donor to the Tory party has seen a never ending supply of customers forced to apply for expensive loans as a direct result of Tory government policy, has been threatening its customers with strong arm tactics and deception, a bacon sandwich is much more important!

Does the right wing press even care that the Tories have been putting profits before patients in the NHS and that A&E departments across the country have been failing in the summer, so God knows what will happen when footfall increases with onset of Autumn and winter?

Mark Carney Bank of England Governor issuing warning after warning has been totally disregarded.

Interest rates look to be on the rise to at least 3% which will place people already over stretched in a precarious position of losing their homes, homes they have been actively encouraged to buy with taxpayers money by the insane Chancellor George Osborne. House prices are still rising rapidly and are out of control.

Neither does it seem to matter that the prime minister, David Cameron has put a criminal in ex News of the World editor Andy Coulson at the heart of British government, and this is despite many warnings not to hire him from all sides of the political spectrum. But what do you expect when Cameron ignored the fact that the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt when he was Culture Secretary has deliberately lied to and mislead parliament.

All this going on and to appease his right wingers in the Tory party David Cameron decides to place the livelihoods of millions of Brits at risk by picking a fight he could not win with Juncker int he EU.

Time and time and time again cameron has placed his party political allegiances before the health and welfare of the British people - hey but don't worry of course a bacon sandwich is far more important the the people of this country.

Labour does not have an 'Ed Miliband problem', Labour has a right wing press and a biased broadcast media problem, who are hell bent on getting the Tories elected no matter what because they are scared of Miliband and scared that he will implement the Leveson press control recommendations.

Ed Miliband has no polices, he proves them wrong, then he has no story he proves them wrong, he is weak they scream from their banner headlines, yet how can he be weak when he has taken on Murdoch and won, Dacre of the Mail and won. He pushed the PM to hold the Leveson inquiry when he didn't want to (the same Leveson inquiry that Cameron hid behind on the conviction of Andy Coulson his friend and former director of communications). He forced Cameron, Hague and the president of the United States back from the brink of bombing Syria. Miliband took on the energy companies forcing the PM to act, they all said what Miliband proposed could not work, yet it was an energy company itself that proved it could work and implemented it. NONE of this would have happened if it were not for one man, the leader of the opposition, Ed Miliband.

He's red  they scream, no he's not red he's blue, he's pink, he's Tory lite.

What the press fear is not a weak Ed Miliband but the strong Ed Miliband they all know and who they are doing their damnedest to stop the public knowing.

They are throwing everything at Miliband and yet he still maintains a lead in the polls that will put him in number 10 next year and they are becoming increasingly shrill and desperate, expect it to get worse! If Miliband and Labour had done a fraction of the things that this incompetent Tory party have done we would never hear the last of it. If Miliband had been as weak, incompetent, ignorant, arrogant as Cameron could you imagine the press just letting it go as they have done with Cameron? How bad would press coverage have been if Miliband had placed a criminal at the heart of British government? Would they have just dropped the story after just one day?

How bad does this Tory Lib Dem government have to get before the press and biased broadcast media start telling the truth and informing the public instead of fixating on a bacon sandwich?


Anonymous said...

Thankyou so much for this blog. I knew most of what it contained because I hate the ConDems and follow so many well informed people on Twitter (such as yourself) that I have learned so much. Anyway thanks again, its good to have ALL this info in one piece. Gonna share as much as I can.

Dave Levy said...

Can I repeat Anonymous' thanks. While some people at the top of the Labour Party are rearranging deck chairs it's important to remember the stakes and just how awful this government is.