Sunday, May 12, 2013

The British Government Is a Total Omnishambles!

They Think the Omnishambles They Have created Is Funny!

What an omnishambles the British government is in and what a complete mess they are causing in the country. From the prime minister down, does any one of this appalling government know what they are doing at any given time? How much longer is this government going to be allowed to limp on fatally wounded before the press start doing their job and actually reporting the truth and informing the public?

Today on the various Sunday politics shows, it was like a short list interview where the candidates were all vying for the the top job of prime minister. If the government's own cabinet ministers have no confidence in David Cameron's ability to run this country how can the public have any?

The whole country from the economy downwards is going to hell in a handcart. The jobless figure jumped by 70,000 last month and we are supposed to be grateful that we missed a triple dip recession by the skin of our teeth as the British economy stagnates and flat-lines? Are we supposed to be grateful that this shockingly deceitful government are cooking the books to cover up their mishandling of the economy, and fiddling the unemployment statistics in order to keep the full and very shocking truth from us?

Construction has fallen off the edge of a cliff , manufacturing is not far behind it and we are supposed to be cock-a-hoop over a few extra cranes being hired in the capital building office blocks that no one wants while not building homes the country desperately needs?

The only sectors keeping us out of recession are the service sector and the financial sector. How long will people keep spending in the service sector as the government austerity measures start to really take hold? The service sector also depends on government spending, but the government are not spending because they are too busy borrowing money to waste on paying their Tory doning companies like Tesco to take people from the unemployment register, pay them nothing and force the taxpayer to pick up the tab, just so the government can keep fiddling the unemployment figures, which would jump by around a million overnight if this practices suddenly stopped!

The Tory doning banks and financial sector that got the country  into this mess with their greed and also helped to ruin the global economy is doing very well, as people take out  and are forced to spend more on their credit cards, no not for luxuries, but to pay the bills. Not one of these financial organisations has been prosecuted and this government continues to allow them to avoid paying their taxes while awarding themselves huge bonuses.

People's standard of living has plummeted and families can no longer afford to feed themselves and thousands are turning to foodbanks for help.

The cost of gas, electricity and water has soared as the government continues to allow these utility companies to make massive profits and charge us what they like. Remember it was a previous Conservative government under Thatcher that privatised the utility companies allowing foreign investors to buy them and charge us what they like!

Rail fares are going through the roof under the Tory privatised Railways, which is adding further strain to household budgets.

The NHS is being privatised.   Accident and Emergency Departments across the country are now failing and people are waiting hours for treatment in waiting rooms and in hospital corridors on trolleys and some are even being treated in tents in hospital grounds.

Private health companies who donate to the Tory party are being awarded multi million pound NHS contracts. Even the Tory cabinet all have links to health companies and will be making money out of the NHS.

The government have allowed private companies to have access to your medical records and are selling off your personal information.

The perfectly good and efficient NHS Direct service was abolished by this government (for absolutely no good reason other than they could if they wanted to) and was replaced with a malfunctioning inferior service called NHS 111, which has already been estimated to have caused at least three deaths and countless other incidents which are now being investigated.

S75 NHS was approved by the House of Lords and the voted through by Tories and Liberal Democrats and is now forcing GPs to offer private companies NHS contracts, even if they do not want to, thus enabling the privatisation of the NHS still further.

The ambulance service is now at a critical stage and people are being forced to wait up to 5 hours for private ambulances sent from 100's of miles away and when they do arrive they have no idea where the local hospital is.

The Fire service is also being slowly privatised and London Fire Brigade  is being cut endangering people in their homes.

The police service is being privatised and now police forces are being sponsored by MacDonalds or Burger King and could turn up with an advert for these companies across their backs!

The government are also selling off the civil service to be run by private companies.

State education is being privatised and the taxpayer is being forced to fund so called "free" schools which are only open to the children of the elite (not little Johnny from the sink estate) who now find they don't have to pay private school fees because the education Secretary Michael Gove is forcing the taxpayer to pay instead.

As Iain Duncan Smith's (IDS) welfare reforms hit the most vulnerable the hardest the much reviled bedroom tax has claimed a death as a grandmother committed suicide because she felt there was nowhere else for her to turn. (Incidentally IDS lives rent free in a Bucks mansion supplied by his wealth father in law, it has a swimming pool and tennis courts in its grounds) IDS also said he could live on £53 per week but refused to take the challenge.

Mrs Bottrill left a note saying that no one else was to blame for her ending her own life except the government. Mrs Bottrill's daughter had moved out of their 3 bedroom house which left her mother struggling to pay £20 per week bedroom tax for under occupancy, she had apparently told neighbours that she was paying the tax but had nothing left to live on after doing so. That means she had no money left to buy food or pay her other bills, like gas, electricity and water etc. Her son has stated that:
“She was fine before this Bedroom Tax. It was dreamt up in London, by people in offices and big houses.“They have no idea the effect it has on people like my mum.” Full story Here

This is not the first suicide because of this government's policies there is approximately 1,300 people amopng them nay disabled people, who have committed suicide as a direct result of the effects this government's policies are having on their lives.

Read Here about the couple that committed suicide who were forced to walk miles to a food bank in order to eat.

British people are committing suicide to avoid poverty - read Here.

Unemployed dad commits suicide after his housing benefit was stopped read Here

This government have been repeatedly told, but they will not listen, it is as if they have a mental block about how badly their policies are affecting people. The government obviously do not think of people on benefits as real people, with real needs, they obviously believe that all people on benefits are "scroungers" or "skivers" or "shirkers" and have said as much and also implied much more and worse besides. They have deliberately sought to divide people and turn whole communities against each other and this suicide is a symptom of something which has gone badly wrong in Britain today. I'm also afraid is just the tip of the iceberg. The hostile right wing Tory supporting press are failing in their duty to inform the public about what is truly happening in the country and keep issuing this appalling government with continuous "get out of jail free cards" which enables them to carry on hurting and destroying the lives of real people. Rather than report the 1.300 suicides which have taken place as a direct result of this government's draconian policies, rather than report the fact that millions of people are being driven to the edge of despair, the Tory supporting press would rather publish puerile articles calling Ed Miliband stupid names; and they wonder why the public feel that the press need proper legal regulation?!

How have we allowed ourselves to be so badly lied to and so cowed by a government that we meekly accept that the richest in society (and that includes the present Conservative party cabinet) can be handed a huge tax break by their very own Tory chancellor which results in them each being gifted huge cheques between £100,000 and £140,000 from the taxman and we say and do absolutely nothing about it? Why are we allowing ourselves be fooled into thinking that the poor are lazy, feckless idle shirkers so deserve to have their incomes docked by between 14% and 25% per week in bedroom tax and millions of working families deserve to have their tax credits cut while chancellor George Osborne's millionaires receive a giveaway worth on average £100,000? Why are we allowing  our pensioners to pay more tax in order for the rich to pay less?  "Who wants to bung a millionaire"?

This government are not only inflicting the bedroom tax on people, they are also forcing others to pay council tax for the first time, this is people in work but earning a low wage so they got help in the form of rebates. Ye this government want us to believe they have taken x amount of people out of paying income tax, yes they may have but 1) most of those people already paid no tax..2) they give this small concession but fail to tell people they are taking away tax credits, housing benefits and council tax rebates as well as inflicting the council tax upon people. this the government maintain is making work pay?

What kind of society are we allowing this appalling government turn us into? Where a grandmother feels she has no option but to throw herself under the wheels of a lorry and where we just accept that over 1.300 other people have felt so lost, so alone, so isolated, so belittled, depressed and bullied to the point they feel absolutely worthless that they too have committed suicide?

How many more people will be driven to this point before this public wakes up to the evil bullying disease that this Conservative led coalition government are spreading amongst us? More to the point, how much longer are the Liberal Democrats going to keep supporting this government and actually enabling them to do this? Does power really mean that much to them? How much longer can the press keep giving this shocking incompetent bullying government a free ride?

With all this and so much more going on in this country and with the shocking mess this incompetent self serving lying government are making, you would think they would be doing something to try and put it all right? But no apparently not, so what are they doing?

Well apparently there is nothing more pressing in this country right now than the holding a referendum on whether we should stay in or come out of the EU.

We had the Queens Speech last week and instead of it being about promoting jobs and growth and building houses etc, it has turned into a debate on the European Union. The right wing of the Tory party, aided and abetted by their mates in the right wing press have hijacked parliament and the Queens Speech.

David Cameron is running around like a headless chicken giving a good verbal kicking to any immigrant he sees in a bid to out Ukip, Ukip.

He has thrown the only black working class adviser he had in his inner circle out and replaced him with yet another old Etonian from his Bullingdon Boy school days. His inner circle is now almost primarily made up of his old Etonian school chums.

Cameron has hired the dubious immigrant bashing (allegedly) Lynton Crosby three days a week to help him win the next election (because obviously he has no urgent priorities on his hands) and is paying him an astronomical sum funded taxpayer. Lynton Crosby has also allegedly influenced the Queens Speech as his company has links to the oil, gas, tobacco and drinks industries.

We have got into the bizarre situation where the prime minister is now considering voting against his own Queens Speech because he is so scared of his right wing rebellion and of Ukip.

The Prime Minister is more concerned with getting re elected and with Ukip than he is with what is happening in this country. he would rather place at risk 3 million jobs and further destabilise an already unstable economy just for his own narrow party political interests.

And the Liberal Democrats are allowing all this to happen and the hostile Tory supporting press are not reporting any of it, so vast swathes of the public have no real idea about what is really going on.

The press refuse to report Ed Miliband accurately or fairly, they would rather tell lies about him and print tittle tattle and call him childish names (as does David Cameron and the Tories) than report what sense the man is actually talking. He is the only leader strong enough to stand up and say the last thing this country needs at this present time is a referendum on the EU, which would further damage inward investment at a time when the country needs all the investment it can get. he has said if the conditions change in the EU then we will have a referendum.

Miliband is the only leader outwardly saying our financial system is bust and he is the only leader with a plan to fix it.

He is the only leader to act in the national interest and not in his own party political interest and yet the hostile Tory supporting press see this as a means to ridicule him.

The whole country is now hanging over a precipice and all Cameron can think of is himself! Cameron has totally lost control of his government and the country.

The public can have no confidence in him to run  the country properly, he is displaying an alarming abuse of power and even more alarming incompetence and corruption. The British government under this Tory led coalition is now in total disarray.

I've said it many times Cameron and Osborne are totally incapable of running this country, morally and intellectually, I refer to them, not as the Two Ronnies but more the "Two Wrongies"!

It is time for a General Election!


Anonymous said...

"This government have been repeatedly told, but they will not listen, it is as if they have a mental block about how badly their policies are affecting people."

this is deliberate neoliberal (fascist) polcy that is totally endorsed by the labour party

Gracie Samuels said...

Really? Would you like to tell us all the date it was endorsed? Go on you know you want to.

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