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How "tough" is Chris Grayling's "love"?

Chris Grayling, Conservative minister for Work and Pensions has spoken out about how he has "tough love" for the disabled people he hopes to force back to work.

Mr Grayling owns and lets out two terraced houses in Wimbledon for which he receives rental income of at at least approximately £5000 per month, approximately £120,000 per year. He also has his generous parliamentary expenses and his cabinet minister's salary. If that is what you get for "tough love" then no doubt many sick, disabled and terminally ill people would love to have that kind of "problem".

Grayling also claims for a flat in Pimlico, close to the House of Commons despite having a home just 17 miles away, a car and driver at his disposal. Why does he need this flat, it is a completely unnecessary expense, especially as he is taking away the much needed and depended upon benefits from the disabled, the sick and the terminally ill. Then again perhaps he feels the strain of a gruelling day at the office spent taking disabled people's rights and benefits away from them? He also charged the taxpayer for a new water and electrical systems which he said had failed "leaving the place needing a major overhaul", why shouldn't we the taxpayer (including those dreadful scrounging fakers the disabled taxpayers) be forced to pay for his luxury refit? Perhaps this is why he is forcing 70,000 more people to work for nothing or face losing their benefits, in order to pay for it all?

Grayling also made a complete ass of himself as well as offending those who live on Moss Side by inferring that they are all a bunch of thugs involved in gang warfare and shootings and comparing them to Baltimore, when Baltimore had 191 shootings in that year, compared to Moss Side, who had er....none!  I'm not sure the people of Baltimore were over enamoured with his description of them either! Not to mention his attack on gay couples and how he thinks that bed & breakfast owners should be able to dispense their own brand of "tough love" and discriminate against gay people if they want to.

I wonder when the news will emerge about Grayling's possible breach of the ministerial code, all 7 of them? He obviously sees nothing wrong with awarding contracts to companies that donate to him or the Conservative party, one company he awarded 14 contracts to donated £27,000 to him in the run up to the 2010 general election.

Thousands of jobseekers have been referred to a mandatory work scheme that has done nothing for their employment chances, has made them as likely to claim benefits over the long term as those not on the scheme, and has led to a proportion subsequently signing on for sickness support, government research has found. Between May and November last year, more than 1,600 people had their benefits cut for up to six months for refusing to start a placement or leaving it before it finished. One in five of those who failed to start MWA were sanctioned. This means that there is possibly thousands of people who are coming off of the unemployment register and not being counted in the unemployment statistics, is it any wonder we are sliding deeper and deeper into recession, yet seeing the weirdness of the unemployment figures reducing? No  wonder is it, the government are fixing the stats.

Disabled people, chronically and acutely sick, mentally ill people and to our utter shame terminally ill people have all been forced back to work by Atos at the behest of Chris Grayling if they refused, Grayling  had their benefits stopped. What a wonderful  way for a supposedly civilised country to be acknowledged in the way we treat the people who need our help the most, it makes me ashamed to be British. Does Chris Grayling need to be a neurological surgeon to understand that ill people need time to recover properly and terminally ill people need time to die with dignity and with all that we can give them to make their passage easier? I cannot tell you how profoundly angry that these Tory bastards, in this bastard mongrel government are doing this in my name. Where is this in their Tory manifesto?  Where does it appear in the mongrel coalition agreement, that we gave our consent to treat our most precious vulnerable people in this way? And why are the Liberal Democrats aiding and abetting and enabling the Tories to behave in this dictatorial heartless fashion? Fascists the lot of them.

What a self serving arrogant two faced shit Chris Grayling is and who does he think he is talking down to people telling them they need "tough love"? Love he doesn't know the meaning of the word. He is not a parent, he is a politician, people do not need his tough love and they certainly do not need him making their lives hell and forcing them to live in fear of their government. Atos is wrong, this government have got it wrong, 32 disability claimants have died after being forced back to work by Atos and Chris Grayling. How can this government hold their heads up when headlines like "Worked to Death" are appearing about them and their policy?
In April this year the Mirror investigation team reported that 32 people a week die after failing the test for incapacity benefit, more than a thousand ­sickness benefit claimants died last year after being told to get a job by Atos. How can Atos get it so wrong when all these people are dying trying to appeal their case after being told they are fit to work by Atos?  How much longer is this outrage going to be tolerated by the government and by the public? 

If the minister has nothing to hide and he thinks he is right then why this?

The employment minister Chris Grayling has been accused of trying to censor a Ministry of Justice courts service information video that helps people appealing against decisions to remove their disability and sickness benefit.
Emails and letters between Grayling and MoJ civil servants, seen by the Guardian, appear to show Grayling wanted to remove parts of the educational video, produced by Her Majesty's Courts and Tribunals Service, giving advice on how to be more successful in the appeals process. Emails from the minister's account complain about the video's "tone" and "negative comments" towards the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) even though the sections in dispute were agreed to be factually true. 
The censorship allegations come after Channel 4's Dispatches programmeon Monday alleged that Atos, the firm involved in medically assessing sickness and disability claims, had developed a target culture to ensure enough people were being taken off benefitsThe BBC's Panorama, also aired on Monday, further questioned Atos's assessment procedures and found one case in which a man died of his serious heart condition five weeks after Atos found him fit to work for the second time. Hundreds of thousands of people have appealed against benefit decisions in the past few years and, according to the latest figures, about 30% are successful. Read full report - The Guardian.

Can you believe that we in Britain in 2012 have people so afraid of what their government will do to them that they are committing suicide? Well believe it because it is true.

It's OK for Chris Grayling though, able bodied, well off in an extremely well paid job, why should he worry about the people he is persecuting?

David Cameron's focus on alleged fraud and over-claiming to justify cuts in benefits is fuelling abuse against disabled people, sick people, terminally ill, the poor, the vulnerable and the unemployed. This is all part of a plan to shove people down, where they think the poor belong and give more to the rich, their mates the Tory donor bankers, hedge funders etc.

Don't let him!

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