Monday, February 21, 2011

Stop Embarrassing Us Cameron!

Why did David Cameron decide to go to Egypt now of all times? What the hell was he thinking? (Probably free publicity) He just embarrassed this country by making that dreadful speech on multiculturalism, and virtually accusing all Muslims of being extremists and then he pops over to Egypt so soon after the Egyptian people have overthrown their government. There was no government in place, just an interim government and the Egyptian prime minister is only temporary and cannot make any decisions about foreign policy (or arms deals), so there could be absolutely no official reason why he should visit, other than to try and tell them what to do, and after their uprising after being oppressed for so long by one dictator the Egyptian people certainly did not need another elitist right wing dictator in the form of David Cameron turning up on their doorstep, begging for photo-shoots. Where is Cameron's judgement, hasn't he any sense at all? Everything this man does is ridiculous, he is like the Frank Spencer of politics. (Some Mothers Do  'Av 'Em and Cameron's mother certainly did"!)

 I cringed with embarrassment when Cameron's minders found that young lad and painted his face with red white and blue face paints and got him to walk along the street with Cameron, that boy could not have been more disinterested and confused looking if he tried, the poor child looked bemused and scared and he did not know what the hell was going on and at one point he looked right away from Cameron, it was bloody ridiculous. Is Cameron and his PR team honestly expecting us to believe that this lad just happened to be there when Cameron turned up in his country unexpectedly just days after a revolution took place in his country?  After the lad served his purpose he was just ousted out of the camera shot away from Cameron and discarded, it was pathetic.
Turns out that Cameron broke off from a Middle east tour where he is touring with British arms dealers, nice one, where next Cameron Libya?

The next thing we will hear is that Cameron's visit to Egypt was a resounding success and he will take credit for their revolution saying they copied his "big society".

I hope we can take a very small leaf out of the Egyptians book soon and hold our own mini revolution and oust this prime minister *WITHOUT* mandate from power before he totally screws this country up.

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