Monday, December 17, 2012

David Cameron's Freudian Slip

Last Wednesday in Prime Minister's Questions (PMQs), the PM made a very revealing Freudian slip and inadvertently revealed that indeed the Tories really are the party for the rich and well heeled. Listen to the video below at around 08:37, David Cameron admits that the Conservative are:

"Raising more money for the rich"

Good to know prime minister, now everyone knows what you are up to they can make an informed choice next time they are in the polling booth! Preferably before you have had much more time to inflict the irreparable harm on this country through your complete and utter incompetence!

1 comment:

  1. This country is a joke, sadly the bulk of the British public are gullible fools who sit back and allow an extreme right-wing goverment to attack the poorest on our society, why in Gods name do we allow anyone to be Sanctioned by the SANCTION CENTRE.
    Why are we allowing the Goverment to snoop on the unemployed by forcing them to join the dodgy jobs website with monstor jobs, that anyone can break into and steal the details of the claimant; yes big brother is watching you but sadly the idiot British public are suckered in by the lies of the propaganda press.
    Put simply everyone us is just a strike away from losing our jobs, and then the bullying name calling and attacks start, yes what a fxckin' pxss take...GOD HELP US ALL WITH THESE BUNCH OF LIARS IN POWER.