Tory U-Turns & Links To Broken Promises

Tory-Led Government U-Turns

David Cameron's U-turns include broken election promises and policy reversals in government, here is a list. If I have left any off please either post them on the main thread or contact me and I will add them on.
  1. U-turned  Andy Coulson -  finally got rid of Andy Coulson after he became embroiled in phone hacking story
  2. U-turned on Spending cuts - said there would be no drastic spending cuts - before embarking on an unprecedented round of austerity cuts. David Cameron said spending cuts during the early part of a Conservative government wouldn't be ‘particularly extensive’
  3. U-turned on Pensioners Winter Fuel Allowance - saying he would not cut pensioners winter fuel allowance - then did
  4. U-turned on  the NHS..."There  will be no top down reorganisation of the NHS......David Cameron
  5. U-turned on not raising VAT  "We have absolutely no plans to raise VAT. Our first Budget is all about recognising we need to get spending under control rather than putting up tax".
  6. U-turned Fuel tax Stabiliser -  its commitment to consult on a 'fair fuel tax stabiliser
  7. U-Turned Knife Crime - said in opposition that anyone caught carrying a knife could expect a jail term - now scrapped.
  8. U-turned on Child benefit Cuts........."I'm not going to flannel you, I'm going to give it to you straight. I like the child benefit, I wouldn't change child benefit, I wouldn't means-test it, I don't think that is a good idea."........David Cameron
  9. U-turned on saying no cuts to frontline services......"What I can tell you is, any cabinet minister, if I win the election, who comes to me and says: "Here are my plans" and they involve front-line reductions, they'll be sent straight back to their department to go away and think again.".......David Cameron
  10. U-turned EMA - said they would not scrap Educational Maintenance Allowance - then did.
  11. U-turned Tuition Fees - Clegg pledged not raise tuition fees then voted to treble them.
  12. U-turned on Future jobs Fund - Before the General Election, David Cameron praised the Future Jobs Fund as a “good scheme” and the Conservatives said they had “no plans to change existing Future Jobs Fund commitments”.
  13. U-turned on Lisbon treaty referendum -  "cast-iron guarantee" to hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty
  14. U-turned  defence scrapping Nimrods and sacking troops by email etc.
  15. U-turned on pledge to help disabled children and their parents.
  16. U-turned on Education - Gove forced into so many u -turns found it impossible to get right
  17. U-turned on National Insurance contributions - "We'll scrap the Gordon Brown's jobs tax" - did for employers but employees contributions have risen 1%
  18. U-turned Recall MPs - scrapped pledge for public to be allowed to recall under-performing MP
  19. U-turned on  Forests -Forced to do a u-turn on selling off ancient woodlands (but this is till happening by stealth)
  20. U-turned on  School Sports programme - Forced to u-turn on cutting funding for school sports after public outcry and outcry from sporting heroes
  21. U-turned on  Bookstart- Forced to do a u-turn on cutting funding for "Bookstart" after public outcry
  22. U-turned on idea to pack the 1922 Committee with ministers after a Tory backbench rebellion
  23. U-turned  and got rid of his personal photographer after putting him on the public payroll  after public outcry
  24. U-turned on granting anonymity to rape suspects, were swiftly ditched in the face of a public outcry.
  25. U-turned on wearing lounge suit to royal wedding -and wore a morning suit to the royal wedding, after much barracking from the public and William Hague saying he would look an idiot in an ordinary suit.
  26. U-turned  Housing benefit - forced to  drop plans to impose a 10 per cent cut in housing benefit on the long-term unemployed after public outcry.
  27. U-turned on Free Milk. The health minister Anne Milton suggested scrapping free school milk for the under-fives to save money, but Downing Street retreated after Cameron was compared with Margaret Thatcher. The policy confusion led to the absurd scene of David Willetts defending the plan on The Andrew Marr Show while No 10 was in the act of briefing that it had been dropped.
  28. U-turned on NHS Direct - to replace NHS Direct with a cut-price "health advice service" prompted a wave of #savenhsdirect tweets and another John Prescott campaign. The Health Secretary soon backed down and promised that only the number would change HOWEVER this is sleight of hand as they are still radically changing NHS Direct.
  29. U-turned - Liberating the NHS  making changes to Liberating the NHS reforms after coming in for serious pressure from across the board.
  30. U-turned - Academy Status over schools being awarded academy status Ministers had said the grant to provide such services would be cut by £148m this year and £265m next year. Forced to u-turn because attracted by having an increased grant if they opted out too many schools applied. This is causing turmoil, chaos and confusion in our education service, schools simply do not know where they stand.
  31. U-Turnedover council refuse collections.The government has admitted it cannot force councils in England to provide weekly bin collections. While in opposition Eric Pickles pledged that the Tories would restore weekly bin collections.
  32. U- Turned - Fuel Poverty - government to drop its commitment to end fuel poverty by 2016.
  33. U-Turned -  NICE The Government has backed down on its plans to strip the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) of its duty to recommend drugs and treatments for the National Health Service.
  34. U-Turned - NHS Government forced into a u - turn over its plans to privatise the NHS and bring more private companies into it.
    The Future Forum report was a "demolition job on the government's misjudgements and mishandling of the NHS."
  35. U-TurnedJUSTICE BILL - Tory government forced to abandon plans to offer 50% sentence discounts to offenders of serious crimes like rape after a national outcry.
  36. U-Turned - On promise to provide 9.000 recharging points by 2013 - Government's green credentials were called into question yesterday after it scrapped plans for a nationwide network of recharging points for electric cars
  37. U-Turned BSkyB Takeover-Bid - Just weeks before a decision was due to me made about the BSkyB bid the Culture Secretary, Jeremy Hunt  had said he intended to order a full-scale competition probe. Then out of the blue Hunt suddenly performed a huge U-turn and accepted that a plan by Murdoch to spin off Sky News as an independent company and that on this basis Hunt would grant the takeover-bid. (Events thent ook a different course forcing the government onto the back foot and they referred the bid to the Competition Commission, shortly before BSkyB decided to drop the their bod for the remaining 61% of shares for the company. (Ofcom are now looking at News Internation/NewsCorp to see if they are a "fit and proper" company to hold a licence in this country)
  38. U-Turn Fuel Poverty - Cameron promised rein in energy companies and to end fuel poverty by 2016 by giving regulators more power - Regulators have not been given more power and now all the energy companies have massively increased their prices raising the cost of gas and electricity by 19% gas and at least 10% for electricity, Cameron is caught lying - again!
One or two u-turns in a government is understandable, but this many in just one year shows a shocking level of dithering and of poor judgement, ill thought out policy, policy making on the hoof and an alarming level of incompetent cabinet ministers, right up to and including the prime minister.

I Nominate David Cameron For A